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tintypes of my wife's faimly 1890 Salem Willows Mass - Photographsin Photographs
Stetson hat i had for 35 yrs - Hatsin Hats
Strange glassware found - Art Glassin Art Glass
Nice candle stand - Lampsin Lamps
Original oil painting 2/1 inch sq - Fine Artin Fine Art
O My" A  great story here. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Pins i had from 1992 - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Lincoln paperweright from 1977 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Salvator Dali Centenoio plate by RABAT Store in Spain - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Chinese bambo pots from 1890s - Asianin Asian


  1. here is my friend not $$$
  3. yes look at my ! A trunks from 1850 from China
  4. great story here for you nice early camera
  5. Hi have you seen my trunks from my wife’s family?
  6. Know of these, from Mass , ocean spray gave a compay this.
  7. Wow 4 girls were my wife's aunts born 1850s. great girls left all papers and pictures and lot more to my wife's family. all died in our house or around . when we moved south i found old boxes upstairs...
  8. Nice scott, I lost my password after moving to S.C. NOW here, i have move of the girls soon i will put then here soon. nice to herd from you. All we have here have to give to museum soon.
  9. Hi Scott Steve Adams remember me.i moved with my wife in Charleston S.C. in 2014 i lost my password just today i finally got an answer from here and now i am here!!!!!!!!!!! i s...
  10. WOW this is from my wife's family, they had money and we have this prints and others. Her G.G Grandmother same from Hardy family in Salem and had a store there.
  11. my dad is the left guy on the right shot
  12. Great Heather
  13. yes i can can email you
  14. Great Scott
  15. Pencil ? maybe we are one from 1906
  16. Scott years maybe 1850s?
  17. $$$$ maybe ?
  18. OMOG I have not now, to old!!!!!
  19. Beautiful maybe a hat trunk from 19850-19010?,we are from Boston.
  20. very nice, hope annoy will hope you.
  21. What camera did you use for this nice shots?
  22. worth$$$$ if is old.
  23. Sinar and Rodenstock macro lenses, this Rodenstock was $1,400. now 3,500. I had to get this because i was 8inch from fruits. I was working for Oceanspray, my shots were used on the fronts of juices ...
  24. Lenses were $$$$$$ i got a lot $$$ with this Camera 1990 -1999
  25. Just remember which 4/5 camera i use for 25 yrs Sinar F1. Great!!!
  26. WOW!! Great find scott
  27. Great work again Scott! you are the best here.
  28. My older sister living in NH. older brother in Ma.
  29. WOW i lived In Mass these years, 1968 ,my family was in Mass we were around the world before this. Nice, my sister lived in New Hampshire for 25 yrs. i am my wife are in S.C,
  30. kath, look at my wife jewelry's
  31. yup its and early camera, not$$
  32. hallmarks? on back?
  33. Great find
  34. WOW No time to read this now!!!!!
  35. i saw this and and thought i would this is you like then?
  36. Francis Adams was my dad
  37. I need to look for a name who make this.
  38. These came from china a clipping ship 1890s we have my wifes G.G.Aunt pictures and her dairies she wrote on her husband Clipping ship these years. He was the Captain.
  39. The British Roadshow had this last week 6,00o-8,000 and for 20 yrs we have had this. My wife's family had this 1970s when her grandmother died. I thought th...
  40. i do not see this fungus, haze or damage? I did want a Carl Zeiss Planar 1,7/50mm camera lens.
  41. Yes, you are right.
  42. Yes, you are right.
  43. Really great !!!
  44. Hi rniederman, as you might know now i also now, i work on a View cameras for 1887-1995, and B/W film and other film for company's.
  45. love this Scott
  46. Scott i did drive by the school maybe days.
  47. Scott this school is old and many guys went to the great school and after years in Boston college's were great men in USA. You have from old money to take into this school. Or the same family, one of...
  49. here
  50. Can you spell the name on back? I know about Boston company's.
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