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  1. Never found the meaning of the stamps on reverse of badge. I've posted a few dozen rare U.S. Navy law enforcement-style badges here:
  2. Thanks, looking at CA, West Coast and Honolulu.
  3. Thanks, Scott. Book is almost complete.
  4. Thanks, Militarist, I also believe they are private purchase. If one of the two "Y.T.K." pieces I found in my research hadn't been a silver art deco vase I would have believed that piece was foreign ...
  5. Great personalized blouse (jumper).
  6. Another of my areas of interest. I enjoy automobile mascots, hood ornaments and some of the fancier scripts. I have a 1910 Buick radiator script, it too has a small broken piece.
  7. "Splits man" is wearing a rating badge design that was good through 1897. Not all sailors changed them out right away. The navy frequently allowed a wear out period for their uniform regulation chang...
  8. That's just a vicious rumor, Scott. Working on new book, U.S. Navy usage of law enforcement style badges. This usage didn't start until the 1930s. I now own 100+ examples and another 200+ images. We...
  9. Perhaps this is the book you were thinking of? -dan
  10. Scott, I have not. This configuration is suspect. -dan
  11. Possibly prior service in other branches?
  12. Scott, Have not seen this before. The collectors would love this mystery on the U.S. Militaria Forum (USMF) site.
  13. Thanks for the interest, vetraio50, BELLIN68, ttomtucker and tlmbaran.
  14. Based on the "notch" on the right side, I believe it is an ashtray.
  15. Very nicely different
  16. White hats dyed dark blue show it to be WWII vintage. Looks like they are inspecting damage to me. In fact, they are lowering a litter in photo #3.
  17. White hats dyed dark blue show it to be WWII vintage. Looks like they are inspecting damage to me.
  18. Love these and this is my favorite plane model.
  19. Scott, Here's my write-up on the ex-Apprentice distinguishing mark for USN. -dan
  20. Very cool!
  21. Notice he is wearing the ex-Apprentice program mark (figure eight knot) on his blouse/jumper.
  22. Nothing stamped on the bottom?
  23. This would go nicely with my 'Vette.
  24. Doe's the bottom have a maker name, other than "Japan"?
  25. I'm also looking for a Scripto Vu USN lighter.
  26. I collect these, also. Have you run across any USN themed Ronsons or Colibris?
  27. Showing the old and "new" design Mineman rating badges.
  28. Being 1946 it makes sense that this dragon style is close to the liberty cuffs from the early 1950s. Nice!
  29. Pre-1960s top Admirals and Generals made their own uniform regulations. There are many examples. -dan
  30. Another fine example of the Asian Eagle vs. Dragon design (often referred to as a variant of the Yin-Yang ongoing struggle).
  31. I really like this motif. I used an example like this in my book to illustrate very early Asian embroidered dragon design which later showed up on many liberty cuff designs. Thanks for sharing. -...
  32. I like this. I collect USN themed / unit specific ashtrays, also.
  33. Thanks, Scott. I'm partial to dragons and eagles. -dan
  34. I don't collect these, but I'm always intrigued by lighter than air items. Excellent piece of trench art. I love it. A related item, the USN rating badge for Chief Airship Rigger, is the only one I...
  35. Nice to see my collage put to good use. -dan
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