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I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pI collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pill boxes and silver rattles. (Read more)


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Novelty Deer Hoof pencil. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
 Babies Teether/Whistle and rattle. - Silverin Silver
Hoof Vesta case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Solid silver 1897 Crown - World Coinsin World Coins
Christening Set - Silverin Silver
Numismatics  - World Coinsin World Coins
Numismatics day 2  - World Coinsin World Coins
Numismatics day 2  - World Coinsin World Coins
Numismatics day 2 - Advertisingin Advertising
Numismatics Day 2 - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks aura. Neil
  2. Many thanks for the loves; vetraio50, fortapache, and blunderbuss Regards Neil
  3. You're right blunderbuss thinking about it it does seem daft. Thanks for the loves; Watchsearcher, vetraio50, fortapache and blunderbuss, Regards Neil.
  4. Thank you for the loves; h02cultcha, Jenni, Thomas, Kera, AnythingObscure, vetraio50 fortapache and blunderbuss Regards Neil
  5. Appreciate the loves thank you : yougottahavestuff Spiritbear Toryrebel hunterqlee Jenni Hel1 Whistlecollection Thomas Efesgirl and officialfuel Regards Neil
  6. Thanks Jenni, you never let me down. Neil
  7. Wow you have been busy. Great info, great snips,great knowledge. This is why I love CW. Thanks Kera. Neil
  8. Been over it many times. Neil
  9. Very nice, worth getting it valued, if not only for insurance purposes.
  10. 50s 60s now most of them sold at scrap value, shame really.
  11. Brilliant collection.
  12. Worth a tidy sum now especially with its box.
  13. I had one to make a hell of a din supporting Bristol City back in the 60s.
  14. Superb photography.
  15. Thank you for the love truthordare. Neil
  16. Appreciate the love thank you Jenni. Neil
  17. Thank you for the loves hunterqlee and Jenni. Neil
  18. And I thought they were more African than Asian, hey ho
  19. Cheers hunterqlee and Mrstyndall for the loves. Neil
  20. Have you still got the Bronze statue in the picture and do you know anything about it as I have one as well and I do know they've become sought after. Neil
  21. Yes you are so right on most of your comments regarding what these coins are actually worth especially when taking the shipping fees out your left with very little. Best bet is wait until the silv...
  22. Is the 3d dated 1834 ?
  23. I will look at that tomorrow off to bed now, thanks Neil
  24. Appreciate the loves. Thank you hunterqlee Jenni AdeleC keramikos blunderbuss billretirecoll vetraio50 valentino97 aura Mrstyndall fortapache Regards Neil
  25. Thank you for the loves hunterqlee Jenni blunderbuss 2 vetraio50 Manikin Thomas aura Sinnomore Fortapache Regards Neil
  26. So can you confirm you have the following 1820 & 1834 3d, 1892 florin, 1836 half crown and 1820 1821 1891 Crowns. Have you any more or is this the lot. Neil
  27. Cheers Junkman60 for the love. Neil
  28. I could be quite willing to help you there, give us a clue what you would require. Neil
  29. I thought I'd post this coin ?? again as I didn't get any joy last time. Is it a coin pendant or what ? Neil
  30. Cheers TheGateKeeper and AnnaB for the loves. Neil
  31. Thank you TheGateKeeper, AnnaB, and worthit2 for the love. Incidentally I put the coin on Ebay well after posting and it reached £10.50, still not sure if I got a result or not ! Neil
  32. Appreciate the love yougottahavestuff and hunterqlee. Neil
  33. A big thanks to SEAN68 and hunterqlee for the loves. Neil & Tilly.
  34. Many thanks TheGateKeeper, AnnaB and Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the loves. Neil
  35. Thank you Recordmantime and yougottahavestuff for the loves. Neil
  36. Appreciate the love thanks truthordare. Neil
  37. Thank you Jenni for the love. Neil
  38. Appreciate the loves Jenni and hunterqlee. Neil
  39. Looks like a boat rod with a multiplier reel.
  40. Cheers vetraio50 for the love. Neil
  41. I eventually found it on Google images then went from there. Thanks for trying. Neil
  42. Oman. Solved it myself, but thanks to those who tried.
  43. Thanks for the love hunterqlee. Neil
  44. Thanks Jenni . Neil
  45. Welcome to CW. Neil
  46. Cheers for the love Thomas. Neil
  47. Thanks keramikos for the link and thank you vetraio50 and worthit2 for the loves. Neil
  48. Cheers keramikos, Mrstyndall and worthit2 for the loves. Neil
  49. Thank you both Watchsearcher and worthit2 for the love. Neil
  50. Thank you for the love Mrstyndall. N
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