I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some things go. I'm running out of room! Istarted with Mccoy cookie jars way back when and they still hold a place in my heart. (Read more)


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Seth Thomas Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Moms necklace and cameo pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Brass and wood with compass - part of a ship's model? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Intense Family - photo found in thrift shop - who are they? - Photographsin Photographs
Brass Kerosene Lamp/Sconce Large Wick - Lampsin Lamps
Straco Electro-Matic Sewing Machine - Sewingin Sewing
Vintage Roadrunner Pin Enamel Mother of Pearl - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Black and White Photo of Niagara with surprise backing - Photographsin Photographs
Stamped Brass Invitation ?  1911 - Firefightingin Firefighting
Nite Stand?  More of Mom's stuff. - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Excellent! I am so glad to learn about this wonderful lamp!
  2. Thank you dlpetersen, I agree!
  3. Nice! And the popular color of the 70's, avocado green!
  4. I love the shaker style and lines as well. I don't know about your piece but my first thought was maple sap/syrup.
  5. I have one in my kitchen too. I remember having the job of chopping the nuts and I still use it, it works great!
  6. Ouch is right! We would make our own out of chestnuts!
  7. Love them! I had a set of 6 back in the late 70's I think with a butcher block table. They left me several moves ago but I always loved them. Great find!
  8. Thanks Uncle Ron, now I know what a binnacle is! I would love to have seen the model this was on, must have been something else!
  9. Whatever it is, I love it! And I can't wait for my grandson to see it!
  10. The more I read the more I see the tern "sail away" as quite generic for going on a cruise or the tall ships coming in. Perhaps my item is a souvenir.
  11. I am loving everything that you post HippieArch! Your items are awesome, remind me of days gone by.
  12. Love the name of that boat, Pier Pressure!
  13. Thanks MacDadd, I didn't think of it like that!
  14. Very cool!
  15. Very beautiful!
  16. Wow, they are awesome! Where do you find all these groovy items! I am a bit jealous!
  17. I remember the sound of the whirring blades cutting grass from my childhood. A very pleasant sound, much unlike the roaring lawn mowers of today. I guess we all wish for some memory of the past!
  18. Amazing lamp!
  19. On the pic of the mark to the bottom left, do I see some letters?
  20. Very beautiful and original!
  21. So different! I love lamps of all styles and this one is awesome!
  22. wow! Gorgeous!
  23. Yes MacDaddy he does. And the part down the middle of his head is reminiscent of Jackie Gleason. I just know I have seen that face somewhere!
  24. Makes me think of Krushchev waving and pounding his shoe on the table. Now that's the way to get the point across!
  25. The large collar brought back so many memories! We wore these clothes all the time and my girlfriends and I sewed a lot of our own clothes from these wonderful, blinding fabrics! Thanks so much for ...
  26. He Herbgrower! If you Google "cut to clear tumblers", oh my, what a selection! Give it a try!
  27. Bwahaha! Good one! I just don't know why that guy looks so familiar!
  28. Really great!
  29. Those are really stunning!
  30. LOve it!
  31. Wonderful! I am a bit lamp crazy and look forward to hearing more about this piece!
  32. Very cool and a beautiful piece of art as well!
  33. thanks oktreedude! Now I have to go check!
  34. Love these! I have some of the lids but have never seen that jar around here. Nice find!
  35. So beautiful!
  36. That is interesting PoliticalPinbacks. It sounds tiring to hand stamp and keep everything even but I now see that is how it got done before the CNC. I appreciate your comment and education on the su...
  37. Love these comments! thanks!
  38. Thanks all, he/she is a cutie!
  39. Thanks Nutsa and Val, I love it!
  40. Love it~
  41. Awesome piece of art!
  42. Thanks SpiritBear and Pencil for your comments. How do you know Mildred was born in 1883? Ancestry? Aw, I was rooting for Mr. Clampitt. I would have been impressed too!
  43. Lovely and look at all the colors in that stone!
  44. Thanks PostCard It's a lovely chair, love the stencil. My grandfather caned chairs so maybe he replaced the seat. Maybe you should put yours back together?
  45. Excellent color and artwork.
  46. Stunning!
  47. Love it! How unique!
  48. I hope I can get myself a treadle machine before I die! Am trying to go as non-electric as possible and it is fun and challenging!
  49. Thank you Phil. I appreciate your knowledge!
  50. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto!
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