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Miami, Florida

I discovered that I had a treasure's eye, therefore I turned it into a hobby, collecting. I like collecting vintage clocks, watches, pre-colombian folk art, coins,I discovered that I had a treasure's eye, therefore I turned it into a hobby, collecting. I like collecting vintage clocks, watches, pre-colombian folk art, coins,rare art books and decorative art. (Read more)


  1. Thank you for your admiration of my stage coach lamp.
  2. In comparison there are extreme difference between dze( Zee) beads and Venetian beads; Basically is composition; The other is origen'.
  3. Thanks for the admiration of all available feedback.
  4. I have never seen a St. Paul's Cathedral made by, Ken Broadbent; What does it look like?
  5. Thanks for all the comments.
  6. Thanks for the comments
  7. Yes Kerry10456 the first picture is a set of Ghana Fertility Dolls.
  8. Thanks Manikin for the comment and information provided.
  9. Thanks for all the positive comments I have received
  10. Aimathena, thank you for the compliment. Yes, a Butterfly Lady.
  11. Vintagefran, thank you for the compliment.
  12. Thanks Tom for the nice compliment.
  13. davezquanw, thank you very much for enlightening me on Chinese ceramics; Again, I know very little. In studying Chinese History I recall, " The Chinese tradition recognizes two primary categories of c...
  14. I don't claim to be an expert in any way but upon research the mark on the bottom of your ceramic piece appears to be a Ming Reign Mark.
  15. Thank you but it seems that I have read this same question and comment before.
  16. Thank you for your compliment, Valentino97.
  17. Thank you, Belling68.
  18. I admire your coin collection. I have an extensive collection myself. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  19. Thanks for the complement. Where did you get yours?
  20. I concur, just like there are a lot of fake paintings. It appears when high prices are placed on things fakes are generated. Buyer beware!
  21. If you pay close attention you will notice that my clock is made by a different manufacturer, which is, Semca, my clock is also gold-plated with rhinestones.
  22. Hi ! the clock that you are referencing I purchased from an Estate Antique Dealer some years ago;He informed me that he purchased it from a private Estate .
  23. Thanks zimmzami for the compliment.
  24. Very nice. I have one that is very much simular in style and design but it is a Walthalm; It appears to be an old Air Force watch.
  25. Very nice. I have a painting by the same artist.
  26. Thank you Beauxpurdy, for the comment as well as the information provided.
  27. Thank you very much Scottvez for helping me to identify the frame.Have a nice weekend.
  28. Thank you Scandinavian for the comment.I am happy to know that you find it attractive.
  29. Thanks Papa for helping solve the mystery.
  30. Kerry10456, thank you very much, I also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!
  31. Thank you BELLIN68; Merry Christmas!
  32. Thanks for providing the information.
  33. Nice find Papa!
  34. Thank you ralph for the comment.It sounds like you have a nice collection of the Artist's works.A great work of art.
  35. MARYCORONELL38, thanks for the comment. I am not sure if the artist is English or not. I think I picked up the picture from a Thrift Store several years ago.I thought it was an unusal piece of art.Do ...
  36. Extremely beautiful.A treasure worth phoning in about!
  37. I like the picture. If you don't want it , I will take it.
  38. AR8Jason, not quite, it was because he heard drinks were on the house.LOL.
  39. Awesome! Ilike it.
  40. I can concur! Some things were more simple then.
  41. O.K., AR8Jason, See, you are not playing fair,you throwed me a low curve ball. That was a good one!I was about to research this too see what I could find.Now do you know why the little moron placed a...
  42. Thank you AR8Jason, I didn't know.
  43. I admire this piece.
  45. Real nice. A great find.
  46. This is extremely awesome !
  47. Very nice piece of art;Never seen anything like it.
  48. Hi BELLIN68, hope everything is fine.Happy to know you like the dolls.
  49. AR8Jason, I read that one of the first true cook books was printed in, 1798 title, "Amelia Simmons American Cookery."
  50. AR8Jason, I would like for you to know that I had no knowledge of photograveure books or art prints; Thanks for sharing.You said your wife collects cook books;I discovered I have in my collection a co...
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