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  1. nice just like ours Tiger Earrings posted here
  2. write and Dusttin is from 1890s George Dettert was a baseball played Amy golf or baseballs are$$$$$$$
  3. Great Phil!!
  4. these were from my wife's family 1860 -1915
  5. look at my prints here about the ship. workers on ship Tibbit family .
  6. Sea Witch from New York . from 1882 -1892 to around the world many times , Captain Charles Tibbet , from Salem ma
  7. Mary Putnam Tibbets Easter photo sent to her sister who lived here in our house. She came from the famous family of Putnam's from Salem and Danvers Ma. She married the Clipper ship Captain 1853, trave...
  8. yes I will look at all gold here we have 5 books from here and more.
  9. Great work!!!!
  10. marks are on back at the neck, not handle, silver will not be the clean .
  11. Nice My wife grew up in North Shoe, Beverly, family from Salem 1704. look and my Filmnet
  12. Funny this address in Boston is huge, stores, buildings.
  13. No my is my wife family Rebecca Putnam Pickett from Beverly, she was a great women. she was in this chapter 1909, her family was in war Nathan Putnam. the first day of war he lived but his brother di...
  14. No my is my wife family Rebecca Putnam Pickett from Beverly, she was a great women. she was in this chapter 1909, her family was in war Nathan Putnam. the first day of war he lived but his brother di...
  15. Army Air Corp 1945 -1950s
  16. Thailand we were all there as kids.
  17. posted here look at my posted.
  18. Great story history, finally was in Ma 1963. After live around the world.
  19. Great!!! tellus more
  20. thanks trunk man. A full-time professional appraiser since 1986, Peter Sorlien has advised on the appraisal. This guy is in Mass. He said this trunk from china is great, and can not find one this this...
  21. I was a great b/w printing. Guy. 4/5 film b/w I had and printing prints. 1978-1989.
  22. Scott yes he told us about flying and girls on the sand, and 2 planes were on the sands.
  23. My dad told us pilots landed on the sand to talk to girls, he did not.
  24. No 1944 or 1945 Fort Worth Army base , my dad was here
  25. I was a photographer for 35 yrs and a b/w printer for 15 yrs. i do not this .
  26. Trunkman Iam Steven Adams use this name here filmnet , i have ALS disease now we need to sell this old trunk can you email me if you know anyone who like to buy this we have a ton we can not sell. h...
  27. hardy girls from Salem Ma, Grandfarther and his brothers owned a store in Salem. Like a hardware store, late. 1890s
  28. Thanks Scott falling apart now. here in South Carolina is the best Veterans hospital in the south. They will get me 100% any day now. 3,200. a month i can not work.
  29. Scott Steven Adams here also filmnet which you had working on the prints I put here,. I have ALS disease now . Thank you!,,,,,,,,,,,,
  30. crazy shot scott!!!
  31. another great story about him
  32. Here is a great story about Sam Hawk from the museum in Bloomington. I emailing this print. His wife if from Beverly, Mass my wife family. His boy was a Dr for 40 yrs.
  33. here is my friend not $$$
  34. great story here for you nice early camera
  35. Know of these, from Mass , ocean spray gave a compay this.
  36. Wow 4 girls were my wife's aunts born 1850s. great girls left all papers and pictures and lot more to my wife's family. all died in our house or around . when we moved south i found old boxes upstairs...
  37. Nice scott, I lost my password after moving to S.C. NOW here, i have move of the girls soon i will put then here soon. nice to herd from you. All we have here have to give to museum soon.
  38. Hi Scott Steve Adams remember me.i moved with my wife in Charleston S.C. in 2014 i lost my password just today i finally got an answer from here and now i am here!!!!!!!!!!! i s...
  39. WOW this is from my wife's family, they had money and we have this prints and others. Her G.G Grandmother same from Hardy family in Salem and had a store there.
  40. my dad is the left guy on the right shot
  41. Great Heather
  42. yes i can can email you
  43. Great Scott
  44. Pencil ? maybe we are one from 1906
  45. Scott years maybe 1850s?
  46. $$$$ maybe ?
  47. OMOG I have not now, to old!!!!!
  48. Beautiful maybe a hat trunk from 19850-19010?,we are from Boston.
  49. very nice, hope annoy will hope you.
  50. What camera did you use for this nice shots?
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