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Carson, Ca

I love old, fascinating stuff. I love hearing the stories about the items I come across. I want to be a full-time Picker. Whats your favorite pick?


  1. Hello! These are great! I was wondering how can one tell if the figures are Marx or not?
  2. Very nice camera!
  3. Anyone know about this item?
  4. Hey Fenton, you have the thermos?
  5. Thanks for the info VF82!
  6. Anyone know about trunks?
  7. Some more self promotion. lol Anyone know about these?
  8. Thanks Austin but I don't think I will be getting rid of these. lol
  9. I added more pictures to help solve this one.
  10. Self promotion. lol. Nice bike.
  11. I posted one also but not mine is not in good condition. Would you mind looking at mine?
  12. Anyone know more about Folk art?
  13. Anyone know about televisions?
  14. I thought it was a bottle cap catcher at first.
  15. Alrighty.. I see. Thanks AR8J!
  17. If you don't mind sharing some info, I'd love to hear about this book.
  18. Im not a GI Joe expert but Ive seen Storm Shadow (mint) go for a good amount. I just saw someone asking $33 for the case.
  19. "Telegram for Mongo, telegram for Mongo." "I'm Mongo." LOL Sweeet hat!
  20. Is it safe to say THIS Nehi bottle is 1920s?
  21. Yeah, that's exactly what I read.
  22. Thats cool... you should talk to earlycoke, cocacolakid or Ray... they seem to know about the coke goodies.
  23. I will have to look into that then. thanks SC
  24. I read somewhere that NEHI is now RC cola... very interesting.
  25. Whats curious is the color of the liquid... its more of a aqua color. I assume it was purple in its prime. Can the color change over the years? hmmm...
  26. Sweet, thnx for the info SC!
  27. Thanks for sharing!! lowspeed, StihlCollector...... know anything about Grapette grape soda? I have a bottle posted.
  28. AWESOME!!!!
  29. I guess I'll just keep them as wall decorations.
  30. Thanks for the in lowspeed!
  31. Thanks for the info tikiray!
  32. Yours is in waaay better shape. lol!
  33. Are those cracks or slits?
  34. Alrighty... Thnx for the help.
  35. Thanks guys. How much would it go in this condition?
  36. Ok, I see.... thanks for sharing the knowledge.
  37. Thanks CocaColaKid!
  38. Thanks for the info, but how can you tell? If you don't mind sharing a little knowledge.
  39. Love the wallet!
  40. Ok, cool. The foot board that is on my chair seems to be of been replaced. Thanks again.
  41. Ok, I see. Thanks for the info!
  42. Thanks Tikiray. I'm guessing the condition mine is in, the value won't be too high then.
  43. Thanks again Tom! Any idea what a piece like this would go for?
  44. Thanks Tom! I like it.... I can see it being a shoe shine chair. Did your chair have a unique foot board?
  45. Love the pedal car!
  46. This is an awesome piece!
  47. That's an awesome pick!!
  48. Yeah that's what I thought. The 13 stars made me think it was an old piece, 13 stars... 13 colonies?
  49. I wonder if it is a version of the Row Cart.
  50. Yes, its glass. To me it looks like Uncle Sam with a mirror for a belly and 13 stars around it.
  51. See more


1946 GMC Pickup My Dusty Old Barn Bike---What is it?? My mom age 18 in 1939 1910 Prescription for Elixr of Poppy (opium) vintage advertsing neon signs Electric bicycle Porcelin 2 sided Dodge sign Ol Cut Unioncut Knife Hatchet Misc Go Car Taxi Pedal Car Fire chief, pedal car


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