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I collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pI collect anything that's odd, quirky, or beautiful. My 'thing' at the moment is propelling pencils mostly novelty and enamelled. I have other collections of snuff/pill boxes and silver rattles. (Read more)


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Japanese Band - Asianin Asian
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  1. Thanks for the love kyratango. Neil
  2. Thanks TimeTraveller for the loves.
  3. Still on mordan need to move on so this could be the start on my venture into fountain pens ha ha. Neil
  4. Thanks ttomtucker, antiquerose,blunderbuss2, vetraio50 for the loves. Neil
  5. Yeah me too. Priceless!!!
  6. Thanks Purvis for the love. Neil
  7. Thanks Scott. I have some more mirrors from the pub which I will post over the next few days and hopefully some older more valuable ones. Neil
  8. That's quite interesting because I have had it for over 25 years and I inherited it when I bought the pub back in 1991. I suppose it depends on what one calls 'modern' ? Neil
  9. Definitely drain rods. Neil
  10. Sixpence coins struck between 1920 til 1946 were made of 50% silver and before 1920 were 92.5% silver. In 1933 there were 22,185,083 minted. Neil
  11. It feels like a cross between glass and hard plastic. It could also be Bakerlite. Thanks vetraio50 for the love.
  12. Nearly missed my thanks TassieDevil and fortapache. Neil
  13. Cheers Radegunder appreciate the love. Neil
  14. Thanks H02culltcha but what is gyozo?. Neil
  15. I agree it's a pipe tool for dampening cleaning etc 1930s to 80s. Some of the Dunhill tools fetch good money. Neil
  16. Thank you for the loves, LaurenRedmond aura elanski Caperkid fortapache Sorry for the delay in my thanks.
  17. Going through my posts and realised I hadn't thanked kyratango Caperkid and buckethead for the loves. Neil
  18. Thanks fortapache for the love. Neil
  19. Thanks fortapache for the love. Neil
  20. Cheers for the love aura. Neil
  21. They may have been part of a set with the huntsman and his horse sounding his horn ready for the hunt. This item has got me reliving the times where we hosted the Berkeley Hunt Gloucestershire. I wil...
  22. There are a few images on Google, that could lead you to more info. Neil
  23. Will do and thank you for the love. Neil
  24. Thanks racer4four and aura for the loves, Neil
  25. Thank you fortapache, racer4four and aura for the loves. Neil
  26. Our first Dachshund was a black and tan named 'Dandy' brings back fond memories he unfortunately was put down with diabetes when I was 11 . Neil
  27. Cheers fortapache. Neil
  28. Thank fortapache. Neil
  29. Thank you for the love vetraio50. Neil
  30. Cheers vetraio50 for the love. Neil
  31. Thank you for the loves jscott0363 and nutsabotas6. Neil
  32. Thank you for the loves nutsabotas6 and AdeleC. Neil
  33. Thank you for the love AdeleC
  34. Thank you for the love LovelyPat
  35. There's one on ebay at the moment and also if you go to pencils on this site you will find it there as well. Neil
  36. Thanks for the loves, h02culltcha, blunderbuss2, Johnsmith, fortapache, TassieDevil, americanstationer , aura, valentino97 and kyratango. Neil
  37. Very similar to Limoges blue and gold wear 'the lovers'
  38. Thrown me completely, sorry. Neil
  39. Is the red part wax, wood or some kind of plastic ? Neil
  40. Lovely items
  41. Cracking item
  42. Brilliant especially the dachshund.
  43. Thanks EZa for the love. Neiln
  44. Will do. Thanks for the advice. Neil
  45. Doesn't get much better than that. Neil
  46. Thanks Trey. Neil
  47. I have never seen pink Wedgwood before, a good find ! Neil
  48. A beautiful piece. Neil
  49. Thanks Radegunder for the love. Neil
  50. After reading the link you gave me I am still not sure whether the Moorland pottery is registered as being able to use the Clarice Cliff name. On the Wedgwood repro they clearly indicate this but on...
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posted 2 years ago