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I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pI collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pill boxes and silver rattles. (Read more)


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  1. Cheers to blunderbus2, kyratango, fortapache and aura for the loves. Neil
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  10. Thanks for the loves blunderbus2, fortapache and Tassiedevil.
  11. Appreciate the loves MrsTyndall, vetraio50, Tassiedevil, nutsabout6, and fortapache. Thanks again. Neil
  12. Back to work with a smile thanks fortapache for the love. Neil
  13. Twas a lovely day, I was spoilt rotten. Thanks officialfuels. Neil
  14. Appreciate the love fortapache. Neil
  15. Thanks Tassiedevil it is quite amusing. Neil
  16. Great stuff bobby, its almost over here. Good night and God bless . Neil
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  20. Did you believe the storey ? Thanks for the loves Newfld and vetraio50. Neil
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  26. I am now not sure if it's wood, china or resin. So it doesn't scratch so its not wood, It's still in one piece so its not china so Gillian(I did look at your link) and Newfld you are right. I am disa...
  27. I have 3 of these but not in that condition. Whoever got that shine on the bed warmer could have a job for life in England ha ha. Neil
  28. Of course you can Jenni (can I call you Jenni ho ho). Thanks for your comment and yes I have. We had had the whole family round today and it's been lovely. Neil
  29. Appreciate the love thanks you ChelleKelly. Neil
  30. Try or pinterest. Neil
  31. Try www. or pinterest. Neil
  32. Happy Fathers day to racer4four. Thanks for the love. Neil
  33. Yes I do have one. Soooooo relaxiiiiiiiing. A sleepy Neil
  34. Are there any hallmarks or any initials under the powder chamber ? Neil
  35. Happy Fathers day bobby725. Do you have a fathers day in Ohio ? Thanks for the love. Neil
  36. Happy Dads day. Thanks for the love. Neil
  37. Lovely stick pin. By the way is it Fathers Day in Australia? Neil
  38. Valentino97 is it Fathers Day in California? Thanks for the love. Neil
  39. Kyratango is it Fathers Day in France ? Thanks for the love. Neil
  40. Don't you just love Penguins. I knew a chap that was sent to the Falklands who was employed just to pick up Penguins when they fell over. Let me explain, because of the many jets and planes flying ov...
  41. Reminds me of the famous 'El Cordobes' # 1 bullfighter of the late 60s early 70s. This is also the time millions of Brits flooded Spain because it became cheaper to go to Spain for a holiday rather t...
  42. There is just something special about silver pepperettes. Don't you just love them. Neil
  43. Tiffany made something similar but as a silver babies rattle called the man in the moon. Let's hopes it's made by Tiffany. Neil
  44. Cracking vases. I will say I have never seen anything like them before. Neil
  45. Stunning ! Neil
  46. Takes me back to our first dachshund a black and tan called 'Dandy. Neil
  47. Not a trunk man, but welcome aboard from Devon England. Neil
  48. Cheers for the love PhilDMorris. Neil
  49. Excellent time pieces, worth holding onto. Neil
  50. All your bears seem so happy
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