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"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to s"I have often been referred to as a pack rat, but I don't believe that is entirely accurate. I prefer to think of myself as a consummate accumulator who loves to surround himself with visually interesting objects... I thrive on it." ... David Huchthausen (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Bill. The ribs on mine curve towards the fitter lip and rim . Seems like the Steuben ones are perfectly vertical.
  2. Thanks Watchsearcher and all who loved/liked this. I was able to contact the maker who pursued a different career as most great glass artists probably do because of the expense of setting up a shop.
  3. Look for glasner signed at the bottom on the side.
  4. Thanks kindly. I've been trying to get in touch with him.
  5. Thanks for the update. So glad to hear.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Lottons. Peace Eye4beauty
  7. I have one in green. Very nice.
  8. Hi, yeah I have been trying his email and phone also. My name is Bill (he calls me william lol) haven't heard back from him in awhile. I just want to know if he is everything is ok with him. Thanks . ...
  9. Off topic, but have you heard from Rick55 lately ?
  10. There you are ! Love the top left !
  11. Sean, Thanks and same to you . I have seen your new vsl vase. Very nice.
  12. Karen, It’s where I get something from. Looking for opinions of nationality, age at time of photo and his face. Peace and love Eye
  13. Gatekeeper, No it’s an ancestor of mine. Nobody of historical mention or fame. I’m trying to identify him. I have a hunch who it might be but would like to know if others are picking up on subtle c...
  14. Scott, Thanks that timeline would fit. Did you look closely at his face, hands and clothes ?
  15. Thanks malkey, if i can identify him , i might discover something about myself.
  16. Oh and for his grandchildren he would also use it for blowing bubbles.
  17. My grandpa would hold the pipe by the knob.
  18. Thanks for the comments and loves. Much appreciated as I try to get back in the mix on cw.
  19. Looks like an Irish clay pipe that my grandpa had.
  20. What a great thing to be able to restore these. Beautiful work.
  21. I always say, love my glass ... But oh that clay !
  22. Thanks to both of you for the insight on these. Peace and love, Eye4beauty
  23. Kevin, Thanks !
  24. I have a couple of these, somewhere in the museum lol
  25. Peace and love, Eye4beauty
  26. STUNNING !!!!
  27. This one is very nice !
  28. Nice trunk
  29. Thomas, Thanks.
  30. Fortapache, Thanks.
  31. Sean, thanks.
  32. Mani, Thanks
  33. Buckethead, Thanks.
  34. Kevin, Thanks.
  35. Newfld, Thanks.
  36. Vynil33rpm, Thanks
  37. Malkey, Thanks.
  38. Scott, Thanks !
  39. fortapache, Thanks !
  40. Vynil33rpm, Thanks !
  41. Aura, Thanks !
  42. Kevin, Thanks !
  43. kwqd, Thanks !
  44. Karen, Thanks ! I was on a collecting journey, braving the most extreme elements, time to sit ‘round the campfire and swap a story or two about my finds.
  45. kwqd, Thanks !
  46. Lisa, Thanks !
  47. Kevin, Thanks !
  48. BB2, Thanks !
  49. artfoot, Thanks !
  50. Vynil33rpm, Thanks !
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