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Devon UK.

I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is pocket watch keys. About to start a new collection.


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  1. Thanks keramikos I thought you might have known where to go with this one?
  2. Cheers fortapache for the love.
  3. Thanks truthordare for the love.
  4. Will do thanks Congcu. Neil
  5. Thanks Congcu. I looked up hajj mabroor but nothing was similar unless I'm missing something?
  6. Thanks Jenni appreciate the love. Neil
  7. Google central Electric Railway association
  8. Cheers elanski for the love.
  9. Didn't think so. Thank you Manikin, Vynil33rpm and truthordare for the loves.
  10. I am really not sure why this item has been recatogarised to politics. Could someone enlighten me please
  11. Thanks for the loves. Broochman TreasureHunter-1 Fortapache Blunderbuss2 Vetraio50 Jenni and aura.
  12. Thanks Ivan. I bought this one for £22.00 it's in a fantastic condition so its probably a fake, but a very nice fake.
  13. Cheers Vynil33rpm and blunderbuss2 for the loves.
  14. Cheers fortapache, Jenni, britinpa, aura, vetraio50, TreasureHunter-1, elanski and truthordare for the loves.
  15. Thank you Broochman for the love.
  16. Many thanks Daisy 1000 appreciate the love.
  17. Thanks poticheman do you subscribe to worthpoint ? if so can you let me know what it sold for please. Neil
  18. Chocolate or strawberry ? You do know how to hurt a man ho ho ho
  19. Cheers kwqd appreciate the love thank you.
  20. Cheers TreasueHunter-1 for the love.
  21. Thanks elanski appreciate the love.
  22. Thanks Lauren, fortapache and Jenni for the loves Tilly will be over the moon.
  23. Many thanks vetraio50 for the love Tilly will appreciate that.
  24. Nice job. All sterling, nice set.
  25. Thanks Lauren, your right he is massive !
  26. Bottom spoon near the bowl of the spoon, you may have to zoom in.
  27. On the spoon photo it says sterling.
  28. Sifter, shaker, caster shaker, what a lovely example. A lot of these were made of silver plate but the solid silver ones can reach up to £5000. Are there any hallmarks ?
  29. Looks very French ??
  30. The spoons are used for mustard or salt. It looks like one of the blue linings is missing. These were used to protect the silver from the corrosive salt and mustard.
  31. That's better.
  32. I hope you are both joking or perhaps secret lovers and neither of you know ?
  33. Thank you Lauren for the love also to Broochman, vetraio50, stuff, Watchsearcher, truthordare, ttomtucker and blunderbuss2.
  34. Thank you TreasureHunter-1 for the love.
  35. Cheers fortapache thank you for the love.
  36. What is it made of ?
  37. You're very welcome. Thanks truthordare.
  38. I just love collections. Brilliant!
  39. Thank you MALKEY for the love.
  40. Many thanks MALKEY for the love.
  41. Is that a form of sponge in the circle?
  42. Cheers keramikos and AnythingObscure for the loves.
  43. Many thanks aura for the love.
  44. Good find and a great return. Thanks.
  45. The size is right. Originally they were buckled on a leather strap for decoration and hung on the walls. I have never seen them as door knockers but not a bad idea.
  46. Thanks elanski for the comment. Thanks also to kwqd, elanski and AnythingObscure for the loves.
  47. Many thanks Thomas and Cathyz for the loves.
  48. Appreciate the love thank you aura.
  49. Thanks kwqd and ttomtucker for the loves.
  50. Never in a million
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