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Bay Point, California

retired carpenter 7yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop retired carpenter 7yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 31yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better then that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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Sisters In The Brotherhood - Paperin Paper
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and Easter, and Maybe Wishes Too ! :^) - Animalsin Animals
Robert Eickholt Art Glass Perfume Bottle/Paperweight 2003 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Just Another Flea Market Find Of Jewelry ! :^) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Murano Art Glass Ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Just To Compair The Murano Compote Candy With The Murano Chandelier  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crystal Glass Rose Bowl Sun Light Changed Color - Art Glassin Art Glass
Venetian Murano Salviati Production Glass With Metal Base Compote Candy Possible chandelier Parts Circa 1880 - Art Glassin Art Glass
A few U. S. Barber and Mercury Dimes - US Coinsin US Coins
Robert Marek Hand Made Boot Knife/Dagger - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Thanks Jenni, good luck to your husband, in filling her shoes, hard work, and organizing, is the key! Two women in our Northern California Regional Counsel that just retired, one was the V.P. of ...
  2. Hey fortapache, thanks for stopping by for a look, and for loving what you saw! :^)
  3. Hey Rich, nice find! He looks the same, but mine is smaller about the same size as your Kayaking Dude. I guess the company makes them in several sizes! Here's the link you posted, so you can just c...
  4. Thanks Rich, it does stand out, for a little one! :^D Thank you stopping by for a look, and loving what you saw, Judy, Rich, and Recordmantime, very much appreciated! :^)
  5. Hey Laura, thank you! The green glass animals, I had to put in, for the Day, but the grumpy cat shelf sitter, just fit in for some reason. He sits on the corner of a miniature figurines wall shelf c...
  6. Thank you Jenni, Sorry I'm so slow at getting back, I went to the Flea Market, early this morning, and when i got home, I had to help my wife, clean, and cook our corned beef, and cabbage, family di...
  7. Hey Thomas, I had this 8-track, in my collection that I had in my '67 Rambler American, I loved it, but only when my girlfriend and I were in the car, my friends only wanted to listen to Hard Rock, pl...
  8. Hey Zippo, when did you stop by? Thanks for the love! :^)
  9. Oh! Thank you for the love Mrstyndall, always nice to have you stop by! :^)
  10. Thank you pollyperkins, for your comment, always nice to get! :^)
  11. Thank you so much MALKEY, you're right, I'm tickled pink! :^D I hope you're feeling good, and getting better MALKEY, it's so nice to have you back, thanks for the love, and back at ya! :^)
  12. I think that's it charcoal! :^D What a nice looking vase freiheit, it reminds me of the Murano compote/candy, that I posted last month, with that Applied Rigaree, and the blue color. Thank so much for...
  13. This is very nice Pete, it reminds me of the French Faience dishes from the 1800's, I love it! :^)
  14. Thank you again for the love Vintagefran, always appreciated! :^)
  15. Vintagefran, nice to have you stop by for a look, and then to love what you saw! Thank you! :^)
  16. Thanks for the love Vintagefran! :^)
  17. Thanks Karen, yes I could probably get one, might even have one that would look good with it, but it's fine just the way it is, for me! :^D Thank you much for the love, aura Zippo Karen and Vi...
  18. Thank you all for stopping by and giving some love, Peggy Ivonne mikelv85 and SEAN68, much appreciated! :^)
  19. Nice to see you guys, Thomas, and fortapache, and thanks for the love! :^)
  20. Great find, and a beautiful selection of glass also! :^D Thank you so much for showing! :^)
  21. Thank you so much for the love Tigra! :^)
  22. Thanks Laura, I think maybe a little shallow, only 1 1/4" from the top of the 3/8" opening, to the top of the inside of the open center, but maybe a small rose bud, or straw flowers! :^D Thank you ...
  23. Here's a link to an Ebay post for a similar Perfume by Eickholt Glass:
  24. Here's the link to The Prudent Collector, and Robert Eickholt's Bio. Thank you for looking! :^)
  25. Thank you for stopping by lentilka11, and giving some love! :^)
  26. Very cute AnnaB, I bet your rabbit, would have a great time with Laura's bears, reading and chasing each other, until the got tired and fell asleep! :^)
  27. Thank you for the love Laura, it's always nice to get! :^)
  28. Bluey-Tooey, was my oldest sister's(I had 4) first Birthday Bear, so he's 69years old in July! He had his own voice, a squeaker, but was lost in one of the many, many, many bathes that he got with one...
  29. Thank you Laura, again, for the very nice comment! :^)
  30. I love it! LOL :^D
  31. These are great jm, the first one looks like flames with smoke rising above! Very nice! Thanks for the post! :^)
  32. Hey Thomas, thanks for the love, brother! :^)
  33. Thanks for your comment Ms.CrystalShip, I guess you could say that I can't get enough of them! :^D Until I got this one, I just thought they were budvase brooches, but learned this new term(to me an...
  34. You know Laura, after my mother died, I think I gave him to my nieces, and nephews, with the rest of the stuffed toys and toys, in our huge toy box, that was still at my mothers home. So as far as I k...
  35. Hey Thomas, takin a second look and lovin it still! Thank you! :^D Pascale, so nice to have check out sunrise, at my Flea Market stompin ground, and lovin too! Much appreciated! :^)
  36. Very beautiful LauraH! I really love your collection of Art Glass! Thank you for showing! :^)
  37. Thanks Laura! Henrietta reminds me of Brown Bear, the Bear I had as a child. My younger sister and I would play Bunnies and Bears lots of days, and make up stories, for all are stuffed toys to be in. ...
  38. Thanks for the love Laura, sometimes I find treasures, and love is one of them! :^)
  39. Thank you for the comment Laura, it surprised me after I got it cleaned! :^D Thanks for the love too! :^)
  40. Thank you again for the love Laure! Always appreciated! :^)
  41. I'm getting a lot of love today Laura, thank you! :^)
  42. Mrstyndall, and Laura, thank you both for the love! :^)
  43. Laura, I love this view too, almost every weekend! Thanks! :^)
  44. Thank you much for the love Laura, she's not a stuffed cat, she's just Peaches, enjoying the day! :^)
  45. Thanks for the love Laura, I'm lovin it! :^)
  46. More Love! I love it Laura! It's a month away today, when I start growing my beard for the Ren-Faire, on April Fools Day! :^)
  47. Thanks so much for the love Laura! Always good to get! :^)
  48. Thank you for taking some time to look at, and love this post Laura! :^)
  49. Wow wow wow! Thank so much for the love!!! Laura! :^)
  50. You're very welcome Laura! Great talent! :^)
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