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  1. Ray is right, there are a lot of scammers too, as well as people who are just lazy. Kid, I am glad you see my point. Now you have inspired me to let jr. have an account on here. No more using mine and...
  2. Sometimes a wolf is just waiting to pounce! Have been looking at some older comments. At times Kid, you're a bit high strung. Missed you too Ray.
  3. Not back yet. Just checking in. Ray, Kid, how are ya doing?
  4. Arty had it right. Will be looking into this a little further. Maybe I'll come up with a better understanding and get back with you. If not, at least you know what it is, and it gives you something to...
  5. Ray, as you know my twins are just as much into Coca-Cola as much as you and I. They brought home one of these about a year ago to find out info for their friends mother. My first thought was what the...
  6. It's a bottle of Big Chief Soda! A couple of pop companies put it out including Coke, Purity and Pickens bottling companies. Where are you located? Can you give me the measurements? Do you want to se...
  7. Still too new for me. Have seen these posted in the price range that Ray mentioned for months, and have never seen one actually sell.
  8. My oh my how things have changed, and they call it progress? Nice pics Savoychina1!
  9. Were the beer cans and bottles full?
  10. Ray, your always spoiling my fun.
  11. Petretti's 12th edition, page 180. 1950's ( no exact date). Are you ready for this? Are you sure? Drum roll please! $1800.00! Please donate to Lonewolf. Thanks for sharing.
  12. That sends things for a loop.
  13. Seen similar on a t.v. program. The way to tell if these are real is the paper should feel like a newspaper type material. The reproductions are more like cardboard.
  14. Can't beat that. Nice!
  15. Back to the front
  16. Those are really cool. Have you thought about taking them to an appraiser? There is one in every big city. Maybe even the antique road show? They are always on tour. This is kind of an oddball thing t...
  17. Why on earth would you want to sell to the pickers? When they buy, they sell to a lot of antique dealers, who intern, often sell on ebay. Put it on ebay and cut out the middle man, and put more of the...
  18. This is where things get interesting, B. J. Summers guide to Coca-Cola has this listed at $400.00 in mint condition. B.J. Summers, in most circles is also regarded as an idiot. For an example he has t...
  19. Something went wrong, I can't find it. Can you try again?
  20. Post your v23 so we can see the condition. Ray being at $300 for the sign is more then fair, so that means $500 for the machine? I question that, but condition is everything. Please post.
  21. Andrew, as fate would have it, might have found you a source to move those lids. reach me at pappabear135@comcast.net
  22. 1942 Lisa
  23. The Coke guys here, Ray and myself, don't know a lot about coolers, or machines. There is a guy named Bob who comes on once in awhile who seems to lean more that way. Is there any identifying marks on...
  24. Just saw one sell on Ebay. Identical, for around $130.00
  25. And you can send the coca-cola sign to Lonewolf at ............................................................ Thanks!
  26. I'm with you, this is really cool. To see buildings like this still preserved, and think about the history it has, is mind blowing.
  27. Anything above 1960, for the most part, isn't very collectible, and won't be found in the collectors books. There are those who collect newer stuff, but there is not a lot of value in it. Best regards
  28. http://www.bleedinggreen.com/datingdeer.html Found this awhile ago when I was researching a 3 legged deere sign, which I sold for $1200.00:) by the way. It should help you out.
  29. I think it's a good story, as well as a great treasure! Best regards, Lonewolf
  30. We are very much interested in hearing the whole story.
  31. Ray's excited! Nice piece by the way. Yes it is 1916.
  32. Or rather, springboard girl, my bad.
  33. Swimsuit girl. Post her.
  34. The markings on the lower part of the tray should say coca-cola co. 1934, american artworks, inc. coshocton o. made in the U.S.A.. The reproductions do not include this. This looks like a reproductio...
  35. I think we missed something. Or something missed us.
  36. Actually, you may not even want it, send me an email, and I"ll send you pics. If you want it, it's yours.
  37. Savoychina1, I got a gift for you. I repeat GIFT. Send me an email so we can figure out how to get it to you. pappabear135@comcast.net
  38. It's good to see someone so young interested in historical items, most young adults have no respect for anything these days. All your posts are cool.
  39. Bob is dead on. Lumpy, post it so we can all see.
  40. B.J. Summers has this priced at $1600.00. His prices though, are sometimes a little off.
  41. Cool, have a few old cans myself, mainly standard oil. I am looking to off them. Not like Dino though. pappabear135@comcast.net
  42. Very nice just threw a DEFIANCE LANTERN EARLY 1900'S #200 TRIUMPH up on ebay.
  43. VeryNice!
  44. Don't know the value, or anybody interested in them. What I would do is contact someone who restores a lot of coke items. The only person I can think of right now is Rick's Restoration in Vegas. He is...
  45. Got burned myself in the early stages of collecting.
  46. Seen one on ebay a few months back that sold for around $20.00.
  47. So what do you need to know, or what do you want to do with it?
  48. No, an original is 10 1/2 inches by 13 1/4 inches.
  49. Forgot all about this, thanks combeske. This is a 1937- 1937 MarX Commodore Vanderbilt.
  50. Savoychina1. My 12 yr. old daughter posted this,and responded.LOL!
  51. See more


Everything works light up Coke sign Vendo 80 Vintage Coke Sign Oldest Wood School House in the USA (St. Augustine) 1942 Coca Cola Tin Sign 1937 Coco Cola Ice Cooler Original 1960s Coca Cola Honor system Ice Box


LOS ANGELES C OF C Coke cooler like new, still in the box? Old Advertising.  Some of my favorite items in the garage Buffalo Nickel 1936 Vintage Sinclair Oil Lube 5 gallon can Pennsylvania Railroad Lantern New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio RR Railroad Lantern 1930's Westinghouse Mystery Sign?