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Colorado Srings, CO.

I collect mostly militaria, of any period. But like anything with some age or history behind it.


  1. Great post. I had several shipmates that had been attached to the 'BWN' in one capacity or another.
  2. Nice! I have a spoon much like this that is marked 1916 from the Rock Island Arsenal.
  3. It is in good condition and thank you battlegear. I'm very lucky to have found it.
  4. Just wondering. Could this man be an independent agent representing several different companies? Don't know much about this field so just a guess.
  5. And the same for you Manikin and everyone on CW!
  6. I had my own '51 years ago. Tough ol' trucks.
  7. Oh, something I just found: these catalogs, like mine, are still available on Amazon.
  8. Thank you everyone for all your loves: aghcollect, SEAN68, pw-collector, Manikin, Jono, blunderbuss2, kerry10456, pops52, tom61375, and geo26e. That's a great pamphlet you have Jono. I really enjoy t...
  9. Great find. I like this kind of trench art the most because it keeps the original purpose and shape in mind and is very subtle.
  10. Thank you Jono, tom61375 and to you also SEAN68.
  11. Thank you SEAN68 and also Roycroftbooksfromme1.
  12. Thank you Sean.
  13. Just a guess, but would it be one of those time clock things? that night watchmen use to time in on while on their patrols?
  14. Thank you for the loves sarahoff, pops52 and ho2cultcha.
  15. I remember the Chesterfield commercials from early TV. In black and white and live they featured two tap dancing females(?) dressed in large cigarette packs. The only human anatomy to show were their ...
  16. Hunter, thank you for the like and Sean thank you for the love and comment.
  17. Thank you tom61375, vetraio50, AmberRose, gargoylecollector, and blunderbuss2. Thank you for the loves. And TubeAmp Thank you very much for cleaning up that pic. I am using it now.
  18. Thank you Manikin. Yes it certainly resembles Groucho and I have tried to remember if I ever saw him wearing short sleeves in any of his movies.
  19. Just read in the paper today (9/4/2013), that this marks the anniversary of the first U.S. fatalities of WW1.
  20. I remember looking into the small repair shop, aboard ship in 1970, and seeing this very same manual. Some things never change. The shop was to repair not only watches but also compasses, gyros and su...
  21. These are wood patterns for something other than metal castings, I would think. First, patterns for metal are not named as "male or female" and everything that is imprinted in these patterns would sh...
  22. I hope petey sees this because he has an extensive collection.
  23. Thank you
  24. Nice helmet. Maybe you can add a picture of the inside?
  25. Thank you again P.D.A.M. and to you also bratjdd.
  26. Maybe holding rubber stamps?
  27. I've seen bronzed baby shoes mated with bronze ashtrays. A time before tobacco awareness?
  28. This POW camp was less than a mile from where I live now. Interesting anecdote involves from escapees from this camp climbing Cheyenne Mountain (the steepest rising mountain in the U.S., and home to ...
  29. Thanks pops52 and to you too Kevin. I think everyone has a memory of a Coleman stove in their life.
  30. Thanks for the loves petey, Kevin, and P*D*A*M* (hope you don't mind the abbreviations).
  31. Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris and also Manikin for the loves.
  32. Thank you trunkman.
  33. I believe the compass on the left in the last pic is shown here
  34. I am wrong. This very well could be a original, and I apologize for my failure to recognize it.
  35. I'm with scottvez, looks iffy to me also. Most I've ever seen have ebonized handle scales.
  36. Thanks for the love Kevin.
  37. Thank you kerry10456 and Manikin for the loves.
  38. You have outstanding dump finds.
  39. She does look kinda familiar, could be a USO entertainer.
  40. I thought the one star reference was rather clever blunderbuss.
  41. I seen # 1 but didn't think filmnet knew what you were referring to.
  42. Thank you kerry10456 and BELLIN68 for the loves, and yes, BELLIN I'm sure in the jungles of the South Pacific this would have been a very cool hat indeed. Haha.
  43. It looks somewhat handmade by a skilled wood worker.
  44. The plane in the last picture, I think, is a L-20 / U-6 Beaver DeHavilland.
  45. The four star appears to be Gen. Mark Clark. Also known for WW2 service.
  46. Thank you mustangtony, blunderbuss2, miKKoChristmas11 and petey For the likes and loves.
  47. Thank you Vontrike.
  48. If it is truly an ancient Egyptian artifact, maybe it was to measure time, much like an hour glass?
  49. Apparently this is a Russian Cossack Sword /Sabre with attached bayonet, as described on ebay. On other sites these are said to be mostly faked by the Chinese. One person said these were never a real...
  50. Thanks trunkman! If only these items could talk.
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