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Bay Point, California

retired carpenter 8yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop retired carpenter 8yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 32yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better then that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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Some Thrift Store Brooch Finds One Is Trifari - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Simpson, Hall, Miller, & CO. Treble Plate Covered Butter Dish With Cow Finial  - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Florenza Bird Brooch - Animalsin Animals
Antique Miniature Water Color Of Tribal Painted Feet In Metal Framed Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Chinese Guardian Lions or Foo Dogs With Person At Their Side Bookends/Figurines - Booksin Books
Vintage Fostoria Glass Seascape Line Pink Opalescent Three Section Relish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Pikes Peak Highway and Railroad Booklet 1903 - Advertisingin Advertising
S.S. Monterey Ships Menu From Voyage To Honolulu 1939  - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Rhinestone Brooch Maker? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boy Scout Plaques And Collectibles  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thanks again Lisa(t o d), for your comment, that's one of the things that I like about CW, not just the collections, but all the information that we all gain from this Site! :^)
  2. Thank you for the love you gave Mary(Poire)! :^)
  3. Hey Vynil33rpm, good to see ya stop by! :^D Thanks for the love! :^)
  4. Thanks for the love Mary(Poire)! Much appreciated! :^)
  5. Thanks for looking, and loving what you saw, Pete, Vynil33rpm, and mattress_cop, always nice to get! :^)
  6. This is the closest to these Bookends that I could find, but it maybe from some other Countries Folklore:
  7. I found some information, from India Folklore, that may have something to do with the look of the Guardian Lion, with a person holding on to it: Statue of young ‘Sala’ fighting a lion: Name ‘Hoysal...
  8. Sounds good AdeleC, lets eat! :^D Very nice to find four together, just enough for a small family, or couples dinner! :^)
  9. Thanks so much for the love you gave, Mary(Poire), and Collectables59! :^)
  10. Hey Rich, always nice to have you stop by, and give some love, thanks! :^)
  11. Thanks Mrstyndall, it sure is, and Jewelry doesn't take up very much room either! :^D Thank you all for the love, Mrstyndall, Karen, and Eileen(I knew you loved these, glad you can click again! :^D...
  12. Thank you Eileen, that's how I feel about the things Pete(ho2cultcha) finds at the Thrifts around Oakland/Berkeley Area, one of these days I'll get over there and grab some of his, would-be finds! :^D...
  13. Thank you for stopping by #1 Mary, and Brian, and for the love! :^)
  14. A very nice Trifari Brooch Ken, both the newer, and older, but I do think the older one has a cleaner, more finished look! Thanks for showing both, and I love the photograph in front of the bush! :^D ...
  15. Many thanks for the love, Kevin, Mary, and Judy! :^D It's always nice to get! :^)
  16. Judy, thank you! :^D There was a good selection, so a fun pick! :^) Thank you so much Jenni! :^D 50% off makes it a cheap haul too! :^) Thanks truthordare! :^D I have a few similar to that one, ...
  17. Here Jenni, a Tern:
  18. Thank you Thomas, I'm moovin on up! :^D Thanks to you both for the love Thomas, and aura, it's always good to get! :^)
  19. Hey Kevin, always good to see you! :^D Thanks for the love! :^)
  20. I think it looks like a Tern, but very cute Jenni! :^D Nice clear photos too, thanks for posting! :^)
  21. Thanks Brian, would look good on a country kitchen table! :^D Thank you for the love too! :^)
  22. Thank you Mrstyndall, I think so too! :^D Thanks so much for the love also! :^)
  23. In case anyone thought I just misspelled, Treble Plate, it means three layers of silver plating were applied to a base metal during manufacturing, instead of the best, quadruple plate, four layers of ...
  24. Thank you Scott, always good to hear from you! :^D keramikos, thanks, I saw these post also, but Wikipedia was quick, with the info I wanted, but the link to the page said they had no information o...
  25. The Wikipedia link is a bad link I'll try to find another! :^)
  26. Thanks for taking a look Vynil33rpm, and for the love you gave! :^)
  27. Here's what I think they are vintage orange le creuset cast iron, a pan from etsy:
  28. My sons use these, and a coffee pot like these, for camping, I think they were made in France, but I got them a long time ago, and not sure! :^D Thanks for posting Lesley! :^)
  29. Thanks Jenni, I wonder if it was Sister to Sister, or friends? :^D Here's the link to Wikipedia:,_Hall,_Miller_%26_Co. Thanks for looking! Thank you ...
  30. A beauty Mrstyndall! :^D It looks like new, but I'm going with #1 Mary on this, with 1950s-60s. It's odd no maker's mark though, great find! Thanks for showing off! :^)
  31. Very cool look my #1 Mary! :^D A great idea for that Bakelite Clip and Gold Band, can't wait to see the finished Bracelet, and the rest of the line that you'll be coming out with, next Spring! B^o LOL...
  32. Thank you aura, for the love! :^)
  33. Thomas, and Mrstyndall, thank you both for the love you gave! :^) Thanks for your comment, and inspiration for this post Mrstyndall! :^D I appreciate it! :^)
  34. Thank you Eileen, it sure shows in this piece, definite craftmanship too! :^D Thanks so much for the love also, Eileen! :^)
  35. Here's another link that explains these Indian Miniature paintings: This tradition of paintin...
  36. Here's a link to a Pinterest site that has miniature paintings from India: Not close to style but a lot of the same colors! :^)
  37. Oh Mrstyndall, here's a link to my Florenza Bird Brooch: Thanks again for posting yours! :^)
  38. Thanks Re-In-Vintage, I think so too! :^D Thank you both for the love, AdeleC, and Re-In-Vintage, it's appreciated! :^)
  39. Thank you for your thoughts, and the link truthordare, that could explain markings on the feet, but why was it made into a pendant, for good luck, or just fun! :^D Thanks for the love too! :^)
  40. Many thanks to you all for taking a look, and loving what you saw, Brian Hel1 PhilDMorris and Judy, it's always nice to get! :^)
  41. You might be right Windwalker! :^D A nice Tribute to Ken, Thomas! :^)
  42. AdeleC, this is a great Flower Spray Brooch, and the collection together is beautiful! :^)
  43. It's always nice to have you stop by, and keep up with my posts mikelv85! Thank you for the love! :^)
  44. Thanks for the love mikelv85! :^)
  45. mikelv85, and clockerman, I'm sorry that I missed you! Thank you both for the love! :^)
  46. Thanks so much artislove, I was trying for something a little different, and the sun light coming from the window helped me out! :^D Thank you all for the love that you gave, mikelv85, Windwalker, ...
  47. You're the best #1 Mary, thanks for your very nice comment! :^D Thank you for checking out this Florenza Bird Brooch, and my other finds too, Kevin #1 Mary and Pickaboo too, and for the love you...
  48. Thank you much #1 Mary, for the love you gave! :^)
  49. Thank you for taking a look and giving some love for the Llamas, mikelv85, and LauraH! Nice to see you! :^)
  50. I forgot the Western Bracelet, it's unmarked, but cool looking! :^)
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