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Los Andes Chile

My collections are linked to what was the history of salt production in the former provinces of Tarapaca and Antofagasta (northern Chile) from 1850 to 1950 I collecMy collections are linked to what was the history of salt production in the former provinces of Tarapaca and Antofagasta (northern Chile) from 1850 to 1950 I collect: nitrate sheets, old packs of cigarettes, match boxes, bottles, ink wells, bottle caps (tapacoronas) ancient beverage labels and many other small objects found in the abandoned villages. (Read more)


  2. Blunderbuss2 : I continue collecting bottles of drinks, chips nitrate, beverage labels, crown corks and old packs of cigarettes, but sometimes things come to my hands as "religious medals" I bought ou...
  3. Ahanshew21 : You have very beautiful bottles. I live in Chile and I would love if you can send me somewhere address see photos of your collections. I am also a collector of antique bottles. greetings...
  4. Ahanshew21 : Your collection bottles are very beautiful, very beautiful specimens have colors and shapes. How many bottles do you have in your collection? Light passing through those you show in the ...
  5. Estimate blunderbuss2 : fortunately I collect the bottles are only those that have been found in the old dumps of former saltpeter works that existed in northern Chile between 1840 and 1940. All thes...
  6. Blunderbuss2 :When a person is fond of collecting, I think it's for life. When children collect stamps when young airline Chile saltpeter adult chips and now I have several collections: old packs (no ...
  7. Blunderbuss2 :Yes, I live in the city of Los Andes, Chile. I'm a collector of antique bottles and labels that are older than 1930 of juices, mineral water, beer. Also I have a good collection of old ...
  8. Muy hermosas tus cajitas de Té. Es muy dificil encontrarlas en tan buenas condiciones. Si vas a continuar coleccionandolas, trata de comprar el libro "Las Marcas de la Historia III" del autor Oscar A...
  9. Blunderbuss2 : Small objects in your collection, I love. It's hard to choose which is more beautiful, for in each there is a different craft. You have very good piesas in your collection. Yuko
  10. These weapons are lovely and in very good condition. Here in Chile is very rare to see one in a museum. The objects in your collection are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Yuko
  11. Blunderbuss2 : I am a retired teacher and I have a small collection of boxes of tea in cans with lithographs, I managed to collect 31 different. I live in Los Andes, Chile. My name is Hugo Moraga B.
  12. This toy is just wonderful. Never seen one in such good condition. This tin toy for their colors and I love details. Yuko
  13. Bottles that are stamped on the glass or the name of the manufacturer remedy I find the most beautiful. The bottles I like your picture. Yuko
  14. Have a very beautiful collection. I really like Thanks for sharing. Yuko
  15. Dr_Rambow: The tank you have is almost the same as I have. The function of the rear lever is the same. On the sides took a small shovel and a pick. At the rear, on the engine had a mesh mimicry. The ...
  16. Regardless of who is a modern decorative object, I find it beautiful. Yuko
  17. MikkoChristmas11 : This painting is beautiful cityscape. I like the other pictures you have. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Yuko
  18. Electobacco : These little antique toys, I love. Beautiful your cars. I do remember my childhood. Thank you for sharing. Yuko
  19. Packrat-place : Your pictures of old abandoned houses I like. Have a lot of stuff I like, after I'm also fond of taking pictures with an artistic touch. Thanks for sharing these images. Yuko
  20. Sizzler : With only three of any of these bottles, I would very fortunate, happy. How are you feeling? Your collection is the best I've seen in years. Yuko
  21. These bottles had to stay in shape lying I like very much and here in Chile are also difficult to found in good condition. Yuko
  22. These colors in the glass, no competition. Have a collection of first. The light through the bottles best. Thank you for showing them, are really beautiful. Yuko
  23. I love the bottles that have changed its color by the sun, after many many years. Your bottle is lovely violet. Yuko
  24. These model trains me back to childhood, I never had one, but a friend had a lovely playing with his father and we looked. Your models are fabulous. Yuko
  25. he work done by the craftsman who produced this piece makes it very beautiful and delicate. I love Yuko
  26. Your phone collection is spectacular, very good. Thank you for sharing. I love that model, one that reminds me in the house of my paternal grandparents. Yuko
  27. Your photos are beautiful, I love watching the details of the hats and costumes of the ladies have so many ornaments. A beautiful group. Yuko
  28. Have a beautiful collection. This kind of bottles I like its design, colors and different shapes. All very beautiful Yuko
  29. This is a very beautiful piece. Mare and foal are very well made. You have many really beautiful jewelry in your colecciones.Gracias by making them known. Yuko
  30. Packrat-place : I love these old cars models. They have many details, they are beautiful and the best is that there is a rich variety of them. Yuko
  31. Chinablue : The old porcelain and earthenware decorations are an attraction for me. This cup and saucer are beautiful, like several of the other objects in your collection. I really like these del...
  32. The box I really liked the image of the beautiful cover and is made with artistic talent. Congratulations you have very beautiful objects. Yuko
  33. Walksoftly : In search of old cigarette packets, I found a variety of resources that were used by cigarette manufacturers as gifts to consumers: There are photographs from prize money. Money savi...
  34. Antique bottles with embossed lettering on the glass are very popular, but the old ones with labels in good condition, thick glass, a little rough, I like as much as first Yuko
  35. Packrat- place : The rounded base torpedo bottles are more common and can today be found on sale in local fairs and antique dealers, but based on the torpedo tip, be very difficult to find ...
  36. Antique bottles of drinks, juices, mineral water or beer tell part of the history of a place or country, the picture of your "little gem" I really like. Yuko
  37. Antique bottles of drinks, juices, mineral water or beer tell part of the story, the picture of Pepsi I really like. Yuko
  38. Trunkman : During the past 15 years I have traveled many times to northern Chile and on these trips, roadside, with a little luck thrown these isolators are installed on poles that were wood or rai...
  39. Scandinavian : About 30 years ago , the sisters of my father me an album of family photographs with photo 1880 to 1930. The first are very beautiful cardboard ( daguerreotypes ). Yuko
  40. Toolate2 : About 30 years ago, the sisters of my father gave me an album of family photographs with photo 1880 to 1930, are 40 in total. The first are "daguerreotypes" very beautiful cardboard. The...
  41. Have several very beautiful objects. I like the old objects. I chose one, but you have many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing. Yuko
  42. Scandinavian : You have a picture beautiful of you "abuela" in the car. Thank you very much Yuko
  43. Thank you very much scandinavian Yuko
  44. You have many objects of art glass, and all are beautiful I really liked it. Yuko
  45. The shape and color of your ink very beautiful I really liked it. Yuko
  46. Your collection of crown caps or badges is really very beautiful. A pity that you could show just a few. I really liked it. Yuko
  47. Your collection of crown caps or badges is really very beautiful. A pity that you could show just a few. I really liked it. Yuko
  48. I love this little beauty. The antique furniture were true works of art. Yuko
  49. These little toys of yesteryear, they remind me of my childhood trips to the old machines to carbon. I love your collection Yuko
  50. I really like the antiques bottles. You have a beautiful hippo size soda water. Yuko
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