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Bay Point, California

My Niece Rochelle just lost Her battle with COVID today 2/28/21 at 4pm CT, She was 47yrs and leaves 5 adopted Children the youngest 16yrs is recovering from COVID! PMy Niece Rochelle just lost Her battle with COVID today 2/28/21 at 4pm CT, She was 47yrs and leaves 5 adopted Children the youngest 16yrs is recovering from COVID! Please Wear A MASK! Stop COVID! retired carpenter 11yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the Union (Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner Shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. I've been married 36yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminum, couroc, and pocketknives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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Watercolor Painting of Ferry Crossing San Francisco Bay 1960s? For Pete. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique Northwood Carnival Glass and More  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Why Not Show and Tell! :^D Jewelry and Stuff! :^) - Art Glassin Art Glass
The First Weekend in October 2022, was Good for Jewelry, and a Herend Porcelain Mouse Too! :^) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Victorian Hand Blown Blue Opalescent Square Ruffle Edge Raised Center Bowl with Applied Center Brass Handle   - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Few Jewelry Finds, of Brooches and Earrings! :^)  - Animalsin Animals
A Few More Finds from Sunday's Flea Market 08/14/2022 Torquay Motto Ware Mug and more! :^D   - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage Anton Pieck Decoupage Wood Purse  - Bagsin Bags
Just Some Glass that I picked at the Flea Market on July 30-31, 2022, Weekend ! :^) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Such A Beautiful Sunrise Is Hard Not to Collect at the Flea Market! :^) - Photographsin Photographs


  1. How about, Hazel Atlas Glass Co Colonial Block Sherbet Bowl Pressed Glass 1930's uranium, but might be Anchor Hocking, a lot similar! Some to check on! Nice one! Bill :^)
  2. Thank You Scott, my Dad was a Union Towboat Operator in San Francisco Bay, Delta, and California Coast, and when I was young, I was able to go to work with Him sometimes, and the Painting reminded me ...
  3. Thank You much Phil, I'll check with Her then! Bill :^)
  4. Thanks, Yes Pete, not Alcatraz, but Yerba Buena Island, your view, is on a boat behind the Ferry looking toward San Francisco, and Oakland is behind You! The Ferry is heading to San Francisco, from Oa...
  5. Phil, Valentino79(Mary) and I, have been trying to contact Eileen(MsCrystalship) but she's not answering any emails, and getting a little worried, if You have had any contact with her recently. or kno...
  6. Hey Vynil, thanks for stopping by for a Look, and the Hello! :^D Thank You All for Looking and the love You gave for what You saw, dav2no1, Brian, Kevin, Jenni, Cokeman, Stuff, and Vynil, very nice...
  7. OK, I Posted it! Bill :^)
  8. Hey Pete, the Painting that You have looks to be Oil or Acrylic, but I have one in Watercolor, an older Painting, but of a Car Ferry traveling from Oakland to San Francisco, with the Bay Bridge behind...
  9. Thanks, dav2no1, yes, the green Glass would glow under a blacklight/uv-light! Bill :^D Thank You all for the love given, Penny, BHIFOS, dav2no1, Cokeman, and Searching1, it's very nice to get and a...
  10. Kevin, yes, it is hard to lose a Friend, and sometimes an Animal that You care for is even harder, there's 4 cats that stop by to visit me almost every day, each tolerates the other, but waits to have...
  11. Thank You both Stuff, and Brian, for stopping by, and giving a love! Bill :^)
  12. Thank You Kevin(kwqd) and Pascale for the Love that You gave, it's very nice of the both of You, and appreciated! :^D Pascale, I was just talking with Valentino(Mary) and I said that I got this nice ...
  13. Thank You BHIFOS, for Your Comment, Stephen Smyers Glass was open in 1971 in Benecia, just across the Martinez/Benecia Bridge from me in Bay Point, California, he was the first Glass Blowing Studio to...
  14. Hey Lizzy, I think that it could be a Jim Rumph Design Tankard, I looked through the ones posted here: but of the 91 posted in Pictures, yours is not there, but if you...
  15. Thank You Share, I do get lucky a lot, but I could use a Lucky Month! Bill :^D Thanks for the love, Share, and Pascale too, it's always nice to get! Bill :^)
  16. Thank You, Mrstyndall, for Your Comment and the love, you kind of snuck in, while I was writing the others! Bill :^)
  17. Thank You Patricia! Bill :^D That's a possibility dav2no1, Thanks! Bill :^D Much Thanks to You All for the love that You gave for this post, Brian, Tim, Patricia, Jenni, Vynil, Kevin, Searching1...
  18. Here's a link to Robert Held Art Glass: and a link to a pair of His Vases that I posted: Tha...
  19. Alright! bb2 was here, and Kevin(kwqd) too, thanks to both of You, for the love that You gave! Bill :^)
  20. Nice Kevin, always good to have a Label, or mark of some kind on Pottery! Thanks for Showing! Bill :^)
  21. Thanks for Showing some of Your Treasures MaryL, and Welcome to CW! :^D If You can, please give as much information about the pieces You have, like size and where they were made! They all look Great...
  22. Hey Patricia, and Brian, Thank You both for the love that You gave, Bill :^)
  23. Here's one on Live Auctioneers in Cranberry Glass that may be what mine looked like complete: Thanks for looking, B...
  24. Thank You Searching1, for clicking the love, very nice! Bill :^)
  25. Yes BHIFOS, it does look the same, I never thought of that, because most Epergnes that I've seen have Glass mounts fused to the base! Thanks, I'll see if I can find some the same as mine, maybe someon...
  26. Thanks Peggy, maybe, but the Ruffled edge makes it hard to take something out! I really like it though! :^D
  27. She looks like a Happy little Kitten Tim, She was Lucky that You found Her! I can't believe that You've had Her over a Month now! :^D My Granddaughter was just a Month, on the 6th of September, I went...
  28. Cool Find Pete, I would have Grabbed that up too! Thanks for showing, Bill :^)
  29. Thanks for taking a look and giving a love for what You saw, Kevin, and BHIFOS, it's appreciated! Bill :^)
  30. Thanks Jenni, yes, I really like them too! That's just my Hawaiian Shirt with Old Cars and Surfboards on it! :^D Thank You for the love, it always nice to get! Bill :^)
  31. Yeah Vynil, I think the Posts should all be linked this way! Thank You! :^D Thanks for the love click too! Bill :^)
  32. Hey dav2no1, thanks for taking a look and giving a love, Bill :^)
  33. Here's a Google Image Search has some but not much info:
  34. Here's a link to Lauren's Post: Thanks for Looking! Bill :^)
  35. Here's a link to my post Lauren: Thanks For Your Post, and for looking at mine! Bill :^)
  36. Nice Finds Lauren, :^D You forced me to post some of my Finds from the past two weeks! Thank You for showing Yours! Bill :^)
  37. Hi Pascale, it's always nice for You to stop by and click love! Thank You, Bill :^)
  38. Hey bb2 was here and Pascale too! Thank You Both for the love! Bill :^)
  39. Thanks for the loves, Vynil, Brian, Apollo, and Kevin(kwqd), and for taking the time to give it, very nice of You all and it's appreciated! Bill :^)
  40. Thank You All for stopping by for a look, and leaving a love for what You saw, vcal, Brian, Drake, Penny, dav2no1, Blammoammo, Ben and Vynil, it's appreciated! Bill :^)
  41. Really Brian, tell us the truth! This was what You found on the Road to the Flea Market! :^D LOL LOL LOL
  42. Here's the Link to the Torquay Collector's Site: Thank You for looking! Bill :^)
  43. Oh! Hi Jenni, yes, it is! :^D You snuck in when I was writing the last! Thank You and for the love that You gave also! Bill :^)
  44. Thanks Patricia, I think that it would be better as a dresser top box for nail polish and the like, now days it wouldn't be big enough for a phone, and you couldn't just hang it on a chair or drop it ...
  45. Here's the link to the Etsy Post:
  46. Thanks for the love that You gave dav2no1, it's nice to get! Bill :^)
  47. Here Steptoe, they use Firing Stilts for Pottery to separate the greenware during Kiln Firing:
  48. That Link isn't good Mick, but what You need to look for is British Registry marks on Silver Plate Flatware, if it was Sterling there would be a Lion mark on it! maybe delete that first comment, Bill ...
  49. Here Mick, maybe this will help with the Registry Mark: a Start for You, I hope, Good Luck, A great pattern on the spoon though! Bill :^)
  50. Yep Tim, it's hard to leave those little Kittens to their own outcome, and if a feral kitten she'd be all teeth and claws! She looks like a little Rocky Racoon, I would never try to suggest a name :^o...
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