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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


  1. Thank you all! Looks like this one was still running long after the war.
  2. Thanks dav, no I have never seen any other back plates like this. The only thing that comes close would be some of the 1914 German First class Iron crosses.
  3. Thanks for the kind words! Milwaukee PD had an interesting history. One early police chief even thought it was important for an arresting officer to beat the suspect in a "fair" fight. Another time...
  4. Thanks keramikos, you really know how to search the net!
  5. Thanks Keramikos ! I think you are on the right trail. Either or both of them could have worn this buckle in their life times.
  6. Yes that is a name, "Geo. Ph. Roth" I couldn't find the name listed anywhere in a book about the group or on google.
  7. Thanks WS, glad to hear it!
  8. These stars come in at least 2 sizes, both in my collection. Both have two long screw posts on the back. They are enameled and convex in shape. They look like they could have been mounted on an old ...
  9. Can anyone read the Chinese inscription? Curious about the issuer. Not the same as their coins. Wu-Han? Thanks, Fred
  10. Thanks! Sounds like a medal worthy of being proud of.
  11. If this is white metal the silver finish would be a clad layer leaving the edge unplated and darker than the obverse and reverse surfaces.
  12. By the way, this certificate was rinted by L. Lipman of Milwaukee.
  13. I bet you have some nervous neighbors.
  14. The eagle on the rocker is Polish.
  15. This system will not allow me to choose the correct topic heading! German Currency
  16. Yes, all are named on the reverse. There are also several different makers marks.
  17. Hi Brkiri Wisconsin Civil War records are on line so you can look up the names and get the basic military records. I purchased the badge in an antique mall in Minocqua a number of years ago. The...
  18. Thanks! The Pershing medals design was a basic design used many times with changes to the text as needed. Most collectors limit their collecting to certain cities or states or to a topic like news p...
  19. Thanks Scott, my pleasure.
  20. Hi Matty, I would expect your medal to be genuine since I have never seen a fake. I would also trust the name on the medal to be a real person. Is this a famous person? Keep in mind that names are...
  21. Thanks again Keramikos! I will contact their local historical society. They are usually helpful.
  22. Thanks keramikos, I stand corrected! Great researching on your part. Yesterday I stumbled across a site with pictures of all Marinette's mayors and dates. Today I can not find that site for love or mo...
  23. Thanks Shooshoo.
  24. Sad picture. There were some nice coins and tokens in this batch until some ding-a-ling ruined them. Date range from the 1700's to early 1930's.
  25. Those are plug-ins just like on a computer 5 rounds and 2 rectangular.
  26. Not sure what he is holding, looks like a slide rule and a locking pin in the other.
  27. Glad you know all the answers. Now if you would be so kind as to show the coins with the proper alignment....
  28. These are Chinese cash coins. The side with the two characters is the mint identification and the other side is the Emperor's name. The Standard Catalogs of World Coins have a few pages at the start...
  29. In my opinion those neighborhood names are all modern concoctions to give the people living there a sense of belonging. I was born and raised in Milw on the North side and lived for 25 years. All w...
  30. In 1931 the 13th ward would have been the river on the east, North ave on the south up to Locust on the north and 5th st on the west
  31. Welcome to Milwaukee History Keramikos! Gold (solid gold = 10k ) alderman badges are not uncommon for the larger old cities since most were private purchase items; authorized by the cities but not p...
  32. Thanks Manikin; sorry to see Waukesha is in the news again.
  33. Thanks! That helps explain it but what are starting notifications?
  34. Thanks bb, I hope so, it is the only one I have seen in decades.
  35. This looks like what is left of a British Lancaster 1855 bayonet. Tip is broken off and the scabbard would have been leather with brass trim
  36. Thanks Newfld !
  37. Read something on these years ago (1970's) which said that these were modern fantasy items.
  38. The Brit's. did an air raid on Berchtesgaden or more accurately Ober-Salzberg where Hitler and the Nazi brass had fancy homes but unfortunately no one was home.
  39. I have been told that this is a Footman's uniform button!
  40. I collect similar badges from Milwaukee by date and found that a saved search on eBay has been very productive over the years.
  41. Bottle and can opener? 1890's?
  42. Thanks dav2no1. Sorry but I don't know a thing about berets. I would post the question and picture on the US Militaria Forum site. They love answering questions and know what they are talking about.
  43. Back in the mid 1970's there were a lot of people in numismatic circles who advocated gold as an investment in coin form. In one of the Krause Publications titles there was also a regular feature for ...
  44. Thanks all! Aizics Mint seems to be a "mint " in name only. On a coin site I found that these Trump medals are being sold by Coincraft of London. I have known this company for decades and as a resul...
  45. Forgot to mention that the 1906 date is the date the group was founded which could indicate a political split with the Kriegerbund of North America.
  46. Thanks elanski! It is a favorite of mine since it does not include any orders, just campaign and service medals.
  47. Thanks Scott. I used to like listening to the old timers when they were telling their stories. I learned from them and was able to avoid some painful experiences as a result.
  48. Interesting thought about how many of the florins were destroyed for jewelry. Most of the items I have seen are made of the lower denominations 3d 6d and shillings. 81,188,000 florins were minted fro...
  49. Thanks Manikin, the newspaper it represents is interesting too. I remember seeing one from 1917 that had an article on Martin Luther and the 400th anniversary of the Reformation.
  50. Thanks dav..., I know it is a fake or a fantasy. If it is a fake that means there is an original lurking out there somewhere and I sure would love to find one. If not then it is just a fantasy.
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