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Hi, I started selling things on Ebay and I have never had so much fun working. I love learning about and researching items. I am hoping when I retire I can do thisHi, I started selling things on Ebay and I have never had so much fun working. I love learning about and researching items. I am hoping when I retire I can do this for extra income. This site has been really helpful and the people are so friendly. Great Site! (Read more)


  1. lol Thanks for the effort it is appreciated. Believe it or not it is porcelain the bottom is just brown from use. lt is white on the bottom where some dirt rubbed off and there is a tiny pottery ch...
  2. I love the colors on that, it is very pretty.
  3. That is such a wonderful painting, please do let us know when you find out more.
  4. Hi, thought I would share that I found out this is sterling and the mark M in a diamond is the sterling silver mark for Mandalian Mfg. Co. This was made sometime between 1890 to 1903. The Co. mentio...
  5. I love this and the others I have been looking at. Some of these take me back to some good memories.
  6. Thanks for the love all, I found out L stands for standard glaze and w for white clay. I just love it when I find answers it makes all the work worth it.
  7. Thanks Bellin I am jazzed about this one. I think this is called a standard glaze but the color graduates towards the bottom so I am not sure about that either.
  8. Beautiful piece, love it!
  9. What a nice collection, you are so organized, they all look like they are in the perfect place.
  10. That is fascinating, so he didn't really cut heads off it was just a very good illusion? I was going to ask you if you know anything about a print that has HC below the signature? I think it means H...
  11. Very nice, I have a creamer or pitcher almost like the one in your picture but it does not have a mark on it. Do yours have marks?
  12. Hi, well then no it is not tooled leather it is a cooper design, but the cooper is has a very intricate pattern. Now I've learned something new again. Thanks!
  13. I just saw you comment sorry I am so late. So here comes the inevitable, what is tooled leather? lol
  14. Thanks for the love all, it is such an adorable bag.
  15. They are very nice and such a sweet story to go along with them.
  16. Thanks so much for the love all, and thank you ho2cultcha. I thought it might be Mexico piece but I couldn't find one that looked like mine.
  17. I love the colors.
  18. Thanks Phil, I thought they were very nice compared to some of the other Goblets I have seen. Thanks for the love everyone.
  19. Thanks Bellin, I thought it was pretty special also.
  20. You have a very nice collection. Do the lithographs also kind of look like they have waffle or weird shapes when you look at them through the loop?
  21. I had never heard of this before. What a nice piece.
  22. I really like this poster, Palo Alto is about 2 1/2 hours from me. I have been there quite a few times on the way to S.Francisco.
  23. That is so nice, I love old trunks.
  24. Oh darn, I wanted to know the artists name. I guess that's not going to happen. I have learned so much. That picture opened a whole can of worms for me. There is so much to learn about art.
  25. Wow, thanks, that is all so fascinating. I can not find an artist signature anywhere. You would think they would want to sign it after the work that goes into it. I did read that they would sign li...
  26. Would that be famile rose? It is beautiful.
  27. Thanks for the love all. I ordered a Kovels mark book so I am hoping I can gain some knowledge on marks and maybe help out a little also.
  28. Hi, thanks, I had figured out it was a Litho because in the far bottom right corner it says in very tiny letters ( I can only read it with a loop) G P 1816 and underneath that it says Litho U.S.A. and...
  29. That is just beautiful, I had no idea they had keys.
  30. How unique, it is really nice.
  31. Thanks for the love all.
  32. I found out from reading that my print is called photo engraving. The dots or pixels are like honeycombs or waffles and not actually dots and it also has dark lines on the edges. Of course you can o...
  33. Okay, I get it now. If it was a copy of a photograph it would be made from and original negative and there would be no dots. I looked through my loop and I did see very tiny dots except in the place...
  34. Thanks Bellin and thank you all for the love. Rniederman thanks for info and help. Is there a way to tell if it is a reproduction photo or a poster print? It looks like a photo and it is the size o...
  35. Thank you Manikin, I really appreciate your help. It is pretty, it looks life like. It is such a shame that her fingers are broken and it hasn't been taken care of. It's not mine, family me.
  36. Thanks Phil, I really appreciate you taking the time to look for me. I will look into some of those I am sure I will find something out even looking up the names or emailing if that doesn't work. Th...
  37. Thanks Phil, I will look into it.
  38. Thanks Bellin, Mikko and Phil, the art print was my Grandmas and is worth more than the poster ( I think) it is a Lithograph. Too bad it wasn't the whole poster it was still fun finding it though.
  39. Have you checked out Pennsylvania Tanware? If you google there is a essay by Dave & Susan Swala. Give it a read. I also know that they used clovers on (tulips were very big) there art work. We wil...
  40. Thanks, I had a lot of fun with it that's for sure. If not for this site I probably wouldn't have given it a second look.
  41. Thanks Bellin, I have been searching far and wide for quite awhile on this and when I saw the vase Budek posted I got so excited. Finally something with the artist at least.
  42. Hi, I posted the pics let me know what you think. Michelle
  43. OMG I have been trying to figure out about my little jug / pitcher for awhile now. I thought it was Pennslyvania Tanware because they used clovers and well numerous reasons. The artists are the same...
  44. Thanks, I will just leave it up then.
  45. Thank you, for your help, I really appreciate it. Should I delete this post since it is not Native American or leave it here in case someone else might have one and need to figure it out also? Tha...
  46. Thanks Jakeeblue, I think it is very pretty also.
  47. Thanks, it is worn on the bottom corners and where the pink came off it is white and a little bit of the gold is worn off. It is just not a typical limoges most all of them I find are boxes with hing...
  48. Thanks epson, I have been reading up on chintz but as always I can't find one like mine. I want to know how old it is and if there is manufacture who made that pattern. I guess my noseyness sure can...
  49. Unfortuantaly she is no longer with us. She might have known who the artist was. I thought most majolica was European but this seems to have American news on it. It is also heavy.
  50. Thanks, and me too.
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