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Mount Vernon NY

I am an avid Police memorabilia collector, I also collect Militaria and everything I like!!


  1. yeah Bearhll thanks for your comment
  2. reptile.picnic thanks for the Info!!
  3. thanx for the comment- sorry,I have no Info on this brooch!!
  4. Thank you SEAN68
  5. Kyratamgo: wrote a letter to a chinese expert here is the discussion thread: Obviously, this is a Chinese Carved Cinnabar Snuff Bottle, the bottle missing its cap, the bottle has some age but not r...
  6. thanks for the love Mikelv85
  7. thanks packratplace
  8. your welcome Virginia.vintage.
  9. very nice!!
  10. 15 is the size of the ring!
  11. sweet!!
  12. thanks Zowie!!
  13. I think its either UK or Canada.Down Under cops dont wear breast badges per se. 10-4 on the Info that it must have been taken in an english-speaking country.
  14. turquoise matrix,probably native american!!
  15. your welcome fortapache!!
  16. thank you pops52!!
  17. cool!!I used to carry some on the job myself!!I dont figure a pocket knife as a weapon, Personally, I’ve always carried my trusty pocket knife on the job, and see nothing wrong with doing so!!
  18. awesome!!
  19. thanks mikelv85 and sean68!!
  20. thanks freiheit and CindB!!
  21. A CARVED ZITAN FIGURE from china,which is very similar to Ebony, rare and great color.
  22. thank you shareurpassion & vetraio50!!
  23. for you to vetraio50!!GOD BLESS!
  24. Thanks for the Info Kydur!!
  25. Happy Holidays for u!!GOD bless!!eye4beauty!!
  26. Limited Buck Grizzly edition,never seen one like that b4!!Very Nice!!
  27. whats the maker's mark on the Ricasso?
  28. Try Metal Detecting Old Home Sites -for Silver Coin and treasure Findings but dont forget to ask and receive permission to hunt on a property! you have always ask the landowner if they know of any ol...
  29. Thank you Jewels!!
  30. Thank you Manikin!!
  31. This is a WWII Button that was worn on Denim fatigues issued by the Army, made of Zinc Alloy.These were also issued on WWI era Army uniform pants.these type of Buttons were never worn on Khaki(because...
  32. yeah maybe shareurpassion thanks!!
  33. SWEET!!
  34. thank you SEAN68!!
  35. you bet valentino97!!
  36. thank you valentino97!!
  37. sweet!!
  38. Are these SEGUSO murano?any Info?I'd like to pick a brain on!thanks!!
  39. the tooth is Double Elk Ivory .
  41. Babababababababad to the bone!!
  42. thank you shareurpassion and virginia.vintage!!
  43. George Thorogood-Bad to the Bone On the day I was born The nurses all gathered 'round And they gazed in wide wonder At the joy they had found The head nurse spoke up Said "leave this one alone" ...
  44. bad a** !! 'Kboss' !!
  45. top notch Kyratango!!congrats!
  46. yeah nice decor piece and does lend a fifties vibe!!sweet!
  47. yeah, Look up Schreger lines for detecting ivory!!Kinda an Inkwell
  48. I know myself the feeling as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(
  49. your welcome Julie!!
  50. sweet!!
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Unknown Opalescent & Vaseline Czech or English Rigaree Vase Murano Style Art Glass Pelican


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