I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some things go. I'm running out of room! Istarted with Mccoy cookie jars way back when and they still hold a place in my heart. (Read more)


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Vintage Xylophone on Black and Red Wood Blocks in Case - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Very small chalkware pieces - more sentimental stuff from Mom - Asianin Asian
Dad and Mom's Class Rings, marked 10K - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Singer Treadle Machine - Red Eye - Sewingin Sewing
Official Michas Guitar  "Wolf" replica Jerry Garcia - Guitarsin Guitars
World War 2 response to girl marrying someone else! - Paperin Paper
Large Rhinestone Coat Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Brooch Coat Pin AB crystal flower - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Leaf pin with green stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage silver and black pendant necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Very cool!
  2. How wonderful! Musical instruments and bling! Two of my favorite things!
  3. I found a listing for this instrument, called Vibrobells and they were used in schools, nice catch! Because the keys are removable the student could get only the keys for their song, no wrong notes! ...
  4. Takes me to the Way Back machine!
  5. Wonderful piece!
  6. Google Cordovox accordian models.
  7. Thanks for all the comments. Newfld, I have Lionel Hampton in my vinyl collection, love the sound too! And thanks for the clue, AnythingObscure. I hadn't thought about school instruments! Love you...
  8. I will have to check that out! I have been admiring your jewelry collection on your page. Absolutely great! And I love "your pets"!
  9. Stunning!
  10. Love this pin! So unique!
  11. Very adorable!
  12. We are buried in snow here and it is still time for ice cream! Love it!
  13. Love it!
  14. Newfld, is it possible to get old Pilgrim catalogs?
  15. Thx Newfld! I had such an amazing reaction when I saw these, wish I could remember where I had seen them when I was a little sprout. I like collecting little things, as you may have noticed the dime...
  16. Such a wonderful gift! And the colors are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
  17. Stunning dragonfly! Lovely brooch!
  18. I just found your clock Virginia.vintage and I just love it! I have never seen one like this before and I find any mechanical object that doesn't need electricity very fascinating. I would love to s...
  19. Love love it! Who needs cell phones? Just awesome!
  20. Wonderful colors!
  21. I remember having an amber glass horse with the most fragile legs, I don't know what ever became of it. I am still a horse lover and absolutely love your piece! And I wasn't aware that Viking made a...
  22. Beautiful! One of the things I love about this group is the amount of knowledge available on so many subjects! I am going to make Lindsay Art Glass my next study, thanks for all the info Bill!
  23. Very cool! Never knew they existed but I remember the guys in uniform cleaning the windshield and checking the oil!
  24. Beautiful! And I once worked at Uncas Mfg. in North Providence, RI. I wonder if it was made there. Awesome!
  25. Thanks Manikin! and thanks Tassie! I usually don't get sentimental over "stuff" but these are the exception!
  26. Thanks valentino, they are precious. Merry Christmas to you also and may we have peace on earth.
  27. Great instrument, awesome!
  28. I appreciate your comment GeodeJem! I have always loved this logo, the bulldog looks like he means business!
  29. I can't tell you how many times I went to the basement to praise them, encourage them and pray that they were also done for the day. They were about 15 years old then and all wanted to be rock and ro...
  30. Thanks much shareurpassion! He is an excellent musician and has been for some time. I so still remember the days of the "band" practicing in the basement! It has all been good!
  31. I am amazed at the great pieces you find! thanks for posting them!
  32. Stunning!
  33. Thanks fortapache and PhilDMorris. I have the Singer head with a sphinx in gold, it is beautiful!
  34. Beautiful jars!
  35. Beautiful;!
  36. I love the way the jars look in the rack. I have two or three of them kicking around, maybe I can put them to use as a decorative piece!
  37. Love it! I collect jars but really don't know marbles. However, I think marbles and Ball jars go together beautifully!
  38. Outstanding!
  39. Love it! I would say that logo was used from 1933 to 1960.
  40. Great jar! I have never seen that one before and to have found a honey hole of jars? I am so jealous! Thanks for posting it.
  41. That is awesome! Makes my canner look like a baby! Wonderful!
  42. I googled Grether Fire Lantern and saw many similar to yours.
  43. Very cool and interesting!
  44. Love it! If is marked I cant make it out. Thanks nutsabotas6 for mentioning Karu jewelry. That is a company I am not familiar with. Time to research!
  45. Joyce lived on Cedar street in Foxboro, I know that much because I lived acouple of streets away. I once ask my Mom if she knew her and she said yes. Mom has been gone now 7 months and this is just o...
  46. Anik I hadn't noticed the date. Interesting. I would love to know the end of the story too. I guess this type of thing happened a lot. Thanks for the comment!
  47. You mean "all the disappointments of home"? This letter just keeps on giving! Thanks for your comment.
  48. Thanks, me too! Sometimes I use these pieces to tie back curtains. Love the vintage look!
  49. Me neither. But that's ok, still love it!
  50. Thanks Newfld, they all came from a very inexpensive box lot, my favorite kind! This watch reminded me of the nurses watches back in the good old days lol Thanks for your comments.
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