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Just an average guy. I love to collect things. I've fallen on hard times. I need to liquidate almost all of my possessions. I hope that you enjoy looking at the few Just an average guy. I love to collect things. I've fallen on hard times. I need to liquidate almost all of my possessions. I hope that you enjoy looking at the few pieces I might hold on to if I am able. None of the items that I have posted on CW are for sale. And I have ended my online auction business due to the amount of headaches involved. Please disregard my photobucket account information. It no longer applies and will remain posted for personal reasons until further notice. Thank you. (Read more)


  1. Peblo, I'm sorry, they are not for sale.
  2. The BigToyAuction, no I don't. I haven't purchased any in a while due to unemployment and personal problems. The Chinese Cobra Commander is the only foreign made one in my collection. Thanks for the c...
  3. RAVEN, I would need the issue number to be sure. I purchased them more as a collectible than anything else. I haven't really read all of them. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply. I've...
  4. These are "Action Man" figures. Hasbro released them in the UK I believe. They also enjoyed a bit of popularity in the USA for a short time with a Saturday morning TV show a few years back. Sorry, I d...
  5. Oops, maybe I should have read the description first. Never mind...
  6. "Hello." "Hello, do you have Prince Albert in a can." "Why, yes we do." "Well you better let him out then before his air runs out." Click... Sorry, old phone crank call joke from my youth. I coul...
  7. Sorry for the double post but this might be "Fun with Tom and Betty" made by Ginn books, 1961. Hope this helps.
  8. This reminds me of the Dick and Jane books that I grew up with. Sorry that I can't help you any further than that.
  9. I'm certainly no expert but, this dagger looks Persian to me. Whether or not it is a reproduction of an 18th century Indo Persian dagger is beyond me. Hope this helps, if even just a little bit.
  10. Cool. Thanks for the information.
  11. Long time Zippo fan here. This one may have just been a dud. Please don't think that I'm being rude or anything but, if it can happen to a $30,000.00 automobile, chances are it can happen to a $30.00 ...
  12. Lol. What gave you that impression Pop ? Oh, and by the way, what is it worth ?
  13. Thank you Sagehopper.
  14. Maybe it was for religious purposes. To hold the Holy Communion wafers in church.
  15. Lol !!! You two gentlemen crack me up. :-)
  16. Those were the days. I can't even get a thimble of ice cream for $0.45 nowadays, let alone an entire meal. Thanks for posting this.
  17. All this talk about Snickers bars is getting me very hungry. ;-)
  18. Holy cow !!! Those are so cool.
  19. I agree with Kevin in regards to eBay. I spent close to a year selling there and what I made was nothing more than pocket change. Granted, I wasn't putting up rare or high priced items but, having spe...
  20. That is stunning. Great find.
  21. I want nose number two. ;-)
  22. Will the original poster of this item please stand up and inform us if this item is indeed cardboard or metal ? The curiosity is killing me.
  23. I didn't even have any knowledge of there being a Robin version of this mug. Thanks for the information. This is why I enjoy coming here to CW, I learn something new almost on a daily basis. So awesome.
  24. A broomhandle pistol, so cool. I've always wanted one of those. And unless I'm mistaken, that is a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. I've always wanted one of those also. Great items.
  25. I agree everyone, although I wouldn't mind getting my hands on an Action Comics # 1 someday for pennies on the dollar. Hey, I can dream, can't I ? ;-)
  26. Thank you AR8Jason.
  27. Once again, I'm no expert, I'll most likely be wrong about this but, as far as I can tell that would be called a "German Youth Knife" or "Nazi Youth Knife" given to the young people of Nazi Germany wh...
  28. I'm certainly no expert but, it appears to be a vintage chamber pot. Probably exclusively for the male gender. That's all I have to say about that. Did you wash your hands after handling it? Just curi...
  29. The stone of heaven as the Chinese call it. I love jade. Have you ever looked at it really, really closely? You can see small specks of sparkly things, almost like little stars shining up in the sky o...
  30. I hate to break this news to you but, this isn't Mike's site. He posts here and shows up once in a blue moon but, it isn't officially Mike's web site owned by him or the makers of the show that he sta...
  31. Steeltoad63... I agree with you wholeheartedly. I can't imagine any other actress in that role except for Carrie Fisher. Not only is she stunningly attractive but, she was able to pull off the..."I'm ...
  32. What a very handsome couple. Her nickname was very appropriate in my opinion. And the gentleman was very attractive also. What a wonderful vintage photograph. You must cherish it.
  33. Holy cow, what a beast !!! I imagine that you could go through snow and mud with no problems whatsoever. And extra fuel tanks in the wheels? How cool is that? Talk about not worrying about getting str...
  34. I'm afraid that I don't have much information but, I just thought that I'd let you know that I think that your recreation room is beyond cool. I imagine that you've thrown back a couple of Rum Cokes w...
  35. I like the Batman one. It looks really cool.
  36. I realize that it's been about two weeks time but, since you mentioned it I thought it would be a good idea to post a picture of the sign lit up at night. What a difference. I had to get my daughter t...
  37. I'm no expert but, I found this one. It looks similiar.
  38. Thank you officialfuel.
  39. Before present. Before 1950 AD. I know you didn't ask me but, I like to be helpful when I can. :-)
  40. Cool gum Napolean Dynamite would say. Great find. I'm no expert but, I imagine this will only go up in value as time goes by. It's not something that you see everyday, at least I ...
  41. Unless I'm mistaken, from the gist of the hand written letter, the gentleman was killed while serving on the ship. The letter relates what happened on that day.
  42. I love the flying Vs, so awesome. Thanks for sharing. I don't play guitar myself but, if I did, I can imagine myself wanting a flying V. So cool looking.
  43. I'm no expert but, that probably reads...Hecho en Mexico which means it was made in Mexico. In my opinion, it's a very nice piece. They have very nice hand worked silver in Mexico and some very talent...
  44. That light fixture is fantastic. Very classy in my opinion. I'm so envious. But in a good way. :-)
  45. Thank you officialfuel.
  46. Thank you officialfuel.
  47. Thank you officialfuel.
  48. My personal favorites are the first one and the last one pictured. Very nice canes. Thank you for posting these. Very impressive workmanship.
  49. As they oftentimes say here in New England..."Wicked cool !!!". It's awe inspiring.
  50. Thank you AR8Jason. Happy Birthday U.S.A. !!! Just thought that I'd sneak that in there. :-) I hope everyone is enjoying some fireworks. It's been a little crazy in my neck of the woods. I've had to ...
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