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Mk2 No.2C LSE FB. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2. Home front FIRE. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2, Malta Camo w/ R.A. Flashes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
German M35 DD - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 Ambulance Driver - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
MK2 No.2C Home Guard - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2C Stretcher Party - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2C Medical Officer - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 No.2B Home Guard - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mk2 Gas Identification Officer - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. British post war Mk4.
  2. I'm glad this helmet has gone to a good home, quite rare having Canadian markings on a British helmet.
  3. Pretty sure it's an Swiss helmet, most likely post war. But this is not my area of collecting so wait for more informed opinions.
  4. Top shelf helmet & net.
  5. Always nice to have something from the war that has family connections.
  6. It's a WW2 British helmet, with Malta style camo. This camo was used by the military & civilians on their helmets.
  7. Very nice, thanks for showing.
  8. Be nice to see that cruise visor.
  9. It's a British Mk1 anti-gas curtain, when unraveled it covers over the neck & shoulders. Luckily gas was never used, so most commonly used to keep the rain off, or if an fireman the spray from the ho...
  10. Post WW2, the shell would be an M1.
  11. A post war US M1 liner.
  12. An nice good example Mark.
  13. The colour I'm sure is Dutch CD, but what's quite interesting is the fixing for the liner. Not seen that before, but then again I'm not really up on Dutch helmets.
  14. WD might be for the maker William Dobson, the liner & chin strap looks like the Dutch type used early war. Maybe they used up these until 1955-56 when the Dutch started making the Mk2 clone?
  15. Not my field the US M1, but it does look to be WW2 issue.
  16. If you look at Petey's white Police helmet with the three pips to the front from 3 months ago, you will see this one has the Mk2 chin strap lugs which is on a Mk2 helmet. Not sure if there are any M...
  17. The chin strap lugs are the Mk3's which came into use in 1939, pretty sure all Mk1* had the Mk1 & Mk2 chin strap lugs. But it's the near perfect roundness of the shell which makes this a Mk2, the Mk...
  18. I don't think it's a Mk1*, they were WW1 helmets refurbished in 37-39ish. This one looks like a Mk2, are there any markings on the shell?
  19. Semper means, always, so honor honour or honesty or a word similar. Pretty sure the helmet is a home front & not army issue. But still very nice all the same.
  20. Yep, pretty sure it is hand painted or might have been a transfer that had worn thin & was then over painted.
  21. There are some great helmets here, which is good for first time collectors of helmets as they can see what to look for & not what to look for. As there are more & more fakes coming onto the market, wh...
  22. The P-type helmets, those used by the para's, despatch riders & Royal armoured corps made of steel & domed shaped were officially called helmet, steel, Airbourne troops, or Helmet, Steel Despatch Ride...
  23. Its a WW2 civilian Mk2 No2D, 4holes in the brim for home front use only . Don't think the net is WW2,
  24. At the moment there are hardly any books at all to get info', only WW2 ARP books & some forums where info' is exchanged.
  25. Not sure if AMC was bombed or not during the war, BMB & F&L were I think. But a lot of the big companies like AMC would have had a big input into the war effort.
  26. It's a 1950's Belgium DR helmet, quite often mistaken for British.
  27. See more


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