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Sussex NB. Canada

Not much to tell 72 year old man that loves antiques and collectables,and a love of a good woman,my wife EDIE.


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  1. Reply to brunswick, I was looking more to Mihaly Remenyi who was a master violin maker who opened up a shop in Budapest,Hungary in 1890. I believe Eduard Remenyi was a violinist.
  2. thank you blunderbuss2
  3. thank you , and i loved your lamp
  4. this gauge screws on top or radiator
  5. dont have wahammy bar and i don't think it ever had one
  6. nice looking fiddle love it.
  7. love them, i have 5 painted inside snuff bottles it is amazing how they take a small brush and paint inside.
  8. to robinhawaii if that amp worked would it be worth that much money.
  9. thanks for your comment, your right i do not know what i am doing , i did pluug it in long enoughy to see that the tubes were lit then unpluged and thats as far as i went.
  10. there is a large x on one side and a rifle on the other
  11. no label no idea who made it, but well made and it was well used.
  12. looks exactly same as mine do you know if they are quite common.
  13. I found mine in a yard sale mine is made out of plywood but looks the same as yours and thank you Mrj03 for the information, there are no marks or name on it.
  14. I had it appraised on line by ( value my stuff) and they said it was only good as a decorative and would only be worth about $100.00.
  15. It does look like an important ashtray, thank you shawnI86 for your comment.
  16. nice piece, like all your glass.
  17. very nice ashtray
  18. I just sent an email and pictures to Keith wills and told him the problem and thank you yardsaledave.
  19. I went though that and there was no sound and when i turn it on the needle moves but when move over an item it does not move, do you now how to check the coil.
  20. Thank you jason
  21. i tried it and it seems to work i dont know to much about it, and thank you for your comment.
  22. i did not know and thank you.
  23. that is some plane
  24. nice flag
  25. love that lighter
  26. ashtray is neet, check out my site i also have a ashtray stand.
  27. nice job, back in the forties when i was a kid i used to take those old records and put them in the oven and they would form a bowl shape of course without my parents knowing.
  28. nice tin, never heard of that name before
  29. This is signed with a black marker and i took a knife and the last x i scraped of a corner with a printed signature you could not do this.
  30. i agree with the picture falling off but the autograph is real
  31. kool camera
  32. that is some camera i love it.
  33. i dont know anything about it, but i love it
  34. nice looking watch.
  35. nice buckle
  36. great car, love the looks
  37. Thank you for your comment
  38. any idea of what the value would be.
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Pair of Carved and Mounted Mother of Pearl Vessels Fanders Fields and Victory Gordie Howe Henry Capt Geneve, Cant find anything like it Three More Beatles Rare Texas Militia Belt Plate Gallus Derby-Lux my native american basket Graf Zeppelin - Commemorative Watch UNRESTORED PEDAL CAR Circa 1800's Tea Pot, looking for value!


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