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  1. I've got one in bronze and I'm still looking for one in 14k gold. Hopefully someone will turn one lose soon.
  2. Ok thank you Daddy_Nobucks. Unfortunately I don't have a sign for it but I might buy it and try to find one at a decent price.
  3. Thanks fortapache, Singaholic, blunderbuss2, Daddy_Nobucks, iggy, TimeTraveller, ttomtucker, CokeKid-04, and pickrknows.
  4. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks. I passed on it.
  5. Thanks crswerner, usedcarlady, vetraio50.
  6. Daddy_Nobucks, Thanks that's what I was thinking! Thanks Beachbum58, Longings, Chevelleman69, sugargirl, crazycharacter, egreeley1976.
  7. Thanks EJW-54, antikpickers, pickrknows, blunderbuss2, Edisonfan, CokeKid-04, mtg75, AntigueToys!
  8. Thanks Daddy_nobucks, leighannrn, fortapache, antiquerose, Bruce99, trukn20!
  9. Thanks Signaholic :)
  10. Thanks kerry10456, officalfuel, and iggy!
  11. Edisonfan, at first I was going to leave it because I thought $8 was too much (because of the condition) but then I'm like what's $8 bucks I'll take a chance and I'm glad I did.
  12. Daddy_Nobucks, thanks. I'm just missing the 40, 45, and 50 year pins. I know I've seen 50+ year pins but those go for way to much and are hard to find.
  13. fortapache, I'll make another post of just the cooler and I'll take better photos with my Nikon camera instead of my phone camera.
  14. Thanks spriteboy42 I try to frequent thrift stores to see if I can find some good Coca-Cola items and this is definitely a first time for finding something good.
  15. Thanks DrFluffy ever since I set my eyes on them in the Petretti book I've wanted some.
  16. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks.
  17. Thanks kerry10456, Daddy_Nobucks, gargoylecollector, Aimathena. Now I just have to figure out a way to display it. I would also love to have the set in the 4th picture.
  18. I bought it for $40. I think I did alright! Does the syrup make it anymore valuable?
  19. The one on page 360 has "coke" written in the circle. The label is like the one on 361. Is it still worth $85?
  20. Thanks Signaholic and Daddy_Nobucks. Everytime I would walk into a antique shop, I would always see some coke ads and everytime I would think of buying one but they were always like $10 a piece; now I...
  21. Thanks oldbeer
  22. Thanks for the insight tommy1002 and Daddy_Nobucks. I guess I will have to keep looking for that diamond in the ruff.
  23. Thanks for the help Bootson.
  24. Thanks coke.trevor.cola, I'm going to order it right now.
  25. Thanks TGBWC, is the Petretti's Coca-Cola Price Guide this one ?
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Kohler Co. 25 Years Service 1939 Coca-Cola Salesman Sample Cooler 1944 Coca-Cola Cardboard Cutout Sign 1931 coca cola drink in bottles tin sign in excellent + condition New Display Case push bar/door push Canadian Coca-Cola Score Board Coca Cola Mini 6-Pack 1940 3-D cutout Coca-Cola Display Coca-Cola Carriers Part Two Coca-Cola Carriers Coca Cola Carrier Collection


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