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I am a collector of vintage soda pop advertising. I got started by my dad stihlcollector who is also a member on here . It is also great that there are other youI am a collector of vintage soda pop advertising. I got started by my dad stihlcollector who is also a member on here . It is also great that there are other young collectors like me on this site such as lonewolfjr. and coca-colakid97. (Read more)


  1. shadowwolf, Great! looking forward to more of your items. How long have you been collecting Star Wars?
  2. Great! Me being 11 years old, I have to love other young collectors finds.
  3. Nice to meet you. I'm in WV, click on profile (username) and you can see info.
  4. I have had this username for months now. They are not exactly same but very close and I was wondering the same thing until I seen your was 27023.
  5. Officialfuel, thanks for loving this.
  6. Thanks kerry10456
  7. Thanks kerry10456
  8. AR8Jason, Yea, I know it is a tang, typo error. I will use your tips and see what happens. I appreciate your help and interest. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks cassiet
  10. Thanks garrybeair
  11. Thanks Advertsingfan
  12. Thanks Vanskyock24, oilmam514 and officialfuel
  13. AR8Jason, much appreciated!
  14. AR8Jason, I tried to get photo of tab, just cannot get a good enough photo, I will try to figure it out and will let you know. Yea, now you know who I am, my dad thinks a lot of you. Thanks so much ...
  15. AR8Jason, Yes I already had looked on tang but cannot make out what it says. It is written in cursive and I will need to get a magnifying glass to see it. It looks like the first word may be royal o...
  16. AR8Jason, Sorry about that. The top one has a horeshoe with RR in the middle of horseshoe. Written on horeshoe is sharp tested. Yes, I have a lot of interest in knives since I was eight years old, ...
  17. Chapeldreamer, Thanks for great comments and love on item.
  18. YardSaleDave, Thanks for nice comment and link.
  19. YardSaleDave, Thanks you for advice and comments.
  20. Thanks Presley72
  21. Kerry10456, Thanks again for your support and comments.
  22. Kerry10456, Thanks so much for your great comments.
  23. Thanks toolate2
  24. Thanks toolate2
  25. JTeachout, Cool little wagon. Viewed your profile, Are any of your kids into collecting anything?
  26. BOGIE262, Thank you for the encouragement.
  27. Thanks Bogie262 for comments
  28. Thanks StihlCollector
  29. Thanks StihlCollector
  30. Thanks Officialfuel
  31. Thanks Officialfuel
  32. Fred Hardin, post some photos of your bottle, would love to see.
  33. Thanks Caleb20
  34. I have some bottles posted. Click on my name and you can view them, may help you in identifying some of your bottles.
  35. Great Find! Keep it going.
  36. Great! Glad to see other young collectors on here. I have some posted, click on name and you can view. Keep posting.
  37. Love your bottles.
  38. Vestawind, love your collection. I am young, but enjoy looking at what collectors have accomplished. Lunch break, back to school now.
  39. Want a pepsi.
  40. I love the button! It would be nice if I had a coca-cola button like that one.
  41. I love the sign!
  42. Ron Mansker, The reason why I said your bottle was probably root beer is because I seen several signs with your bottle on it, Advertising Nehi root beer .
  43. I hope you post the texaco fire chief on here to.
  44. I love this item. I hope you get it.
  45. Great find!
  46. I love the bottle.
  47. Ron Mansker, I think it had orange or strawberry, it is not marked on the bottle what flavor it was. If your bottle has red lettering and yellow backround it was probably root beer.
  48. Thank you vintagemad.
  49. Thank you officialfuel and DMK678
  50. Thank you vikingfan82 and cocacola97.
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My schwinn tiger Fred's Live Bait Rusty Red Streak Wagon JOHN DEERE LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT Mario Action Figure from the Movie 1963 SPEEDEX More of my bottle collection... More of my bottle collection.... More of my bottle collection... The Gem of My Coca-Cola Collection please help.vintage hot wheels ramblers gift set mint condition Dr. Pepper, 7up and Nehi Chevrolet sign. Mischief Maker's! 1970's Shogun Warriors & Godzilla motorcycle comics!


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