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  1. No paint on this vase, just bad photography. Sorry you broke yours. Hello everyone!!!
  2. Thanks V, Racer, Mike, Aura and lovelypat !!!
  3. Hi Mike. Yes still a pottery junkie. Still collecting everything under the sun? LOL
  4. See you haven't lost all of your marbles lol
  5. Have you tried Leonard crystal?
  6. Happy to see you didn't ruin it :)
  7. Kyratango, autocorrect thinks you're outstanding :-)
  8. Thanks outstanding. Thanks again Lisa.
  9. Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking time.
  10. Oops, slip of the finger. Always be Bellin :-)
  11. Thanks Bellin, miss you guys!
  12. Morning! Have been well, hope everything has been the same for you. Sometimes I think this site should be named Drama Weekly. Like a soap opera where character dies and then comes back time after time...
  13. Thanks aghcollect
  14. Thanks Sean and Vetraio. Hope all has been well.
  15. Love roadshow. Monday at 8:00 every week. Hasn't been too bad down here this year. Had a week of sub zero but 52 today. Snow tomorrow night. The older I get the colder it feels. Lots of new names on h...
  16. Missed you too. Yes Eye woke me up the other day. Hope all has been well.
  17. Getting into jewelry now huh?
  18. Who were you when you posted?
  19. Nooooo. I'll look.
  20. Haha! I was guessing you dated a girl in high school named chading.
  21. As always I have piles of mysteries :)
  22. I do not know what chading is meant chasing!
  23. What a picture I have in my mind right now of you prancing around a field chading snowflakes. Somehow seems right though :)
  24. Well , if anyone can find the answer to that one it would be you. Piece of cake, mystery pieces to research must be running low.
  25. How could I not :)
  26. Good Morning. Not making donuts or counting jelly beans today?
  27. It's a great story for us. That's good enough for me.
  28. Is he a sneak too? Hope so :)
  29. Me too. This turned out to be a special piece to be in a box lot. Just wanted the wall pocket. I'm glad I didn't throw it in the Salvation Army box with all of the other stuff. Kind of cool to contri...
  30. Nice talking to you too!
  31. Glad to see you're back to Eye, but Russ was kinda cute:)
  32. I know!!! Used to take be two or three days to figure out who these new guys were.
  33. Hard to believe it has been two years since this was posted. Of course it would be a much more interesting story if everyone's comments were still on the post. Looks like I'm talking to myself :)
  34. Yes, you did very good sweetie!
  35. Leave it to him to come up with that :)
  36. Thanks Racer, Inky and Vetraio
  37. Yes it is.
  38. Yesterday
  39. Hey Amber, found a Tiffany, Dale Tiffany that is.
  41. Thanks Sean
  42. Thanks Inky
  43. Thanks Mike and Ho2cultcha
  44. Thanks Racer and Blunderbuss
  45. Always makes my day. Seems to know when I need a laugh.
  46. Thanks Walksoftly.
  47. Thanks sweetie!
  48. He's a hoot isn't he :)
  49. I had a hard time finding. Can you delete second link after you look at it. Thanks
  50. Thanks Moon, Aghcollect and Vetraio
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