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I love collecting a little bit of everything, so I am not really an expert on anything. I do fall in love with anything art deco, turquoise, vintage radios, space/roI love collecting a little bit of everything, so I am not really an expert on anything. I do fall in love with anything art deco, turquoise, vintage radios, space/robots and pretty much anything out of the norm. I'm a true believer that they do NOT make things like they used to. (Read more)


  1. :) glad your still on! Sorry for delay;)
  2. Huge long long long delayed thank you to Natalia! She cracked the case that has perplexed me for years! Tyvm!
  3. I havent been on forever! Thank you sooo very much! I cant wait to pass this on! Forever grateful for your time and efforts, your great!
  4. Tried that, nothing happens:)
  5. Thanks for the tip, I found the information about the Root & van dervoort. Its a good place to start, thanks again
  6. It definately is not a vaccum anything, the stranded wire is soldered into the top of the gauge. I'm guessing its for checking spark, or to test rectifiers, I seen something about a moisture content m...
  7. Maybe, it looks like it could be some type of volt meter or amp meter. I just wonder what its used for it has a unique ends.
  8. there is no opening, its solid tip.
  9. wire inside cloth like material, its not incased in rubber or plastic. sorry total girl here
  10. lol, yeah my description was uninformative at best. It has copper wiring under the casing, does that make sense?:) \
  11. Wow mary thank you! I started to look into the nursery rhymes and felt it would take me forever. I used to pride myself on being a good googler, but knowledge like that, I would have never found. Than...
  12. Aha a boy! That would explain the poor sportsmanship, the crying and the ugly outfit. :)
  13. Hey it's more then I know:) And I think that's why it confuses me, it should be the boy crying, not the girl Blunderbuss:) ha ha
  14. oh, that makes more sense:) I thought hula hoop was a stretch. Maybe I can find something using your info. Thanks so much!
  16. Oh my gosh, I cannot beleive you found this for me! I woud have never been able to solve this mystery. Nataliya you are my angel, now I just have to translate page:) How did you do this, do you collec...
  17. Sorry I haven't check this for a couple days to reply.
  18. I agree, it was really dirty and hiding in the corner, great surprise!:)
  19. I do have a nosey neighbor:)! Hey thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing the knowledge! I really appreciate it.It's people like you that make this website fun:)! Thanks again
  20. I think we both scored! What size is the large one? I would love to see pics!:)
  21. This is Italian polychrome crespina, Montelupo or Deruta. I found same art, but different piece on this web page
  23. So pretty!
  24. Thanks a bunch!:)
  25. She's lovely!
  26. See, this is the only problem with this site. I have now gone online and ordered one of these! I love seeing everyone's beautiful things, but then I have to fight the urge to buy them. In this case, ...
  27. No I haven't I will try that! How great would that be:) Thank you!
  28. Thank you!
  29. Thanks to czechfan for solving my mystery:)!!
  30. Very cool and much appreciated fifties50s! They sound very goood! Thank you very much!
  31. You are a life saver! You have no idea how many books and site I have searched for these!:) I am so very grateful, your the best, thanks so much, so cool!
  32. They are identical in shape and color, they are just 2 different sizes. You can kind of see the smaller one in 2nd pic. The smaller one has a small chip on the inside rim, on the clear glass, so reall...
  33. Thank you so much! I also thought they might be student work. I really appreciate your feedback, you definately are the one to ask:) I have never heard of Frisco either, so your idea makes total sense...
  34. Yeah I noticed that and I noticed I do not see a cigar, maybe that's why!")
  35. Oh man Blunderbuss, you went all out! You found more info then I could find in months, I am forever grateful! So I can use this on an island where they grow locally, and I shouldn't ingest it?:)
  36. Thank you! I got a great deal on them, which makes them just a little prettier:)
  37. Thank you Bellin!:)
  38. Your in Belgium, very cool. So I have a question, how are the brand names at the bottom associated with MORT SUBITE? Sorry if that's an obviuos question.
  39. Well that great info. coincides with the 1899, the New York address and the company name. That gives me hope that is not a repro. But it does say copyright 1899, so i'm not sure. Once again, thanks Ph...
  40. It's definatley a classic! And your not missing much here, it's 20 degrees and a foot of snow!")
  41. Yeah I agree, I thought that too. Some of the older ones have a black cap on top as well. It is full and sealed, would love to find out what it's for:)!
  42. Oh 'motion lamp', that was the term I was searching for. Thank you, I could have taken better pics, but I was afraid to move them, very fragile. Thanks for the comment!
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