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Devon UK.

I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is pocket watch keys. About to start a new collection.


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  1. Thank you AnythingObscure for the love.
  2. Thanks Phil for your comments. Do you not think it's age and wear causing it to lose its detail ?
  3. Thank you aura for your love. Neil
  4. apostata, sorry, predictive texting.
  5. Thanks apostate makes sense. Neil
  6. Cheers and thank you for the loves; kwqd Jenni jscott0363 fortapache Watchsearcher day2no1 Manikin MisterCurio vetraio50 RichmondLori and FreshAir
  7. Maybe and that would explain why there's no safety chain. Neil
  8. Oh thank you. Its 3", so shouldn't do any damage !
  9. Cheers vetraio50 and fortapache. Neil
  10. So true.
  11. Thank you so much for the loves jscott0363 and Jenni.
  12. Appreciate the loves thank you; Jscott0363 Watchsearcher dav2no1 fortapache Jenni kwqd vetraio50 and aura
  13. Thanks Gillian superb piece of info. Do you think my pin is British or European ?
  14. Thanks PhilDMorris for the info and advice. Thanks fortapache, Manikin, vetraio50, Jenni and RichmondLori for the loves.
  15. Reminds me of an ex mother in law ho ho
  16. Thanks lugnuts the jury's still out on this one. My acid test turns brown or clear, clear for silver and brown for not. Neil
  17. 50% silver
  18. 50 % silver
  19. If only. Thanks Gillian for your interest. Neil
  20. Cheers vetraio50 did you find the cu mystery??
  21. I'm having a problem with another hallmark. The makers mark on two fobs is CU both with Birmingham (anchor) assay marks. Gone through all the normal channels so I wonder if anyone can help. Neil
  22. Thank you adele and Lori for the loves. Neil
  23. Hi Ivan thank you for your knowledge the date mark is a capital M is that's some help
  24. Thanks Lori I'll do just that. Neil
  25. Happy new year and thank you kwqd, dav2no1 and fortapache. Neil
  26. Thanks jscott0363 for the comment. Hi flashlarue do you think Teresa Lane Ltd was added after being assayed in Sheffield or visa versa ? Thank you Jenni for the happy new year and cheers to jscott...
  27. Cheers fortapache, MALKEY and Manikin for the loves.
  28. Thank you Mrstyndall for the love.
  29. Thanks aura. Neil
  30. Many thanks for the loves; dav2no1, jscott0363, Vynil33rpm, ho2cultcha, aura, vetraio50, dipetersen, RichmondLori, kwqd, Watchsearcher, fortapache and Jenni. Happy Christmas to all at CW. ...
  31. Thanks again vetraio50 for the love and information and plein-air-painter for your comment. Also huge xmas thanks to; dav2no1, aura, jscott0363, Vynil33rpm, kwqd, RichmondLori, Watchsearcher, ...
  32. Brilliant thank you so much. Neil
  33. Thank you so much plein-air-painter great info. Can you let me know about my other post (the silver watch fob) please. Neil
  34. Appreciate the loves thank you MALKEY, dav2no1, aura, vetraio50, Manikin, fortapache, Jenni, Elizabethan and valentino97. Neil
  35. Many thanks aura, dav2no1, vetraio50 fortapache Jenni, Elizabethan and valentino97 for the loves. Neil
  36. Appreciate the loves thank you dav2no1, kwqd, vetraio50, Jenni, Elizabethan and valentino97. Neil
  37. Thanks for the comment Elisabeth and thanks to dav2no1, aura, vetraio50, Elizabethan, fortapache Watchsearcher and valentino97 for the loves. Neil
  38. Thank you valentino97 and itschaosbekind for the loves. Neil
  39. Thanks Jenni.
  40. This is definitely my favourite. It looks and feels like a true kilt pin. If I am to buy anymore of these pins it will be similar to this one and although I picked this one up for £19,99 they are n...
  41. Thank you, Blunderbuss2 AnythingObcure Manikin elanski dav2no1 kwqd aura vetraio50 Elisabeth fortapache Jenni MALKEY.
  42. Cheers Jenni
  43. Thanks Elisabeth for your inspiration.
  44. Very nice of you to say thank you.
  45. Thanks again Elisabeth.
  46. Thanks Elisabeth for the comment and love, also to fortapache and aura.
  47. Thanks Elisabeth and aura for the love.
  48. Cheers Elisabeth and kwqd.
  49. It's only what I have purchased over the last 3 weeks. But what fun, and loads more to come if I dont run out of dosh. I must start looking into the clan history and more. Neil
  50. Appreciate the love thank you fortapache, Ms.CrystalShip and kwqd.
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