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Bay Point, California

My Niece Rochelle just lost Her battle with COVID today 2/28/21 at 4pm CT, She was 47yrs and leaves 5 adopted Children the youngest 16yrs is recovering from COVID! PMy Niece Rochelle just lost Her battle with COVID today 2/28/21 at 4pm CT, She was 47yrs and leaves 5 adopted Children the youngest 16yrs is recovering from COVID! Please Wear A MASK! Stop COVID! retired carpenter 11yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the Union (Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner Shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. I've been married 36yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminum, couroc, and pocketknives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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Flea Market Finds for Today Saturday 01/15/2022 - Folk Artin Folk Art
First Flea Market Finds of the New Year 2022, Glass, Pottery, and Porcelain! :^D   - Glasswarein Glassware
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No Time Like The Present To Collect Christmas Ornaments! :^D - Animalsin Animals
Hedi Schoop Pottery California Vase and a Handblown Glass Vase are the Two Finds at the Flea Market Today 11/27/2021 - Art Glassin Art Glass
This Is A Sellers Jewelry Display at the Flea Market! For Fun! :^D - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Flea Market/Crafts Fair Sometimes It Seems That Way Late August 2021 Finds Jewelry, Sculptures, and . . .  :^D  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Recent Finds In August 2021 Look And Find! :^D - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Here's an Alligator that looks like the little white spot that's under the Green Dress! :^D
  2. Thank You my #1 Mary, for the love, very nice of You! Bill :^)
  3. Great! My #1 Mary, they look more beautiful out of the frames in Your Photos, Great Post! I'm so glad that You enjoy these Godey's Prints, but I knew that You would! :^D Thanks for Posting, Bill :^)
  4. Thank You for the love vintagelamp, it's always nice to get! Bill :^)
  5. Hey Pete, I found one online, that said that the hole on the Head was for a candle, but they might have been guessing! :^D Thanks for Showing this cute Letter Holder! Bill :^)
  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a love, Fevin, Pascale, SkyPilot, and bb2 was here, very nice and appreciated, Bill :^)
  7. Hey Tim, Thanks! Yes, I can't tell if the Letter Opener is old, there's no marks, it's Magnetic, and all the others that I found like it, were 6-7" and mine is over 9"! It is cool though! :^D Than...
  8. Here's a Google Image search:,online_chips:vinegar:HK8Esp3RIlE%3D&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4-brxnJz1...
  9. Hey Tim, Happy New Year! :^D I always carry a magnifying glass just like Yours, in my shirt pocket, and have a spare one also! Thanks for Posting! Bill :^)
  10. Thanks for Your Comment Brian seems that there's a lot of Sellers with not much that I want, but one, or two have lots! :^D Yeah! dav2no1, one Collection 55yrs ago grew, to More than Many! Thanks! ...
  11. JodyLee, I guess what I'm trying to say is the 18k Gold Ring with Emerald that You have is not an Egyptian Pharaoh, but, Mexican/South American made, with an Aztec or Mayan Figure, and the Stair Steps...
  12. Here Try this Search:
  13. Here's a Steuben Glass Dragon with Controlled Bubbles, so . . .
  14. Here's a Steuben Glass Ashtray that I posted a while ago, same design: I've never seen Steuben Glass with Bul...
  15. Hey Kathy, it reminds me of some of the Pottery that Jim Rumph did in the 1960-70's, I don't think that it's his but looks similar so might be from that time period, or someone that worked with him! T...
  16. Thank You for taking a look and giving a love for what You saw, Kevin, dav2no1, bb2 was here, Brian, and my #1 Mary, Happy Holidays, it's appreciated, Bill :^)
  17. Thanks for Your Comment dav2no1, in my search I saw some had a top on them, and You are probably right that the top is missing on mine, but the Decoration does go all the way around the top, so not su...
  18. Hi BHIFOS, I think probably Murano Glass, not sure of the Artist, but here are Links to a few that I found with a similar look, with Bubbles and Applied Cigar/Cigarette rests: Seguso Vetri d'Arte M...
  19. Thank You for stopping by and giving a love, Amare, Brian, GianaMZ, and Kevin, it's very nice of You! Have a Good Holiday Season, Bill :^)
  20. Thanks for taking a look Cokeman, dav2no1, and Clockerman, and for the loves that You all gave, it's appreciated! Merry Christmas! Bill :^)
  21. Heidi Here is a Lot more information! I Bet this Helps! :^)
  22. Here's a similar Knife on Ebay Heidi: Welcome to CW Heidi, I hope that this helps a little! Bill :^)
  23. Nice to have you stop by Ben, and give a love Thank You! Bill :^)
  24. Thank You Lori, I'm doing good, just being lazy! Not much at the Flea Market that I wanted to Post, but I'll try to get on CW more often! Bill :^D Thanks for taking a look, and for the love given, ...
  25. Much Thanks to You all for stopping by, and leaving a love, Daisy, Kevin, aura, and Karen, it's always good to see you here, and appreciated, Bill :^)
  26. Thank You for taking a look, and for the Love that You Gave, Patricia, and Brian, it's appreciated! :^)
  27. Hey Brian, I just got a Tootsietoy Zepher Train Engine, I think that it came in a Cracker Jack's Box, in the 1930's, it's only 2 1/2"long, just molded aluminum, no moving wheels! Thanks for Showing I ...
  28. Yea Tim, I did have Our Rex Dog lying beside me and Peaches, the Cat, above my Head, but now it's just Peaches, Rex has been gone for years now! :^( That Happens, still miss him though! Thanks fo...
  29. Here's the Link for my Google Search Hedi Schoop was more n than a Potter! :^D
  30. Here's some information that may help: try this link it has a better description! :^D
  31. Welcome to CW jenistarr1, There's Lots on line and another on CW! Here: and here's a Google Search: https:/...
  32. Pete, Karen is the GGGrandDaughter of Emma Pearch my GGGrandMother also! :^) Emma Pearch, was a Karuk basketweaver who married an immigrant Enghshman that came To California in 1850, from Ohio, my GG...
  33. Thanks for Posting Pete nice Find! :^)
  34. This is my 3rd cousin's Blog: I may have posted this before but it's very informative for Karuk(Klamath River) area Traditional Basket Weaving! :^D
  35. Just one of the many things that got me hooked on searching for Treasures my #1 Mary, that this post reminds of, was back in the mid 1960's when my Oldest Sister was going to Chico State, we were visi...
  36. Thank You So much Pascale, come join Tim and I! :^D Thanks For Looking, and for the Love that You gave Tim, Pascale, Ted, and Brian! :^)
  37. Thank You Maureen, the Sash Pin is a Beauty! :^D Thank You for all the loves Given for this Post, BHIFOS, Maureen. Ted, and Pascale, it's appreciated! :^)
  38. The Caldor Fire is less than 2miles from my Sister and Brother-in-law's Home in Tahoe, Please Pray that the Fire is Stopped! :^( They have just been their newly built Home in Santa Rosa, California, a...
  39. Hey Tim Thanks, I'm not sure about the Beaded Necklace, I've gotten three of those over the years, all similar different colors but same button loop catch, may be Native American, or Hippie, same goes...
  40. Hey Kevin thanks for stopping by for a look and leaving a love, for what You saw! :^)
  41. Thanks Mrstyndall for your comment, yes both have a Victorian Look to them, but I'm not sure they are even close to that old, I just really like them too! :^D Thank You for the love that you gave Mr...
  42. Thank You dav2no1 for taking a look, and for the love you gave for what You saw! :^)
  43. Thank You for stopping by for a look and for the love that You both gave for what You saw, aura, and Shirley, very nice You! :^)
  44. Hi Mrstyndall, thank You, I got that Vase at a Yard sale, and the Woman got it from a Crafts Show, I like the Volcanic type Blue Glaze and the Ox Blood that's on the other side, the little Trinket dis...
  45. Thank You Eileen, it's a regular 10" plate, Vernon Kilns California made them in the 1940-50's for States, Counties, Cities, and as Promo's like this one is for the City of San Antonio, Texas by "The ...
  46. Hey Brian thanks for stopping by and giving a love! :^)
  47. It's probably made in Japan and missing the paper sticker, here's a link to some similar in a Google Search and a Pinterest site:
  48. Yes it looks like an Umbrella and Gloves
  49. Thank You all for stopping by to have a look, Tim, Jenni, Kevin, Pascale, my #1 Mary, and Penny, and for the love that You gave for what You saw! It's appreciated! Bill :^)
  50. You are very Welcome Patricia, and Thank You! :^D Thanks for the love that You gave too! Bill :^)
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