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I'm an old soul. I was taught to appreciate the past from a young age. My main passions are sports collectibles, mainly cards. But I love all old americana. Music, bI'm an old soul. I was taught to appreciate the past from a young age. My main passions are sports collectibles, mainly cards. But I love all old americana. Music, books, comics, coins, breweriana, advertising, politics...anything you can see years of stories eminating from. (Read more)


  1. that's unreal!
  2. Brian Burress and Daniel Cabrera!
  3. Very cool! I should post an updated photo. I restored mine.
  4. It's Todd Walker. He only wore #2 with the Reds in 2001, and wasn't an All-Star in 1998, or on the Rockies yet, so it's a little odd. Thanks everyone for your help!
  5. Nope, doesn't match
  6. It's not Jeter.
  7. Seriously? I'm a Twins fan! That would be amazing!
  8. The Rockies signed ball is signed by Mo Sanford, Ken Bottenfield and Marcus Moore.
  9. Wow, thanks a lot jameyrd. Looks like I really scored with these. I didn't want to post all the pics until it was in my possession. I was bidding on this on ebay. I bid and won after I learned it was ...
  10. There is a closeup, ignore the text. Juan?....I dont think it's Juan Gonzalez.
  11. Any idea who the upper right is?
  12. Hopefully you're right. I'm gonna get them checked out.
  13. Lower right is Andy McGaffigan. Pitcher for the Yankees, Giants Royals, Expos and Reds.
  14. Lower left has been identified as Mo Sanford a pitcher for the Rockies, Reds, and Twins
  15. Yeah I have been on that site a lot, and uploaded quite a few photos myself.
  16. Thanks, we have no photos of him at all unfortunately.
  17. Sorry gentlemen, I didn't see these comments until now. My grandfather passed away last summer. Robert Neal Carlton Broberg. my email is I don't have a lot of information past w...
  18. Your best bet would be to find a local sports collectors shop. Be sure to ask what it's worth, not what he wiill give you.
  19. It's from 1970. Ted Koy only played that season in Oakland, Mike Eischeid (first pic) left Oakland in 1971, and prior to 1970, Oakland was in the AFL, not the NFL. Cool ball! Roster:
  20. awesome. I'm jealous lol
  21. Love it! Ski U Mah!
  22. Very cool, love the colors. I have the 1974-75 set.
  23. i have this one too
  24. I have this exact one, except mine is white with purple. Same red eyes though.
  25. Yes there is.
  26. Love it! Lincolns around this era always remind me of looney tunes lol
  27. Not sure of price, I would be interested too.
  28. This is incredible.
  29. I am pretty sure they 65 mean 1965. My parents have one with a 73 on it that they say corresponds to that year because they got it in the town they lived in that year.
  30. Any card shop, or you could post them here.
  31. My great uncle was a tailgunner in WWII. He was shot down over England. before he went up in his first mission he had his wings welded to a bracelet and had his little brother's (my grandfather's) nam...
  32. May I ask where you are located? I may have some items to add to your collection at some point in the near future.
  33. You could pass it off as an alien skull :P
  34. My dad's all time favorite baseball player
  35. Re-reading your description, is this the whole booklet? It looked detached. If it is whole, I would say between $20 and $30, MAYBE a little more for a Michigan collector.
  36. 1889. The set is called "N79-Histories of Poor Boys and Other Famous People ". From what I have found, this was the front and back of a sixteen page booklet. I believe the brown rust colored area is a...
  37. Ive been terrified of Charlie and dummies like him since I was little and watched that Twilight Zone episode. Very cool though!
  38. This is amazing! I wish I had this much from my Civil War ancestors.
  39. Koufax was the man.
  40. Very cool! I love the 60 Topps set. I have the Herzog, Zimmer, Craig and Alou. Also have an Ernie Banks and a Brooks Robinson from the same set.
  41. the "bubble" was used to hold ice to cool down the liquid without watering it down.
  42. No idea, I don't even use it, just for display.
  43. It's not rare.
  44. Carl Erskine on the bottom.
  45. I just recently saw a pair just like these. Maybe I will pick them up, they were marked pretty cheap.
  46. love the tin also.
  48. Where do you live? Starting with local teams might be a good clue.
  49. Have you ever been to a comic book show? Price guides show the going rate for a given item. I have gotten, and paid priceguide values hundreds of times. I have watched people at these shows walk away ...
  50. Try the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It's a little more precise and accurate than a random listing on eBay.
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