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I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pI collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pill boxes and silver rattles. (Read more)


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My favourite  babies  rattle - Silverin Silver
More of my Silver babies rattles  - Silverin Silver
Some of my silver christening  rattles - Silverin Silver
My Silver mystery  object ? - Silverin Silver
Nice old mustard pot - Silverin Silver
3 of my solid silver powder compacts  - Silverin Silver
Some of my Silver compacts - Silverin Silver
My Asian vases - Asianin Asian
My Chinese vases - Asianin Asian
My Chinese vases - Asianin Asian


  1. Thanks billretirecoll and Whittler for the love. Neil
  2. Thanks Amphorapottery and Trey for the love. Neil
  3. Thanks Manikin. Isn't it strange that out of the babies rattles I posted I thought this one would be the least popular, how wrong I was. Neil
  4. Thanks kyratango. Neil
  5. Well at the end of the day it was a good $2.00s spent, but we have a better class of carpenter over here ! ha ha
  6. Thank you Trey
  7. Definitely a carpenters pencil holder. Google carpenters pencil holder and look on images. Lots of them, some of them can be very valuable especially the Sampson Mordan ones. Neil
  8. Lovely little finds.The pencil is a carpenters pencil. Dance card pencils were usually more ornate cylindrical and often had a tassle attached.
  9. Could be an old stirrup cup used to take ones port before the hunt.
  10. It's a powder compact used by every single lady in the 20s to 80s. You can still buy them now but hardly ever used. I've got 4 posted at the moment. Neil
  11. Just up the road from us (well about 60 miles or so)
  12. It's been 9 months now and it is so nice to share my own collections and bits and bobs I've collected over the years. Neil
  13. Yea not recommended lol
  14. Thanks fortapache & Celiene. Do you know what this is or what it's used for ? Neil
  15. New one on me. Neil
  16. To Caperkid .We're in Modbury in the beautiful South Hams where in Devon is your wife from ?
  17. Hi IVAN49 did you see my update on the blurred hallmarks on one of my compacts ?
  18. Thanks Caperkid & h02culltcha. Neil
  19. Thanks TassieDevil & PhilDMorris.
  20. It could well be as its maybe dried out over the years but it feels and looks like some form of acrylic but I am not sure if acrylic was around in the early 1900s. Neil
  21. To IVAN49 the blurred one is H & HLd. The d is smaller, I presume the LD is for limited ?
  22. Thanks Newfld and ho2cultcha.
  23. Thanks valentino97 do you know what it is ?
  24. Thanks aura. Do you know what it is ?
  25. No don't worry, it will be treasured forever. Neil
  26. Thanks Manikin
  27. Thanks Manikin
  28. It's a bit shabby and the hinge is split but I love it. Yes you're right it could be a good conversation piece. Thanks Neil
  29. A bit of restoration to be done on these ones.
  30. Trying not to be rude but what does a cracking motor bike cost nowadays ?
  31. Very nice
  32. Picture 1 looks like a 1 franc French pre Euro coin, picture 3 is a page marker, 2 don't know and 4 maybe grape scissors.
  33. I really can't remember seeing any at all in the UK. My introduction to them was on a tv programme called American Pickers which is very popular here. Neil
  34. I'll start hunting
  35. Did we in England ever have these petrol pumps and if not why not ? Neil
  36. Very 'funky'
  37. Thank you
  38. Hope so
  39. It was only one shop in a village called Yealmpton South Devon, unfortunately the management was changed and a lot of the 'good stuff' is now being vetted more stringently and the bargains and possib...
  40. Thank you. Newfld
  41. Hi Shrine did you manage to have a look at my other 2 Chinese pots ? Neil
  42. I think people prefer to know what they've got, it's always a hope and a prayer if you get an actual result nowadays. I wouldn't worry about being unfriendly or negative because like you said there a...
  43. Thanks Shrine, what about the other Asian vases I have posted, your opinion is greatly appreciated. Neil
  44. Is it not 'the lover's Limoges.
  45. Many thanks. Neil
  46. Thanks racer4four, I am a bit scared of Facebook, Twitter etc. Is there another way of accessing the Collecting Chinese Ceramics and Art group ? Neil
  47. Thanks postcardcollector always lovely to hear. Neil
  48. Fantastic collection.
  49. Thanks. Neil
  50. Would not dream of it. Thanks again Neil
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