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Bay Point, California

retired carpenter 8yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop retired carpenter 8yrs(now) from 33yrs work in the union(Time flies when you're havin fun!). I've been a collector most of my life, worked for a antique/junque shop from 12yrs old and got the bug :^) the owner shirley would sell some of her better things in "collectors weekly" in the 1960's, a fun time to be a kid, makin a buck an hour. i've been married 32yrs now, we have 2 grown sons. life is good! :^D We collect lots of things, but pottery and glass mainly, with aluminium, couroc, and pocket knives, next in line! LOL Collectors Weekly has been a great place for learning, about all the different things people collect, but mostly, about the friendly, and knowledgeable people here, willing to share that knowledge with you for free! :^D Doesn't get any better then that! Thanks to you all, friends, helping friends, and strangers alike with the things they love to collect! :^) (Read more)


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  1. Hi Mani, nice to see you, thanks for the love! :^)
  2. Many thanks for taking the time, for a look, and the love for what you saw, Lentilka Thomas Eileen and Roycroftbooksfromme, always nice to get! :^)
  3. Thanks Vynil, at the Faire though, there seems to be a lot of Pirate garb, but then again, I saw Darth Maul, and Conan there too! :^)
  4. Thank you for stopping by Thomas, and for the love that you gave! :^)
  5. Well my Mother was from Minnesota, Scandinavian dissent, and said Pacons, and Almonds, and my Father's Father was from Missouri, to California in early 1900's, but from Virginia, late 1600's, and my F...
  6. Very nice post Thomas! We all love Ken's Posts, and yours too! :^D Now is it Pecan, like, I "can", or Pecan, like, I'm "on" the spot! Just wondering! You "can", send a bucket of Pecans, right "on" ove...
  7. Welcome to CW, I hope you enjoy it as much as most of us do! A lot of knowledgeable people, that will help you for free, and love to see what others collect! :^)
  8. Sorry Mic, I was looking at Pete(ho2cultcha)'s post, just before yours and typed in Pete, without thinking! :^)
  9. Here's a little clip from YouTube of Topo Gigio, on The Ed Sullivan Show: See, he's so cute! :^)
  10. Hey Pete I think it was a Bathtub Toy for Children, or just a cute Toy for a Toybox! We always loved it when Topo Gigo was on The Ed Sullivan Show, talking to Ed in his cute little voice, and then a s...
  11. Oh Pascale! It's always nice to have you stop by for a look at my posts, and then for a love from you to top it off! Thank you so much! :^)
  12. Thank you much, for the love Kevin, always good to get! :^)
  13. Hey Kevin(kwqd), thanks for the love! :^)
  14. What a great Bracelet find my #1 Mary, and your Halloween Hand display, is a creepy touch, for the season! xoxo :^)
  15. Thanks for the love officialfuel, my #1 Mary, gave hers too, as did AnythingObscure, is' so nice of you three, and nicer for me! :^)
  16. My #1 Mary, so good to get a love from you, thank you! xoxo :^)
  17. Thanks to you all for all the love given, Brian Lauren Kevin Judy Rich Anik and AnythingObscure, it's always nice to get, and appreciated! :^)
  18. Thank you much Judy, but it wouldn't have happened without Vynil's Uncle Garfunkels Wonkles Frog Bookend post! :^D
  19. Good one Lauren! :^D Thanks for your comment! :^)
  20. And Eve said "What's under that leaf Adam?"
  21. Watchsearcher and bb2, thanks to the both of you for taking a look, and giving some love! :^)
  22. Hey Jenni what a cute little Skunk Brooch, it almost looks like fur on it's body! :^)
  23. Thanks for the love Jenni, always nice of you! :^)
  24. Yes Thanks again for posting it Vynil! :^)
  25. Thanks Jenni, it's no Checker Cab Ride! :^)
  26. Here's a link to Vynil's post of his Frog: Thanks Vynil, and thanks for looking! :^)
  27. Here's a link to my Frog, thanks to you Vynil! :^)
  28. Hey Vynil, as it turns, while cleaning up a little in the house, I found one of these little guys, knee-deep, knee-deep, in the corner, Simon says "no Art there"! :^)
  29. Thank you Anik, for the love! :^)
  30. Yeah keramikos, my older son has a half-sleeve tattoo, with the Ren-Faire Sun, Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth, and Jousting Knights, on his left arm shoulder, and a Dragon on his right arm shoulde...
  31. Thanks to you both for the love, Thomas, and EJW-54, it's always nice to get! :^)
  32. Thanks, to all of you for taking the time, to enjoy our Faire Day, and love it too, Phil AdeleC Pete bb2 was here, and SpiritBear too, also the tw0 Kevins, with Vynil between, Rich keramikos ...
  33. Yes you're right Brian, there's no forcing them, they were born to it! Even my Mother would join with us at Faire, in Costume too, and was ready to go anytime we went. My Sisters, and their children, ...
  34. Well bb2, this motley crew would rather drink anything they could get, then fight, that would only happen if they went dry, then all hell would break loose! :^D
  35. Thank you much Jenni, for your comment! :^)
  36. Thank you all for the love you gave, Jenni keramikos Brian and Judy, much appreciated! :^)
  37. Thanks Brian, never finished, always redoing! Good luck with yours, and love to see it when its ready! :^)
  38. Thanks keramikos, for the link to your Pendant Post, you can see the Black Point Forest Farewell, Sterling, and the Final Farewell Bronze, on the Travelers Mappe, 2nd and 4th pic. and the one similar ...
  39. Nice keramikos, I have two in Bronze with no date, but I got a Sterling Medallion/Brooch Black Point End of Faire, and then got a Bronze one like it when it was able to stay open one last time, becaus...
  40. Thank you LA_Woman00, it's always good to hear! :^)
  41. And maybe BILLion to come Vynil! Thanks! :^)
  42. keramikos, we loved it there at Black Point, I would normally loose count, of the Guinness' I had, by the time we got to the Y, but that was before Wife and Kids! &:^} As I remember, there was other t...
  43. Nice Rich, we only go to this Ren-Faire, but I've seen a lot of the different places that they're held on line. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoy it too! :^)
  44. Yes it was Kevin(vetraio), and the weather was great too, it can get a little hot in Hollister this time of year, but was only mid 70's f. Thank you so much for your comment! :^)
  45. Kevin, you're Fairely right! Thank you much! :^)
  46. I've continued to study it bb2, and the more I learn, the less I know! :^D Thanks for your comment! :^)
  47. Wow! Look at all the love, I was held up a little trying to get the next post up and wasn't ready for this much interest! Thanks to all! :^)
  48. aura and Judy, thank you both so much for the love you gave! :^)
  49. Nice little California Faience Vase, and good blended almost Crystalin glaze! :^D It's always been a very collectible Pottery, and one that still can sell for a good price! :^)
  50. Hey Kevin, always good to see you! :^D Thanks for the love! :^)
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