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Comic Book's.Love them! I'm all-way's willing to give you my two cent's worth!Keep read'm and collect'm there Fun!


  1. Love it very nice.The color's are fresh nice indeed.Frosty21!
  2. Superboy came out around 1949-1979. issue #201 .Graded 5.5 it would be around $2.25. Nice comic.Keep read'm and collect'm there fun.Frosty21.
  3. Alex Ross very nice indeed. Alex has won the Will Eisner award and the National cartoonist's society award.Has worked for Marvel and DC. Did the costume designs for spiderman the movie.And the Academy...
  4. MothA? Godzilla foe?
  5. Very scary yes it is near Holloween so have a howling great time. Keep read'm and collect'm there fun.Frosty21!
  6. one of the first one's done by Matt Groening. yes nice.
  7. Very nice Im so glad to be back in the hunt .I have had much to long away.
  8. Dc don't know much on these?Frosty21!
  9. I have these you put them together to make a picture of where they are in the Marvel world. Nice Frosty21!
  10. LOVE Stormwatch Image comic book.Only worth $1.00 but love this comic run. great reading.Frosty21. Note to Mr.Wilson comic book are fun a great read good to hold on to etc. I have been doing this sinc...
  11. On the front cover also inside first page.This is #5 around $1.50 Frosty21!
  12. This is # 17 it's about $1.50 Frosty21!
  13. This is # 95 Superboy it got some wear and tear around $8.00 -$10.00.Frosty21.
  14. Mr.Wilson comic books that are first run are worth there weight in gold now.This is not one of those The three you have posted are around $1.60 the second one about $1.30 the last one the same. The su...
  15. Number?Frosty21!
  16. Love it The copy number can help me help you.Frosty21!
  17. Need to see the # that would help me to help you.Frosty21
  18. Look's like the shadow .The Shadow Know's! And any one sign it?That may really help! I very nice find at that.frosty21
  19. I thought I'd say maybe about little card behind inside the comic book it help to keep the spine in good shape and help to so they don't get dog ear's. just saying.Love them all.keep read'm and coolec...
  20. The words are To pray for health to free your hand to rest. The writing up top is Title sign. The person stamp is on the bottom.It look's like the real deal to me the only thing I don't know is the th...
  21. The little lulu is # 21 Around $16 the Howdry doody #34 is around $24. Oh Have a merry joy joy! Frosty21!
  22. Yellow jacket very nice comic for sure. Keep read'm and collect'm there fun! Frosty21.
  23. I'm with AR8Jason the coin's could be silver at the cost of silver today nice. And the best thing is it's Magic!!!
  24. Your little lulu look near mint! Very nice! I love them! Dell really has some great old comic book's and these are Great! Frosty21!
  25. My fav of fav's is Starwars that where this all started.
  26. Ya the #7 Batman Swamp hook up.! I love it Very nice! Wish They would do a remake of Swamp Thing movie.With the new 3-D ,I bet it would be Just well GREAT!Keep read'm and collect'm there fun! Frosty21!
  27. Wow really great. This from a man named Fontaine Talbot Fox . A very early cartoonist Best know for Toonerville folks in newspaper from 1913-1955. He has some of his stuff in the University of Indiana...
  28. Classic illustrated has been around for some time . The Comic's are really fun to read and some great story's in comic book form at that. Now the 10 cent one's are the old one for sure and haold more ...
  29. LOVE the night rider! Very Nice! frosty21
  30. Love the cover art! It just scream's Dark Knight! Frosty21!
  31. I all way smile when I see some #1;s yes nice indeed! Frosty21
  32. Now if it where penny stock you did well.A small joke.Ha ha ha.
  33. I believe this to be from the Dc comic book's it self many time the comic book's would have a contest or give away.I believe this to be one .Frosty21
  34. memaw Hello Here you Go. #195 =$3.75. #225 =$3.75. #230=$3.75. and #231=$3.75.Now this is for grade poor to good. two of them look a little more money. Nice comic's.Keep Read'm and collect'...
  35. Be carefull of these they look really great hard to find in such good shape gem's I tell you .
  36. All 10 cent comic book's very nice look O.K. need the number's to give you price.look inside front cover. I'll go from there.
  37. Marvel milked Spiderman dry.
  38. Jack Kirby Died in Feb 1994 check that.out.
  39. Hello Musikchoo! The X-Men is A nice one look's signed.Couldn't make out by who? The Generation X look's signed also. Yes They have some more copy's .I Know I have some Gen X,s some where I'll dig so...
  40. I posted my #1 cover some time ago Edgar Rice Burroughs was a head of his time. Great writer.Marvel made it more real to me .I know I loved it.Keep read'm and collect'm there fun! Frosty21
  41. I love comic book's they have been a part of my life for over thirty years now.Keep read'm and collect'm there fun! Frosty21
  42. The story is like the Lizard no matter what spiderman does will not die.So you see the Torment.It five part's of one story.This is why I said to have all five comic book's it tell the reason for Torme...
  43. Hello Benking.Solved Mystery. Yes this came out in 1990.A very nice comic the Writer and inker is Todd Mcfarlane the one who Made Spawn the comic book,the first cover are very nice if you have 1 throu...
  44. The pin's are great.I love them they show a time in our history of the fun our school's had today is nothing like those day's.These are great!Frosty21.
  45. Young had much to do with comicstrip's one person ,I would love to gleen some info from. Nice indeed.
  46. Well it show's you enjoy collecting Garfield! I allway say keep read'm and collect'm there fun!Frosty21.
  47. The one on the ceiling.Now that's collecting!
  48. Nice to see a lot of tin Toy's where lost to the war effort.Nice to see this made it .Looks a bit worn.But if you where made in th 40"s you'd be worn too.Frosty21!
  49. Very nice Disney.His idea's really where ahead of there time.I live near Disney about one hour drive.I allway's have a good time. Nice post.Keep collect'm there fun.Frosty21
  50. You found a gem.These where hardly kept.Very nice ! I just want my hover car.Keep read'm and collect'm there fun.Frosty21
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