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Devon UK.

I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is pocket watch keys.


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My Chimp - Animalsin Animals
Cast iron Cat door Stopper.  - Animalsin Animals
Door Stopper - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
# 72. 9ct gold and agate watch key  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Solid silver key, fob, T-Bar and snake Albert chain. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
4 Victorian pocket watch keys  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Help. Chinese Silk picture - Asianin Asian
French solid silver Albert T-Bar watch key - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Solid Silver watch key & matching fob. - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
My Lava lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Many thanks fhrjr2, iggy, officialfuel and lorax144 for the loves. Neil
  2. Many thanks fortapache, jscott0363 and kwqd for the loves. Neil
  3. Cheers fortapache, vetraio50, Vynil33rpm and jscott0363 for the loves.
  4. Thanks bobby725, truthordare, AnythingObscure and Vynil33rpm for the loves.
  5. Appreciate the loves thank you kwqd, bobby725 and blunderbuss2.
  6. Cheers vetraio50, junkbuddy and Jenni for the loves.
  7. Thanks for the info fhrjr2. Neil
  8. Jscott0363 quite happy to try and send a video over the net. Not now as its 11pm and the noise would wake my guests up but I'll have a go tomorrow if you give me your email address. Neil
  9. Hi jscott0363, well you do live and learn theres a whole new world out there full of doorstops. Unfortunately my cat wasn't in either. Neil
  10. Cheers ho2cultcha, Jenni, aura and kwqd for the loves. Neil
  11. Thanks Jenni its lovely to put a smile on people's faces. Neil
  12. Appreciate the love thank you Mrstyndall. Neil
  13. Hi TreasureTex. Wow there really is a web site called So, even though there are similarities it looks like my cast iron cat is post 1948. Thanks for the info. Neil
  14. Appreciate the loves thank you Jenni, Toryrebel, jscott0363 and vetraio50.
  15. Thanks Stuff for the fun and love.
  16. Hi fhrjr2 no it weighs a ton. Neil
  17. Cheers junkdrawer thanks for the love. Neil
  18. Thank you junkdrawer appreciate the love.
  19. Many thanks jscott0363 for the love.
  20. Appreciate the love thank you jscott0363.
  21. Thank you vetraio50. Neil
  22. Thank you for the love Watchsearcher. Neil
  23. Cheers fortapache appreciate the love.
  24. Appreciate the love Manikin. Neil
  25. Thank you fortapache for looking and loving. Neil
  26. Cheers truthordare for the love. Neil
  27. Thank you so much Jenni for your lovely comment. Neil
  28. Loads of stuff on Redikite lighters on the web.
  29. Looking again at them are they pieces of a chess set or something similar ?
  30. Big teeth then. lol
  31. They look like teeth ??????
  32. Whatever they are they look stunning.
  33. Looking forward to my next 200. Thanks. Neil
  34. Thanks Mrstyndall, jscott0363 and blunderbuss2 for the loves. Neil
  35. Cheers fortapache, junkdrawer and vetraio50 for the loves.
  36. Thanks for looking in Watchsearcher. Neil
  37. Thank you for the love MALKEY. Neil
  38. Trying to sort a special entry for my 200th post so we will see what the postman brings tomorrow. Neil
  39. One more to go before 200 posts. Seems like a milestone and worth a celebration. Neil
  40. Cheers jscott0363, aura and Radegunder for the loves. Neil
  41. Thank you Watchsearcher. Neil
  42. Well valentino97 I lied but I sold it for £40.00 but at least I didn't melt it ho ho.Thanks to you, aura, fortapache, PhillDMorris, Tassiedevil, Ho2cultcha, and Ivan for the loves and info. Neil
  43. Many late thanks billretirecoll, valentino97, aura, fortapache, PhillDMorris, Tassiedevil, Ho2cultcha and Ivan49.
  44. Cheers Caperkid, better late than never lol
  45. Looking through my old posts I can see some thank yous I've missed so here goes. Racer4four, bijoucaillouvintage, aura, Nizam1525 , Vynil33rpm,
  46. Many thanks fortapache and vetraio50 for the loves.
  47. Obviously not then ho ho
  48. Hee hee you are so funny. Neil
  49. Quite common year but as you say it looks like it's in a good condition so stick on ebay and cross your fingers. Neil
  50. Many thanks for the loves fortapache, junkdrawer, blunderbuss2, jscott0363, Ms.CrystalShip and vetraio50. Neil
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