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Devon UK.

I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is pocket watch keys.


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My first anniversary  guests. - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thank you blunderbuss2 for the love.
  2. Why thank you Elizabethan I am glad you like them. Neil
  3. Thank you racer4four, yes they are a bit special. Neil
  4. Appreciate the loves thank you Jenni and Watchsearcher.
  5. Thanks Dave.
  6. Thanks again junkdrawer. Neil
  7. Appreciate the love thank you junkdrawer. Neil
  8. Thank you for the love junkdrawer. Neil
  9. Cheers junkdrawer for the love. Neil
  10. Thanks MALKEY for that bit of Toon love. Neil
  11. Pewter is so underrated lovely item. Neil
  12. Lots of interesting 'stuff'
  13. Appreciate the love thank you valentino97 . Neil
  14. Cheers valentino97. Neil
  15. Thanks again valentino97. Neil
  16. Thank you so much valentino97. It's a pleasure to share them with you. Neil
  17. Appreciate the love thank you valentino97. Neil
  18. Thanks Dave, fortapache and Manakin for the loves. Neil
  19. Stunning !
  20. Thanks Watchsearcher for the lovely comment and love and cheers MALKEY for your appreciation. Neil
  21. Very nice.
  22. Appreciate the loves officialfuel and vetraio50. Thanks Neil
  23. Thank you so much for your kind words AnythingObcure. If you do ever come to good old Blighty you would be very welcome. Neil & Mags.
  24. Thanks Jenni it's a shame it's not gold, but still quite nice. Thanks Dave for the comment. Also thank you for the loves, MALKEY, fortapache, Jenni, valentino97, lisa, Dave, Watchsearcher and blun...
  25. Cheers AnythingObcure for the love. Neil
  26. Thanks Malkey appreciate a bit of Northern love. Neil
  27. You'd be very welcome Elisabethan. Neil
  28. You're very welcome Watchsearcher. So we might see you soon. Neil & Margaret
  29. Thanks kera for the love.
  30. Any luck Dave with the 'AT'. Neil
  31. Just got woken up by a guest leaving 4am BST. Weathers dank, other guests need feeding by 8am and I'm guessing my poached eggs are going to be rubbish !
  32. Appreciate the love thank you vetraio50. Neil
  33. Thanks fortapache, aura, blunderbuss2 and racer4four for the loves. Neil
  34. Thanks Jenni for the comment and love. Neil
  35. Thanks Dave, Bradinn and Manikin. Neil
  36. Appreciate the comment and love thanks Watchsearcher, thanks also to Thomas for the love. Neil
  37. Doesn't really matter if they do or don't, excellent, close on 10 million views
  38. Appreciate the loves thank you stuff,racer4four,Lauren, Watchsearcher, fortapache and vetraio50.
  39. No no no I think they're probably KGB or maybe not. Lol
  40. Thanks aura for the love.
  41. Thanks for looking yougottahavestuff. The vivid orange one is very small about a half an inch across open. The black marbled one is an inch across open wing span. Neil
  42. Appreciate the loves thank you aura, kyratango and Dave. Neil
  43. Thanks junkdrawer for the love. Neil
  44. Cheers fortapache for the love. Neil
  45. Appreciate the love thank you Mrstyndall. Neil
  46. Thank you Jenni and vetraio50 for the loves. Neil
  47. Same as. I've had a look on the usual sites but came up blank as well. I'll keep hunting thanks for looking. Neil
  48. Thank you Watchsearcher for your appreciation. Neil
  49. Thank you Dave for that information. Thinking out loud so this clock key is post 1899 and do we know the maker ? or can you stear me in the right direction please. Neil
  50. Thanks for the love Blunderbuss2. Neil
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