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Georgetown, Guyana

I'm a 36yr old Guyanese male who's fairly new into collecting my fellow Caribbean countries top RUM / VODKA. Top of my collections are bottles/jugs of my hand me dI'm a 36yr old Guyanese male who's fairly new into collecting my fellow Caribbean countries top RUM / VODKA. Top of my collections are bottles/jugs of my hand me downs and any other that draws attention . Thanks to those that give me the LOVESSS. can anyone help me arrange them? GIVE IDEAS,, Especially the BRASS. I really wished I had more access to SOTNEWARE I LOVE THEM. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SHARED THIER LOVES FOR MY LITTLE COLLECTIN (Read more)


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DECANTER n FRANGELICO - Bottlesin Bottles
CROWN / CORK - Potteryin Pottery
BOTTLE - Bottlesin Bottles
BOTTLE - Bottlesin Bottles
BOTTLE HOLDERS - Kitchenin Kitchen
DECANTERS - Bottlesin Bottles
CLAY POTTERY - Potteryin Pottery
GLASS VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This is so cool and unique, where can they be found?
  2. I have this thing for DECANTERS, this 1 is no different it's real cool
  3. My thoughts a SNAP GLASS
  4. I have a thing for decanters, especially when they bare these beauties.
  5. Thank you guys for your LOVES
  6. Many thanks to you again cindy
  7. Thank you Cindy for your complements. My only set back is that collectables are not that widely available here (GUYANA) Thanks again.
  8. I love it too but because I'm new to this can't comment much
  9. I know of it being a BELL not sure CHINESE for the fact my brass are all HAND ME DOWNS, I have one but not one to tell me anything, all I remember is that my granny used to use it to WELCOME the NEW ...
  10. A very beautiful collection
  11. THANKS a lot guys for the help and your loves
  12. Riply206. Thank you very much. I'm new to collecting since the little I have are 3 times my age. Please I'm try to make a friend who would advise me as to the best to collect. Sorry if I'm a bother, b...
  13. I am veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery new to this pls. help in terms of collecting, since I kid I used to collect. So pls. help thanks in advance.e. In addition my country is not privy. to those coo...
  14. More welcome, u checked mine?
  15. Wow I love the colours and the different patterns. They are really beaytiful
  16. I so love these. Do you PHYSICALLY have the bottles or just photos?
  17. Hey u gave me an IDEA I turning one of my empty FRANGELICO bottles into one of those dressed men u'll be de first to see it when it's tru.
  18. I really do admire your stuff, especially this second one since that looks more ancient.
  19. Hey AHCOLLECT, how come I ask ur assistance for my little collection and no response. LOL Yo Diamond I just started collecting so I jus like, but ur think is cool, i'm into bottles, and stoneware
  20. This is a beauty, wish I could have it
  21. I love this unique type. care it
  22. Thanks guys, wish I had more help to build my collection.
  23. Thank you guys for all your loves.
  24. As much as I love stoneware I still learning about them. yours are nice
  25. I really do ADMIRE your collection, wished i had access to some of them since I'm new to this and my little collection are had me downs.
  26. I love the colours and shapes
  27. I have a thing for old decanters, stoneware jugs / mugs and othe bottles NICE
  29. I never knew Brazil made stoneware and I'm right next door (GUYANA) it is beautiful
  30. wow that's a big collection, keep it up.
  31. I love the stoneware
  32. This is unique and cool
  33. wow they are so sweet.
  34. I love decanters wished I had this one, a beauty
  35. Beautiful indeed, any idea if VINODEL produces WHISKEY as well?
  36. The décor is indeed sweet and colourful.
  37. Very nice, is it a bottle or ?
  38. this is cute take good care of it
  39. Beautiful pieces
  41. Unusual to me and beautiful
  42. I can stop admiring the beauty and uniqueness of this peice
  43. I see the agony paid off at the end.
  44. Thanks for ur help and love.
  45. I happen to like these unusual bottles, just like this one, it's nice
  46. lol - The info I have it's a BEAUTY
  47. Not much into horse racing but I do think the bottle is a BEAUTY
  48. I'm a collector of ABSOLUT, I have CITRON, MADRIN, RASPBERRY, VANILLA and ABSOLUT 100
  49. Extremely beautiful
  50. I can't find words to express how I feel about this collection, it is so so beatuiful
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