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  1. I've seen similar trays, same numbering, described as SB&Co. London
  2. I have a Loetz Phaenomen Medici Pink vase with a very similar overlay of angular lines and "fish" shapes marked 2/410 and n. 737, from what I've read on I understood that the number before...
  3. Does anyone know if Maximia refers to the shape or the decor?
  4. cho2cultcha, I think that your figure is numbered 1225 not 1825. Take another look. Mine is marked 1221 in the same style lettering and, as in yours, the turquoise glaze pools in the impressed number ...
  5. Hi ho2cultcha, I also have an interesting turquoise glazed piece marked on the base with a small '457' and a larger '1221'. I can't attach photos here, I will start a new "Unsolved Mistery"
  6. I agree, appears to be Deck. Look at similar Deck piece: Théodore-DECK-(1823-1891)-RARE-VASQUE-BRULE-PARFUM-earthenware-with-translucent-blue-glaze-shaped-'ting'-in-the-style-o...
  7. I also have one, it is a warm light amber, not greenish, the glass very translucent, apparently crystal and very tall and slender. The socket appears to be original and for an European chandelier bulb...
  8. according to the British Museum: Louis Armand Rault (sculptor/medallist and jewelry designer; goldsmith/metalworker; French; Male; 1847 - 1903)
  9. I've seen a clear glass version made for Tiffany & Co.
  10. Thank you very much kairomalte, that is most interesting! After 3 years, finally the mistery is solved!
  11. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!
  12. You are welcome scottvez, thank you for the explanation.
  13. Beautiful. What would you call these?
  14. I suggest writing to Omega attaching the photos and clearly specifying all code, marks and numbers on it. Their Customer Service department should be able to give you more information about your watch...
  16. Fred PANSING (1854-1912) American. Is this a print reproduction or an original oil painting? Click here to see references of original Fred Pansing works:
  17. George Leon Camarero
  18. You can research it further under lobster bowl, here is an example:,lobster-bowl-fruit,699013.html
  19. On the left you have a pair of Bohemian cased glass girandolles. Here's a reference:
  20. Seattle Building Salvage replied but didn't know. I am still interested in knowing more about this glass lamp.
  21. Thank you scandinavian_pieces, the Algues plate is brown.
  22. Sure it's an ashtray? Could also be a wine bottle coaster. Definitely not Art Deco, more like Rococo. Here is a reference: There must be a styl...
  23. Amazing! We'll know better when trying to descipher signatures from know on. Thank you Vetraio50!
  24. I read somewhere that stapled items are scarce and becoming collectibles in themselves. Definitely a good buy!
  25. Funny how Brocard's Christian names are Philippe-Joseph and Imberton's Joseph-Philippe! Perhaps that adds to the confusion.
  26. Fascinating! It looks like a D but most records point to a P. It's probably a P with a very short bottom stroke. Amazing how a whole word opens up with just a name. There is an entire Imberton set rig...
  27. Similar to this:
  28. Thank you Vetraio for the additional info. The funny thing is that I found by accident while researching something else!
  29. Found it! The signature belongs to 'J.D.Imberton'. His style of enamelling - in the Persian manner - is similar to that of Philippe-Joseph Brocard. He exhibited in the Paris Exposition of 1887.
  30. But what is it?
  31. Very nice, I suggest you show it to someone who can identify the vessels. At least that would narrow your search down to a country or region.
  32. You are welcome fenton-hobnail. This box is also referred to as 'Dinard' No78 and most of the references I have found date it c. 1927.
  33. Interesting, take a look at the trefoil martele at very similar texture to the large shade, perhaps all of them are Rinskopf.
  34. That's encouraging! I will see if I find something similar on the site you mention. Thanks again ozmarty!
  35. Thank you Ozmarty for taking the time to look this up. I appreciate it! Now that I know the code it will be easier to find a photo or sketch to compare.
  36. Thank you ozmarty, yes, it does resemble Kralik Martelé. Does anyone know if Kralik made light shades?
  37. Interesting WMF Myra link
  38. Thank you ozmarty, it may well be WMF Myra, I haven't found that exact shape yet but the colouring and texture is very similar. The book Wmf Ikora & Myra Glaser/Glass by Carlo Burschel is suppossed to...
  39. Interesting link:
  40. If you search Chinese Palace Lantern you will find many examples. Some have carved dragons on the top, reverse painted glass panels and red silk tassels. Price depends on age, quality of workmanship, ...
  41. Isn't great? I haven't found many examples of Kralik shades to compare but will keep looking. Thanks again!
  42. Venini Murano Italia is somewhat similar: I would also look under pitcher.
  43. The name is Murano Teleflora
  44. Take a look at this:
  45. Thank you vetraio50, I will look into it.
  46. I agree, it looks like Awaji, specially the glaze and color. I have a couple of Awaji vases, I will list them so you can compare.
  48. See more


My New Blue Lamasu! Uranium Glass Lamp ROYAL LANCASTRIAN - URANIUM GLAZE 153.... YEARS OLD... HARRACH GOBLET Loetz Medici Metallic Yellow circa 1902 Loetz MEDICI with Vienna Secession silver overlay- Update Oriental Souvenir embroidery with Flags and Dragon USN Tiffany Sterling Silver Vase My Mont Joye Rose Bowl Loetz Phänomen Genre 377 in all known colors


Pre-WW2 Dog Figurine Moser type Alexandrite (Neodymium) glass vase 18th Century French Miniature Dresser Moghul era Cup & Saucer with gold artwork. my beloved chun porcelain vase