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  1. Thanks nutsabotas6 Thanks antiquerose It it surely a friction toy, as it has a button and does move forward... Did you ever saw one with sparks....
  2. That is great as such old are colourful ! Got anymore, you do ... I got one too !
  3. Lucky ! Happy New Year!
  4. Could they be Percherons?
  5. Thanks Questionable! I like it too! Always wanted to create some whimsical ones! You too?
  6. Thanks very much Paul! That is good news you present. I appreciate that! This was not common this bowl?
  7. Thanks Bellin! I still think that it was because of Marilyn Monroe and another lady great actress? That is wht it's called Manhattan?
  8. Thanks Bellin too! I will always look forward to your help and news. And will be happy to help you too! Anytime!
  9. Thanks very much Paul! Now my memory comes back, as I know that you are right. Why no mark of that co on this one?
  10. Thanks very much Paul! The person who had it is now dead, so I could not ask! I apreciate your help!
  11. Thanks FH! You give good information. I do wonder if they are Clydesdale, however? Concerning the Circus wagon or so, there is a mark, maybe marks even, but I am too exhauted right now to se...
  12. I understand what you mean FH! I dislike Obama giving our money, us poor, to the very wealthy!!! And it's getting worst and will be much worst. Instead of giving our jobs to slaves in China, ...
  13. Thanks very much Manikin! I never thought they could be Clysdesdale! There seem so to be no marks under belleies nor legs!!! I think that these are old, very maybe? Two legs are broken. ...
  14. Thanks very much FH! I wish I had yours... to look at; I ask you to add them one by one here?
  15. Thanks FH! What is rotary grinding on the under side of anything?
  16. You are right AR! I tried for many days, but the back was always too white or too blurred!!! Or my eyes are too old? Somehow finenaly got lucky to have a decent one of a back... I thought ...
  17. Oh, great AR! We had confectionary stores and sold chips in Canada and USA!!! But I can't remember which chip co?
  18. Wow, wow!!! Such beauty! Whimsical? Mother collects... one of her's has hole all over!!! Yours is with no marks no co name?
  19. Thanks very, very much FH! That is great! It rigns a bell.... Isn't that an USA co? Or England made?
  20. Thanks very, very much AR! I wonder why I didn't find that! You never know what internet does not or does give you! I even get email which are not for me. And I wonder where my goes to instead of...
  21. Thanks Ed! I agree with you. Maybe it was done by co that the Group of 7 was working for?
  22. Thanks Bellin! When I have time... I will look for clues on it! For now, I must ruch....
  23. Thanks Cdn! Yes, those days colours were better! I forget the process... Sill these colours are vibrants and great in 2012, wow! That sure beats the crap painted in 2012! - I say! Maybe...
  24. Ermein, you say just like I did and do: we need our own North American cars for OUR own bodies! Just like Dodge, Chev and Ford did do then in the 50's, 60's... we nned to do now in 2012 likewise!
  25. Thanks FH! I appreciate that! I wish I had your luck!
  26. Thanks Chevy! You are right metal from Canada and USA are now sent to be molded in Japan... and maybe now Obama sends it to China? Let's get back to do our own cars, I say! No more juts Japa...
  27. I had much trouble as did try often to get decent back pics but most were too light or blurred. These 2 OK?
  28. Because, I think that I have one. I doubt I can find out info?
  29. Oh, USACollect, do you have a Spanish-American war belt? Possibly?
  30. You are right USA Collect! Hard to find worth or value even if rare??? These are with words in the back, as you felt. I will take a photo for you soon.
  31. Thanks Pop! Some collectors have a collection of these. Some musuem or so have some too?
  32. Would love more about the Soap! Is that a cat with the boy?
  33. Oh, how lucky you are! It is not a Toyota or another Japan crap! North American cars co should make these now too in 2012, similar, I say!!! What do you think?
  34. Elephant? It moves, how?
  35. Thanks Bellin! Your help is appreciated.
  36. Thanks Pop! Everyone needs help, I say! I appreciate being helped. And I try tp help others! Thanks Pop!
  37. Thanks Pop! Like you say: not rare won't help! Valuable will help! None found on Ebay, tells something? You ever saw any?
  38. Oh, thanks! Which ones do you have? Any circus ones?
  39. Thanks FH! You have this one, may I ask?
  40. Thanks FH! I have some Americans too when I lived in NYC, LA, San Fran, etc.!!! When I find them, I will post if you want?
  41. But so name after her movie?
  42. Thanks to you and to all... will be happy to know more too, as I always do.
  43. None! Some never were...
  44. Yes, ha! ha! It seems to me that was the movie... or another one of hers? But I can not find any info on internet! Maybe you can?
  45. Thanks Bellin!
  46. Thanks Bellin! Can you tell me about it?
  47. Oh! Are they still producing? Or controlled to die?
  48. One must come back to create such Champion jobs in Canada and in the USA, again!!! Not the Obama crap! By spreading the news to create real jobs here, not like in China that Obama does con peop...
  49. But who are the real owners? Hopefully they are not made in Japan, China or India???
  50. Where are they situated?
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