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Bryan Texas

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My wife and I own Rabbit Hole Antiques & Collectibles. We just recently opened our new store about 2 years ago. I have been in the antique business and restoratioMy wife and I own Rabbit Hole Antiques & Collectibles. We just recently opened our new store about 2 years ago. I have been in the antique business and restoration service for 39 years now and have seen some amazing pieces throughout that time. If you are ever in Bryan/College Station Texas stop by our store (Read more)


  1. The stamped number on mine is 135741. So I would think that is a serial number for the sign?
  2. I found this link from a few years ago for a sign just like mine. Still trying to figure out the exact age and a value for this sign.
  3. Bobby and Bluderbuss, I bet you are both right. I was thinking cotter pin, since it is similar. I must have 20 to 30 of the things. The family I purchase stuff from said their dad would buy item...
  4. WOW! I have not looked in quite a while and came across your lamp. Impressive! Most Impressive!!
  5. Yes it is just can't find any ammo for it either.
  6. Great piece! I have to get back to posting some of my pieces. Thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  7. WOW! I did not expect it to be worth that much. Thanks for the information Stepback. Trenchartman
  8. Great Coke clock I have the same one.
  9. Nice pieces I would definitely remove them from the frames. Restore the frames and get some new glass and then they will be good as new. Thanks for sharing Trenchartman
  10. Yes those are real stamps on the lamp shade.
  11. Hey check out Mullins Jeep parts he is a friend and the largest jeep parts dealer world wide. Trenchartman
  12. Great plane Scottvez thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  13. You have some great military helmets. I have the same helmet I use to play wear as a kid when we would play. I have been watching the items you post and I must say thanks for sharing. We have an an...
  14. Wow that looks great. It has been years since I have restored one. Thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  15. Great hat. Trenchartman
  16. Very Cool. I think if my calculations are right you listed the 20,000th item.
  17. I have to agree with AR8Jason the dirt is printed on and follows the same pattern in the last picture. Coke is probably one of the most common reproduction items out there. Still a neat sign. Hang ...
  18. Hey Scottvez, Thanks for the info. Trenchartman
  19. Thanks Scottvez, I will get some better shots of it soon Trenchartman
  20. Those are very nice items. Great pictures of the pieces. Thanks for sharing Trenchartman
  21. I would have to say the are the fronts of a pair of andirons for a fire place. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  22. Great piece - thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  23. Very nice. I never had that one just the one you could push around. I am a huge SW fan and have way too much in my collection. I had to stop collecting (unless it is something I don't have and is r...
  24. That is cool. Brick collecting is a big thing. There are brick swaps all over the country. I have never been to one but a friend of mine goes to them and comes back with some of the most amazing br...
  25. I use to have one just like this. I showed it to a local expert who indicated these were not real and pure fantasy items. However they are very cool in the way they work. Most of my friends thought...
  26. I found one at a garage sale to this weekend. Trenchartman
  27. That is too cool. I have not seen one before. Thanks for sharing. As soon as I have time I will add more of my trench art. Trenchartman
  28. Looks like a cart to pull a child in to me. Trenchartman
  29. The money is much easier to carry in your pocket than the item in most cases.
  30. We sold one two months ago for $895.00 it was right at 100 years old very decorative and completely restored. Here is a link to one on ebay that is very similar to the one we sold
  31. I would completely restore the piece. It would restore very nicely and have more value after restoration. I have restored several of these over the years and this one looks pretty nice. Completely ...
  32. Great looking toy I had one but not near that nice. Trenchartman
  33. Very cool love Star Wars items. I have one of these myself along with tons of other SW items. I have such an extensive collection of SW stuff I have no where to display it all. 99.9 percent of it i...
  34. WOW! what else is there to say but WOW.
  35. Very nice looking plane. Check out the plane I have listed from my trenchart collection. Trenchartman
  36. Very cool piece thanks for sharing. Trenchartman
  37. Very cool toys. Trenchartman
  38. I am not sure which liner would be earlier
  39. Very nice! I will double your money - LOL --great find.
  40. That is very neat thanks for sharing Trenchartman
  41. That is very nice. My dad collects inkwells if you are ever interested in selling it I would love to purchase it for him to add to his collection. Trenchartman
  42. Hello, Those are very nice. My first guess is they are cast iron due to the rusting. The copper or brass color you see is most likely remnants of the flashing process that was done to make t...
  43. Very nice piece. Trenchartman
  44. That is very cool and to be complete is amazing. Trenchartman
  45. Google biplane - I only see ones with one propeller. Trenchartman
  46. Jackofalltrades, That is too funny. I don't think I could have kept a straight face either. Thanks for looking Trenchartman
  47. You make a good point. I guess it can go either way trench art or tramp art or even just something made for the heck of it. When I purchased it on ebay several years ago it was listed as trench art....
  48. Yes I do have many various types of military items as well as other collectibles. I will be adding items weekly as I have time. This is really kind of fun to share my collection and see other people...
  49. Mystery Name---The markings on the olive oil can indicate that the can was U.S. made but I can not make out the company. The word was arched and only the first 2 letters P & O and the last 2 A or R t...
  50. Here is the link again
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