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Devon UK.

I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is pocket watch keys. About to start a new collection.


  1. I suppose it could be a kilt pin as it is about 3 1/2" long. Picture 2 was only to illustrate the hallmarks. Thank you for all the loves. Neil
  2. Thanks Trey thats given me a little more insight into German silver. From the information given I was correct in the guage or parts of silver and to the date letters. So, on value you can safely say ...
  3. Thank you Sherrilou and vcal for the loves. Neil
  4. Thanks dav2no1 and vetraio50 for the loves. Neil
  5. Cheers fortapache thanks for the love. Neil
  6. Mine was found on Tor Cross/Slapton Devon Uk where the D day landings were rehearsed . 946 American soldiers lost there lives there back in 1944.
  7. Thanks rancherswife for the love. Neil
  8. Excellent info AnythingObscure. Thank you
  9. It only cost me a fiver from the now closed down Charity shop. Regarding value now I'd say around £20-£40 at a guess.
  10. The Bus number would have solved everything ho ho.
  11. Keep looking it will be there.
  12. Cheers blunderbuss2 and Phil for the loves. Neil
  13. thanks valentino97 for the love. Neil
  14. Thank you blunderbuss2, Phil and IVAN49 for the loves. Neil
  15. Cheers Phil and clockerman for the loves. Neil
  16. Well I never, Ive been convinced that Woolies was English but just looked it up and they started in New York in 1879 and Britains Woolworths finished in January 2009. Ahh end of an era. Neil
  17. St .Pauls. Have a look on google images 'views from Fleet Street. The green is more down to the artist but you will see the familiarity. My partner of 28 years who lived and worked on Fleet Street for...
  18. Hi valentino97 could be, although I've never heard of one before. Neil
  19. Hi IVAN49. Did you see the eagle/swastika cap badge did you think it could be a genuine one? Neil
  20. Thank you RichmondLori for the love. Neil
  21. Thanks RichmondLori for the love. Neil
  22. Cheers RichmondLori for the love. Neil
  23. Thank you RichmondLori for the love. Neil
  24. Thanks vcal & Jenni for the loves. Neil
  25. Thank you Jenni for the love.
  26. Cheers RichmondLori for the love. Neil
  27. Thanks Jenni for the love. Neil
  28. Thanks Shuzbut for the love
  29. Looks like Fleet St to me.
  30. Thanks vetraio50 and fortapache for the loves
  31. Thank you vetraio50 and fortapache for the loves
  32. Thanks vetraio50 & Jenni for the loves
  33. Thanks vetraio50 & vcal for the loves.
  34. Cheers dav2no1 & vetraio50 for the loves
  35. Cheers AnythingObscure for the love
  36. Cheers dav2no1 and AnythingObscure for the loves.
  37. Thanks Phil for the comment.
  38. Thanks Blunderbuss2 good info and thank you for the love.
  39. Cheers dav2no1 for the love
  40. Thank you dav2no1 for the love
  41. Thanks jscott0363 for the love
  42. Cheers jscott0363 for the love
  43. Thanks jscott0363 for the love
  44. Thank you jscott0363 for the love. Neil
  45. Cheers jscott0363 for the love
  46. Cheers fortapache for the love.
  47. Thank you fortapache for the love.
  48. Cheers fortapache for the love. Neil
  49. Now realised they are the Zodiac signs representing air.
  50. Thank you kwqd for the love
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