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  1. This style started in qianlong period and ends in taokuang/daoguang period. In other words, late 18c and early 19c. For this particular one, for the quality of painting, I would thought it’s from qian...
  2. It's impossible to tell who actually made this, but it's likely to be a piece from Southern China, probably GuangDong province around 1900.
  3. OMG, this piece is awesome. You should restore a incense burner with it.
  4. around 50 year old, I know it as I have one as well.
  5. I thought it's Japanese Imari ware too. Good finding, like it.
  6. The copper red ceramics from Ming/Qing dynasty are not something for beginner. I think this one is a fake but the foot rim looks OK. Why? Because if it was real, this sort of piece are called ??, whic...
  7. you are probably right except it's a hat stand. happy new year
  8. Sorry, I looked at the item on my iphone yesterday and missed the 3rd photo. I'd like to revise my opinion that this is likely to be a Guangxu(late 19c) Baluster jar.
  9. Hi Neil. I am trying to be friendly but when it comes to negative opinion of the item, it doesn't sound friendly. This one is under 50 years old, not antique. It's possible to find antique Chinese cer...
  10. No, it's not antique. The stamp on the bottom says "made in China". probably 30 years old.
  11. this is a typical Chinese piece for not only south east asian market but also domestic market. mid - late 19C.
  12. you are absolutely right about this piece. congratulations.
  13. depends on how much did you pay. You own a real antique of late 19C at the end of day.
  14. Chinese Guangdong design from late 19 C.
  15. Without seeing the bottom, I would say it's very likely to be original from Daoguang period (mid 19C). Here is a ebay auction on going and the bids have exceeds 500 pounds.
  16. Yes, you are right, it's jade for I own identical pieces as yours. However there is a sticker on my says "Shanghai China", which indicates the age around 50 years. The jade is called 'Xiu Jade', w...
  17. At least it's hand crafted. Not original but still better than 90% on the market.
  18. Oh my goodness, you finally found it. However, it's fake as well and could be the brother of yours. It's OK to be fooled by fake porcelain, I believe every collector, including myself, had done this a...
  19. I'd like to consider Daoguang-Tongzhi, which is mid-19c. Jiaqing ware has slightly better body quality.
  20. HONGXIAN is the reign mark for Empire of China (1915–16), only 1 year short. SO very rare.
  21. If the mark tells the truth, it would be very very valuable in today's market. However, I don't believe so, but in any sense, it's still a stunning piece.
  22. I'd like to believe it's actually GuangXu reign period, instead of KangXi. It's a common practice in GuangXu era to mark their best product as KangXi to make customers happy. Even if the mark writing ...
  23. Dizzydave is quite right, I personally lean to believe it's made in republic era.
  24. I don't know is it Japanese or Chinese since it's too small. Both made a lot Imari wares. But I lean to agree with you.
  25. The 6 char mark says "Da Qing Kang Xi Nian Zhi", that means made during early 18 century. BUT don't believe it. It's probably made in Republic era for export. overall, it's hand painted Famille Ve...
  26. It's a modern product, the mark says it's made by Guangdong Porcelain(company)
  27. it's about 50 years old, not really bad, still better than the replicas today.
  28. Believe or not, it's a modern fake one. There was no such things in the history and the maker invented this himself.
  29. sorry man, it's not an antique. but it's hand painted, so may hold some value.
  30. Sorry Peter, your vase, very unfortunate, it's absolutely not older than you. It's not even painted with cobalt ink (very good research though) but Printed. Real Chinese antique porcelain was painted...
  31. You have good eyes for Chinese porcelains. Just like your other finding, they are also from late 19c. I guess you found them in the same garage sale. The brown stuff is colored mud used widely in lat...
  32. You are a lucky guy who found gems in garage sale. They are a pair of candle holders made around 1890s. Keep them in safe place.
  33. Simply too good to be true. Was the 4 1/2 caret measured or estimated?
  34. Collectomaniac, the emperor o China was also known as " True Dragon, the Son of Heaven". Not like Europeans, Chinese don't believe the nobility of their royal bloodline, but the heaven. The birth of a...
  35. Collectomaniac, I like your scenario in 1860, let me borrow your settings. For a Chinese peasant in 19C, the more realistic solution for pottery needs was not porcelain, but stoneware/earthenware inst...
  36. Collectomaniac, I've met so many porcelain buyers telling me the same myth about 5 claw/toe dragons. There was a ruling like you stated but nobody cared since mid-19C as the central authority became w...
  37. don't worry about the wax seal, I know it's real at the first glance. I also noticed on your other stuff, many of them looks real too.
  38. It's reads Qianlong. The most common reign mark is "Qianlong nian zhi". Qianlong is just the first two character of the whole mark. And you are right, it's a modern copy.
  39. "Made in Jing de zheng" mark started appearing on porcelain wares during Republic era, and became wide spread after 1949. In other words, modern.
  40. elanski, there were many bowls made in this style over 200 years, but only the one made in Kangxi Qianlong and Yongzhen ages has this amazing quality. It's much more collectable than the bowls made du...
  41. I apologise, I was confused with another piece. There could be a mark on this bowl, but never seen in character form. Sorry again.
  42. aubeachbum, there are people out there doing a business called porcelain aquaculture or so. They place porcelain vase in a oyster cage of oyster farm to grow the shellfish on the vase. They'll have a ...
  43. AmatoorPikr, there is no mark on this piece as it's not an important work. Just common wares used for daily life. Plus, most of workers in Chinese kiln can't read and write, means they can't draw the ...
  44. Wexval, thanks for the heads up, I had read it in the first place and paid attention to the reign mark. There are some types of Kangxi reign marks. One of them is "Kangxi nian zhi", which means "...
  45. The second one to the left could be Japanese, the rest I believe just worthless Chinese modern fake.
  46. It's a copy of Kangxi style floor vase. Even though it's well made.
  47. Look at the carving, it's high quality for sure. This style sometime resembles 'Hawk and Bear', in Chinese sounds like Champion. looking for Chinese Champion vase in auction history from Sotheby, ...
  48. It's not old, sorry. I had some of this type, but just look at the motif carefully, it's printed.
  49. In my opinion, it's real, although not very rare. However it's hard to find one with lid. This color is not at its best, so I guess it's made around 18 century. good on you.
  50. You have a piece of history. It's absolutely amazing.
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