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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. Both medals look like they are in nice condition with just normal toning and tarnish. Please do not try to clean them in any way. If you can find a photo of your grand father in uniform it would make ...
  2. ...and the guys never gave their seats to the ladies!
  3. Thanks everyone!
  4. TA is correct!
  5. This will be a classic some day if you put it in a time capsule now.
  6. That is a great group of badges all worn by the same man with a direct connection to the Hindenburg disaster! What would be fantastic is if you have any documents and photo's of him in uniform wearing...
  7. I think Czechglass has it right since this was probably a smaller rural church group the Bishop would have traveled a circuit. Several groups may have been combined in this picture to fit his travel ...
  8. Confirmation?
  9. Looks like Central European
  10. Is it magnetic? If so it could be a piece of weathered shrapnel.
  11. Before the Nazis high-jacked the swastika it was a good luck symbol. "NAUL" probably stands for National Amalgamated Union of Labor in Britain.
  12. That is like the old days at the turn of the last century when collectors used to mount their coins on cards with needle and thread!
  13. Good going!!
  14. Not a problem John, I consider your question a compliment. Fred
  15. Sorry none of the above are for sale. Anyone who wants one go to google search for it on the "shopping "tab and keep watching ebay. Be patient and get a nice one at a fair price.
  16. Yes I do. I own all pictured above.
  17. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of you comments both pro and con.
  18. Scott, agree with you about the political forum. Xenophobe and Racist in my opinion are two of the most currently misused words in the English language. We will never agree on how those words are use...
  19. I just deleted 3 vile borderline criminal comments and Scott's. I have always been delighted with Scotts input in the past but this one is pure BS. Next time anyone here posts that they think shoot...
  20. Thanks bijou
  21. Early version of Chiquita Banana ?
  22. That would be "Maintenance of Way" which is what railroads called track workers. The number of four zeros is interesting.
  23. The one pictured is dated year 3 = 1914. Lots of modern fakes out there. Genuine examples are .890 fine silver, 39 mm in diameter and weigh 26.4 grams. edges vary from plain to reeded, engrailed ci...
  24. Very nice with no enamel damage. Could be for service during the Korean War.
  25. "Beautiful" = after the graffiti artist finish.
  26. Thanks Oroyo... great music! Yes Caperkid SNL should be good .
  27. Thanks for the factoid bey em vey. One would think that as related as European royalty was there would have been fewer wars with just the occasional Napoleon stirring things up once in a while.
  28. This looks like an old uniface watch fob from the First World War era that lost it's fob type loop and was holed for use as a check. The inscription on back could be from a club, possibly navy related.
  29. Thanks brunswick. Bemusement is a luxury we Americans don't have this time around racer. You are right on blunderbuss!
  30. Neat Clock!! WWI (pre USA entry) American. Hungarian language if I am correct, probably sold as a fund raising item to aid the Hungarian civilians suffering from the war.
  31. In July of 1943 they quit putting next of kin information on the tags, to prevent the enemy from playing mind games.
  32. Thanks blunderbuss. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the drug companies should be regulated like the public utilities. It is not a free market when the consumer has to buy or die an...
  33. these are hard to find in high grade. This one looks better than average.
  34. Love that kind of honesty.
  35. Nice pin, Great price!!
  36. The die used to strike this coin was damaged causing a small crescent shaped gouge which in turn resulted in some raised metal which looks like some kind of mark.
  37. Interesting that the mint is giving away shredded currency since they don't print paper money.
  38. This is a Charge Plate which is a precursor to the plastic credit cards of today. The fact that she got a 20% discount most likely indicates that she was an employee.
  39. Von Luckner did several speaking tours in the US and Europe. This was probably one of the souvenirs he created along the way.
  40. Fascinating !!
  41. Don't have my books handy but this coin does look genuine.
  42. Now that you mention it Scott, I have never seen any Civil War badges with the coiled wire pin and catch except for the veterans badges, both with and without dates. Any idea as to when the coiled wi...
  43. The pin is sturdier than most of that era. your guess is as good as mine.
  44. Thanks Scott, I believe this type of badge without the Civil War dates was made while the war was still going on. The post war versions have the war dates. The earlier undated types command higher ...
  45. This photo would date from the mid 1920's. If he was still alive, healthy and living in Germany during WWII he would have been drafted into military service of some sort as they were drafting any mal...
  46. Based on the scans, no wear, artificially aged, good for the re-enactors market.
  47. Looks like one of those WWII era civil defense helmets.
  48. The style of the double eagle is Holy Roman Empire. The arms in the center are Spanish, Castile and Leone, so this would be a time when one of the Spanish Kings was the Holy Roman Emperor.
  49. Thanks bb2.
  50. For Chinese cash coins I use the Krause SCWC China section where they illustrate the mint and Emperor's names. Some times the coins are hard to read and I could be wrong.
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