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Collector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee cityCollector of pre-Nazi German and American state and locally issued military service medals. Corporate long service medals and badges issued in and by Milwaukee city and county; not just law enforcement. (Read more)


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  1. The left coin looks like a Sasanian coin
  2. This is a convention medal of The Spanish(-American) War Veterans. Even though it has a fob-like loop based on the size and shape of the box it was issued on a ribbon and broach like nearly all were. ...
  3. The mugs have various city coats of arms.
  4. The first two pictures, my guess would be Oregon National guard.
  5. Looks like the Pope and John Bull (Great Britain) are playing chess and the Pope isn't as good as he thinks he is.
  6. I have just been told off line that the W.A.S. are probably the original owners initials.
  7. The young lady looks like a silent film movie star! Could be 1920's. The brooch could be older.
  8. Thanks again keramikos, sounds like you know Chicago a lot better than I do.
  9. Thanks keramikos! I never thought of looking up the address.
  10. Soval is the best known maker for making original quality post war daggers but at least they altered their makers mark. Didn't know about the patches since I don't mess with them that much.
  11. Interesting thought, I will have to keep my eyes open for such a source. I remember back it the 1970's when I bought boxes of IC's and other German medals from a US vet's estate who had liberated the...
  12. Thanks BB, Can you share the source with us? I am always ready to learn.
  13. Thanks BB, regarding the Iron Crosses, I suppose anything is possible. I am a suspicious sort though and think people will say anything to sell a fantasy / fake.
  14. Your father was an engine man in the Merchant Marine and so certified by the Coast Guard. They were the unsung heroes of WWII. They faced all the hazards of naval war fair but without the benefits or...
  15. Good question zombie. They are fairly rare especially in nicer condition. The type of agency that issued them also effects prices. The Milwaukee County Deputy I would estimate at 200.00 plus while th...
  16. Keep the dollar and spend the quarter.
  17. Just a guess: top center; king of Italy and Orlando. Lower center; Wilson and his Sec. of State. Right 3 Italian soldiers.
  18. For those who are wondering, the Watzmann is the snow covered mountain in the background of this picture post card.
  19. This is a fairly modern token. Tokens of this type were commonly made to order from the late 1960's through the 70's. If my memory is correct I think an outfit called The Patrick Mint was the main pr...
  20. Thanks Newfld, I like the old fashioned 1920-30's style pants. I can't remember ever seeing them on medals before.
  21. Correction: six point stars, don't know why I wrote five.
  22. There are some collectors of old Red Books. Check the index as most of these books also list the old editions and give price estimates. Any local coin dealers in your area would know about coin clubs...
  23. Thanks Thomas, Carnegie was quite a success story by himself and then sold his company to J.P. Morgan's Republic Steel to form U.S.Steel under the leadership of Judge Gary. Then with all that money i...
  24. Thank keramikos, Back in the early 1900's it was a very politically unstable environment with new mayors throwing out the old and replacing them with their own old cronies. The vested pension system ...
  25. Switzerland 1/2 franc 1948, silver. Current types are of same designs but in copper-nickel.
  26. Looks like cast bronze or brass religious medal of very minimal value.
  27. 1968 Old? Common French coin.
  28. I don't think the cat wants to play.
  29. Thank you keramikos, that is fantastic. I will pass that along to the Iola Historical Society.
  30. Fantastic Badge!!
  31. I've seen some of the stills; don't think I could stomach a video.
  32. The uniforms look Swiss. At least some of the "women" look like drag queens. They make celibacy look like the best option.
  33. Love the music; hate the 8 tracks. Glad we have the discs.
  34. Thanks Clockerman. Yes these tokens often worked in other casinos that used the same metal and size tokens but often there were subtle variations. "Foreign" tokens (those from other casinos) were a bi...
  35. I must correct my statement that this photo was taken in Germany. When I tried to identify the monument I found that it was located on Washington Square in Davenport Iowa. It was removed in 1918. So t...
  36. These are German combat veterans of the Franco-Prussian War and the photo was taken in Germany. Great photo!!
  37. Blunderbuss wait until you see the string section; they all have bows but no arrows.
  38. I hope you also have his papers and some photo's of him in uniform safely stashed away.
  39. With that long sloping back end parallel parking would be a real challenge.
  40. Thanks Manikin, the early militia stuff can be very interesting and hard to research. This piece was originally offered on ebay as a beauty contest prize medal!
  41. If you can find photo's of the past Chiefs wearing badges, that could help pin down the badge's age. Photos could be on display at the police headquarters or local historical society. The last photo s...
  42. What is really neat is that they list prices of what the traveler should expect to pay and leave in tips!
  43. Great site IVAN, Thanks!
  44. The kingdom of Slavonia, now part of Croatia. Definitely not a Crusader or Templar coin. Don't trust eBay descriptions unless you know the person making them. I do not have a book on these but they ar...
  45. The more I think about it my first guess would be Slovenia
  46. Just a guess; Croatia or Romania.
  47. Thanks Collectomaniac. In today's politically correct environment I like to think of them as attitude adjustment devices.
  48. Just found out that this medal was awarded in 1896.
  49. Thanks Bayoulune. That confirms the story that these were made from old artillery shells that were laying around. Did your uncle say who gave him his and when? My guess would be that the local Bastog...
  50. Bavaria was a Kingdom in the German Empire. This is a fund raising card for a rescue dog organization during WWI. The soldier is a dog handling medic and has a flashlight hanging from his neck. Nice c...
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