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I am costume jewellery mad, I love it all! I also am interested in tea cups, antique photographs and a range of other antiques and vintage items :)


  1. No problem, they are very pretty indeed!
  2. Howdy, I would just like to add that I have done a bit of research for you and this could be unsigned Weiss, this brooch looks like its has good structure and well made. I have seen many of these a...
  3. Howdy Tonya, I dont think these are Sapphire or Saphirit, I could be wrong so dont quote me lol... sapphire is usually a deep blue precious stone and saphirit tends to be a light pinkish blue stone. ...
  4. Thanks guys :)
  5. Thanks Scandinavian :) I like to take nice pictures, trying to do the jewellery some justice!
  6. Thanks for the comment and info :) This ones from the UK... NO gold marks, havent tested it yet either, probably will one day!
  7. Great piece.. So hard to sell or keep :)
  8. These are very interesting.. I actually have never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing...
  9. I would say late fifties to sixties.. Hard to tell who the maker would be... Great figural pin :)
  10. It may be Islamic.. Hard to tell...
  11. If you wanted to know exactly when this item was made you would have to find the patent, which sometimes can be difficult. But I would say that it would have been made after 1955 as it also has a copy...
  12. You're correct in saying it is lucite :)
  13. I would say the gem is glass not crystal, beautiful piece
  14. Late fifites early sixties.. Big bold rhinestone pieces like these were popular at that time.. Beautiful pieces... I myself collect rhinestone jewellery :)
  15. I agree with VintageMad.. Not alot of Lisner deisgns fetch high prices as Lisner was more of a lower end jewellery supplier... nice set though :)
  16. Very pretty and great photo of it also.. Never heard of Grosse before :)
  17. Looks modern to me..
  18. If it does not have a silver mark like .925, might want to do a silver test..
  19. I believe the first one is a Zuni, dont know about the turquoise bracelet...But definately Native American design, Also these are very in fashion, Navajo is every where now, people are buying up on th...
  20. This looks more like celluloid than ivory, ivory will give off a smell like its burnt hair and the needle will not be able to penetrate the item, if the needle has not penetrated the item it may be so...
  21. Wow... would love to get my hands on this stuff
  22. Never heard of William Quinn before.. Im wondering if that is just the jeweler it shop that it came from...
  23. I would have died and gone to heaven also lol... Sooo retro and pretty :)
  24. Lucky lady, great finds... Wish I could find things like this Australian thrift stores..
  25. Very cool indeed...
  26. Amazing!
  27. Google Eisenberg and a lot of info should come up, Eisenberg is very collectable and fetches good prices :) beautiful!
  28. Definitely an art deco piece, beautiful!
  29. Soon as saw the back I thought of Beaujewels also, vintage mad is right about Beaujewels signing their earrings and rarely thier brooches. Lovely piece
  30. Sounds lovely... Just rhinestones these ones :)
  31. Thank you!
  32. Beautiful!
  33. Gorgeous! Probably made in the 30s or 40s, hard to tell from the picture. Unsure about the maker also.
  34. This piece may be from the 30s-40s
  35. Hi there, This is what we call a jelly belly in the costume jewelry world. Im not sure if yours is plastic or glass and it also looks like the pin has been replaced from the original! Not sure on ...
  36. This is a good thing!!
  37. Maybe u could supplement your income by selling your lovely vintage finds!
  38. Great score!
  39. I love this :)
  40. Hi there, I think this might be a Juliana piece, made by Delizza and Elster in the 1960s, there is alot of info online about this designer :) They also fetch high prices!
  41. Very gorgeous
  42. Fantasic set.. love it!
  43. Yes Art Deco is on the money, I think :D!
  44. Amazing, a beautiful item :)
  45. This is an amazing find, Im glad you saved these beauties!
  46. Beautiful, cameos are always a favourite among collectors of vintage jewellery. If you can find out the year, what its made of (shell, resin etc?) you could even sell it on ebay or other auction sites.
  47. KJL jewellery is hard to date at best and dating it by signature can not always get the best results. KJL period is from about 1963 to present date.
  48. I also love rhinestones, the glitz always gets me :D
  49. I love this piece, I have never seen anything like it! Wonderful!
  50. Cowrie shells are quite common, it would depend on it's age but probably around $15.00
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