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retired carpenter 7yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop retired carpenter 7yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 31yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better then that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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  1. First time I saw these plates, and I see what you're talking about! :^D You might want to check the YouTube video The Joy of Painting with Georgia O'Keeffe Might tell the kids to leave! B^O What...
  2. Yep, Kevin is right Pete, great color! :^D The vase is not bad too! Love it! :^)
  3. Hi dlpetersen, Thank you for taking a look, and leaving some love! :^)
  4. Sterling, or not, for a buck you can't go wrong freiheit! :^D Nice find! :^)
  5. Oh hey aura, sorry I didn't thank you for the love! So . . . Thanks for lookin and lovin aura! :^)
  6. No I think '60s, time flies! :^D
  7. Nice! Back to the '70s! Good find! :^)
  8. Thanks to the both of you, SEAN68, and lzenglish, for lookin, and lovin! :^)
  9. I like it when these posts come up again, and people stop by, and love what they see! Thank you all! Johnsmith Horseradishman1 and lzenglish, Much appreciated! :^)
  10. Nice guys! That was easy! I guess it does work for what it is intended for! :^D Nice solve! I knew the folks here at CW, would know! :^)
  11. It's heavy Rick, but my son can pick it up . . . he's bigger than I am though! :^D No it's not that heavy, I'd say 15 lbs.+- it's hollow cast, not solid. I was, and am, very happy with the find, and t...
  12. Thank you for the love AnythingObscure, it's always nice to get! :^)
  13. Thank you for stopping by Mary, and Kevin, and for the love too! Always appreciated! :^)
  14. Thank you Mary, so do I! :^) Hey bb2 was here and left a comment too, and you're right! No feeding, no mess, and no noise! :^D
  15. Try this page, I bet they can help! :^D They have lots of wrenches pictured, with information about them, and could probably identify yours for you! :^)
  16. Welcome to CW Herb812, This tool looks like it could be a patent design, that didn't make it as useable. It's interesting, but it seems that it may spread, or collapse, it you put much torque on it, ...
  17. artfoot, thank you! :^D I was wondering if there was a connection between Tewahima Pottery, the Hawaiian pottery, and Terrafirma Ceramics, the New York pottery. Terraferma being "hard earth", no lon...
  18. That's a beauty Hippie! :^D The colors are so bright, after nearly 50 years, great find! :^)
  19. Many thanks to all of you for stopping by for a look, and then loving what you saw! Newfld Judy iggy MacDaddyRico pw-collector and fortapache, always the best! :^)
  20. Always good to see you stop by Karen, and thanks for your nice comment! :^D Thanks for the love Pete(h2c), and Karen(racer4four), much appreciated! :^)
  21. I posted a link for the large Hawaiian blue and brown vase that you posted 4 years ago, if you still have it and don't know the name it's Tewahima Pottery. The link is a google image search, and pos...
  22. It would be a fun pick Pascale, every time I go through it I find treasures lost! :^)
  23. Beautiful! Thanks for showing Japanese-Art, and welcome to CW, enjoy your visit here, and I'm looking forward to seeing more posts! :^)
  24. Pascale! I really like the way you photographed this, how do you get that effect? :^)
  25. Right now a space taker! I got about 20 pounds of assorted colors, a few years ago(Cheap), and thought that I might try repairing some pottery/porcelain with it, but not yet! Just the other day at the...
  26. That would be a chore to find them, but maybe some day! You'll have to give me some time! 3 full sheds, a garage, and house...20? no 32 more years, I'll find them somewhere! &:^D
  27. Yeah bb2, kind of "I fought the Law, and the Law won!" :^D Great find Hippie, I think the Jug Band pennants, are the icing! Love um! :^)
  28. I like these little enameled pieces, but keep them as they are, I always feel that if I try to repair them, that I'd end up ruining them! Nice find though! :^)
  29. I have the clay Pascale, but have never attempted to repair anything with it! I think, from your pics., that you did a great job! I would be very happy with the result! :^D Maybe that's why I don't do...
  30. Nice little Perfume Vintagefran, I don't know, but looking at the way the light reflex, and the finish on the bottom, and opening, I think that it may be Cut Crystal, and the lid looks like pewter, al...
  31. Very beautiful Ken! Looks like it came right out of the jewelry case! Great job! :^)
  32. Thanks for stopping by for a look here too, it was a teaser on the Roseville post! I'm glad it caught your eye, it did mine too! :^D Thanks again for the love too, Rick, and h2c! Very nice of you ...
  33. Yes it is Rick! Thanks! A little knowledge about the things that you look for, is a lot better then trying to look it up, while the next person is buying it under your nose! :^D Thanks for loving it t...
  34. Hey h2c, I missed ya by that much! Thanks for the love! :^) My friend Keith had another Sale this past Sunday, I couldn't make it, but was hoping you were able to stop by and check it out! Sorry th...
  35. Yes it is Rick, thanks. I was real surprised, when I found out how old this plate was, it really looks like new! :^D maryh1956, and you too Rick, thank you so much for the love! :^)
  36. Thanks again Rick, These are nice because the condition is so good! I have some things from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, that we went to, when I was a kid, but I glued them in a scrapbook, so not ...
  37. Thanks Rick, Yes this was a nice little find, sometimes you never know what you will find! :^D I've been hit or miss on stopping by the site lately myself. I try to check a few Show and Tell post...
  38. Here's a Google image search for Tewahima Pottery:
  39. I really liked the conversation on this piece. My thought was not Frankoma, for the same reason, the clear glaze on the inside of the lid! I'm glad that you got that conformed! Good job TheIbbit, and...
  40. Hey Ted, nice one! :^D I have one like it, and UncleRon posted one a while back. Here's a chisel set like it too!
  41. Nice one Hippie! :^D I like the poop too bb2! LOL :^)
  42. It reminds me of the old molded salt figurines, does it taste salty? I've always liked the detail, on them. Here's a collection of salt figurines on Pinterest!
  43. Hi Mary, Good to see you, and thanks for the love! :^)
  44. I really like these, and would have got them too! :^D They might be from the 1920's-30's, but the last one would have looked good in the 1970's! :^) This is from Kovel's, for dating some pottery/por...
  45. Good job TubeAmp, and thanks to CW too! :^)
  46. Beautiful piece, and great photos of it too! :^)
  47. Nice bottle SpiritBear, and some good information from you, and Meowman! Thanks! :^)
  48. Looks good SpiritBear, it happens all the time to me, but usually I don't complete one, or the other activities! :^)
  49. Thank you for the love aura! :^)
  50. SEAN68, Karen, and Roycroftbooksfromme1, thank you all for stopping by for a look, and loving what you saw! :^D Much appreciated! :^)
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