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I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pI collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pill boxes and silver rattles. (Read more)


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Unknown Tool ? - Sewingin Sewing
Miniature Coca cola bottles and crate. - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
You've got shiny ones. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Leather and Brass shot flask 
Tally Ho - Potteryin Pottery
Help with heirogliphics - Silverin Silver
Liberty in God we trust  token - Advertisingin Advertising
Novelty Deer Hoof pencil. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
 Babies Teether/Whistle and rattle. - Silverin Silver
Hoof Vesta case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thanks for the love kyratango. Neil
  2. Cheers for the love bobby 725. Neil
  3. Many thanks for the love GateKeeper. Neil
  4. Thank you GateKeeper for the love. Neil
  5. You're welcome blossi07. And thanks for the love AntiqueToys. Neil
  6. Appreciate the love cokekid.
  7. Many thanks pw-collector. Neil
  8. Cheers pw-collector. Neil
  9. Thanks pw-collector . Neil
  10. Watchsearcher. Bubbly buble gum or black Jack's were my favourite. The story came from South Africa via my neighbour whose bottles they are. Neil
  11. Does anyone know if this is a Henry Thomas Aiken ?
  12. Thanks for the loves yougottahavestuff, fortapache, Watchsearcher and vetraio50. Neil
  13. Cheers for the loves hunterqlee, yougottahavestuff, fortapache, Watchsearcher blunderbuss and vetraio50. Neil
  14. Many thanks yougottahavestuff, hunterqlee, fortapache, blunderbuss, vetraio50 and AnythingObscure. Neil
  15. Thank you for the loves yougottahavestuff, hunterqlee, fortapache, Watchsearcher, blunderbuss and vetraio50. Neil
  16. Appreciate the loves thanks yougottahavestuff, AdeleC, Jenni, fortapache, Watchsearcher, SEAN68, aura and vetraio50. Neil
  17. Great info. Many thanks fhrjr2. Neil
  18. That's a pity. Thanks for looking. Neil
  19. I dont think its strong enough for a boot hook but Watchsearchers got it. Neil
  20. Thanks Watchsearcher. Tell me are these rare? Neil
  21. 8" x 2". Hole is 1" wide and the length of the hole run is 5". Neil
  22. Thanks Kera. Neil
  23. Cheers for the love Ceiliene. Neil
  24. Appreciate the love Ceiliene and Vynil33rpm. Thanks Neil
  25. Wow Kera. Thanks for the 'snips' Regarding AnythingObcures comment, does that mean I have a one off token worth millions. (In my dreams)
  26. Thanks SEAN68 for the love. Neil
  27. Appreciate the loves SEAN68 and hunterqlee. Neil
  28. Thanks for the loves SEAN68 and hunterqlee. Neil
  29. Cheers hunterqlee. Neil
  30. Many thanks SEAN68. Neil
  31. Appreciate the love SEAN68. Neil
  32. Thanks for the love SEAN68. Neil
  33. Wikipedia Emil Carlson.
  34. It looks too big for a ring and to small for a serviette ring, maybe a chopstick rest. I'll keep thinking on this one. Neil
  35. Where ever it came from it's a cracking belt and looks quite valuable. Neil
  36. The jury's out on this one. I, like shareurpassion thought it was definitely Asian but not so sure now. Neil
  37. Excellent collection. Neil
  38. Thanks fhrjr2 will do. Neil
  39. Thanks fhrjr2 yes this does have a serial number it is C 18839. I've looked at the date chart and all I can ascertain is that it was possibly made in 1922. None of the numbers seem to match. Any idea...
  40. You just cant beat a piece of Moorcroft. Thanks Jenni. Neil
  41. Thank you Jenni Neil
  42. Thank you Watchsearcher. Neil
  43. Thanks Thomas. Neil
  44. Made me smile. the you tube link gave me the 'Witch Doctor ' song with the chipmunks.
  45. Hi Kera. You would have thought that over 600million people speaking Arabic someone would have helped us ???? Neil
  46. Appreciate the love thank you Kera, fortapache, Jenni, aura and vetraio50. Neil
  47. OK Kera thanks for looking. I'll keep at it and I will let you know if I find anything. Thanks again, Neil
  48. Hi Kera I think I've found that its Arabic calligraphy. What do you think ? Neil
  49. Thanks Kera. Photo 4. Neil
  50. Cheers Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the love. Neil
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