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I've been fascinated with antiques and collectibles all my life. Now I have an 11 year old son who also has the antique bug and together we've been building our collI've been fascinated with antiques and collectibles all my life. Now I have an 11 year old son who also has the antique bug and together we've been building our collection. (Read more)


  1. A couple of years ago I picked up a child's "Third Man" zither. It is made of some type of lightweight metal (zinc?), and has a masonite back. It has the Third Man logo on it. (I play a modern Chromah...
  2. My son just picked up one of the rectangular 10X containers this weekend. It was the first one that we had ever seen. His is not in great condition.
  3. Terri, I'm glad you like him, but no he's not for sale. I've had him about forty-five years so I'm kind of attached to him.
  4. Vestawind's right it was a different time in the late 70's, early 80's. Drug culture was chic. Cocaine belt buckles, marijuana leaf T shirts, it was a different era.
  5. It's also because in the 70's people were cleaning out the estates of their grandparents who collected 78's in the thirties. Now they're cleaning out the estates of their grandparents who collected 45...
  6. You may be right, but the it seems kind of small and low for drafting. I would have guessed accounting desk, with the cut out area being a place to set one of the old style adding machines. But it wou...
  7. I have to agree, as far as I know there isn't a lot of value in them with the exception of a few special ones. It's kind of amusing, when I started collecting back in the 70's a few of my friends stil...
  8. Wow! Awesome on so many levels.
  9. If you don't already know about it there is a guy who has created a couple of vehicles from old Eulcid Beach Park rides that can be chartered for special events, etc. They're pretty cool looking and a...
  10. Back when I was about twelve (1971?) my uncle had one of these. He said the thing he liked best about it was it had such a low center of gravity he didn't have to worry about the kids rolling it over....
  11. Great ads. My first car was a Karman Ghia, and I always wanted a Triumph. Here is a link to an interesting blog about the Mercedes/Studebaker link. http://blogs.automobilemag.com/mercedesbenzs-conne...
  12. I've been collecting for close to forty years and I haven't settled on one thing to love. Eclectic is just fine. (Sorry I can't offer anything about your Budha, but I like it.)
  13. You make it sound so cheap. I was NOT dumpster diving. (not that I'm above doing that). I was just emptying the trash and the picking gods bestowed it upon me.
  14. I have one of these. My two brothers and I each got when when we went to Florida in 1963
  15. The man who built my house in the 1840's was a cabinet maker and is mentioned in several local history articles as a maker of chairs and spinning wheels. Every time that I see a spinning wheel in an a...
  16. I do get the creepy stuff, but I've always wanted one anyway. Very cool.
  17. Interesting entry about Jacob Blattner here. http://www.surveyhistory.org/st__louis_instrument_makers1.htm
  18. I think it is an early lensatic compass. Much older than WWII
  19. Wonderful collection. I agree with ttomtucker, the license plate toppers really got my attention.
  20. What a great piece of history. Nice pick.
  21. According to a couple of pocket watch websites it was made by Westclox for only one year, 1929. (as for our picture, our name should have been collecting and even more collecting)
  22. Very cool, in a creepy kind of way. I had one of these when I was a kid, don't know where I got it, don't know where it finally went to. Nice pick at a nickel an eye I would have bought the whole bag ...
  23. I had Johnny, Jane, and the Chief, plus about a half dozen horses. Gave the dolls to Goodwill, gave the horses to a niece who loved horses. Do we really have to talk about what they're worth now days?...
  24. My brother had this game, we loved it.
  25. SMD, you might be right. The horse is the same as the one that I had, but there is a difference in the frame.
  26. Have you seen this Dr Brundell poster auction? http://www.hakes.com/item.asp?Auction=193&ItemNo=62489
  27. Looks like the same one that I had as a kid (mid 1960's).
  28. Very cool. Wish I had kept mine.
  29. The hair and face on the one on the right looks very much like the one on my 1949 Christmas Angel.
  30. What a beauty, I shoot black powder, but just replica guns. It's a thrill when you get to hold an original.
  31. Looks like a gattling gun. Do you crank the handle on the back to make it fire? How does it propel the shell, spring force? Very cool.
  32. Looks like most of the Lionel WWII naval items were in the field of compasses and compass housings. Could it be part of a binnacle? Maybe the knobs and screw are to adjust the compass for true north a...
  33. I could be way off base, but based on the hardware I would guess that it is someting home made from the teen's o twenties.
  34. Might be Tootsietoys. I had a lot of them when I was a kid in the early 60's.Try this link http://www.tootsietoys.info/
  35. Maybe something for determing the angle of something compared to the horizon? 0-90 degrees on the big dial, minutes on the small dial, use the square window next to the dial as a view finder. Just my...
  36. elledalberg, I posted a similar Santa on here a while back. Different body, but definitely the same face. Mine was probably purchased sometime between about 1961 - 1965. Dizzydave, my brother had one...
  37. Beautiful!
  38. Love the Dead. But loved Jerry and all of his side trips into folk and traditional music even more.
  39. Cool find, but it always depresses me when I see stuff like this on antiques and collectibles pages because I remember selling them back in the late seventies. Thanks for making me feel like an old ge...
  40. Yes, it was all US news. War reports, economy, celebrity stories, pretty typical American newspaper, but printed in German. I did a little more research after I posted this and I was wrong about it be...
  41. Do you know what the cushions and back are stuffed with? At one time I had a very similar couch from the same period and it was stuffed with horse hair.
  42. I have a steroscope but I think it's a little bit later than yours and not nearly as ornate. Yours is very nice.
  43. OMG! My son watches NCIS and I new I knew Ducky but I never made the connection. I loved Man From UNCLE when I was a kid. My cousin had a Man From UNCLE radio that turned into a gun. I was so flipping...
  44. Thanks for the tips. Posterboard and plastic wrap is kind of what I was thinking but I hadn't figured out the best way to keep it snug and in place.
  45. I need to go through these and try to decide what is really worth keeping and how to store the ones that are.
  46. You've got quite an impressive collection for someone young. Keep collecting and learning.
  47. Didn't they just have something very similar to this on American Pickers recently?
  48. Forgot to say, the trunk was made by the Shwayder Trunk Co. of Denver which eventually became the Samsonite Co.
  49. My wife has the little oval ones, about 7" tall with tin frames painted to look like wood. Very sweet.
  50. I have about a dozen ornaments from the late forties and early fifties that were my parents. You're right, great emotional value. Can't wait to hang them on the tree every year.
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