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I have always loved jewelry and vintage costume jewelry became my passion. Collecting led to selling and sharing the quality workmanship of the great designers with I have always loved jewelry and vintage costume jewelry became my passion. Collecting led to selling and sharing the quality workmanship of the great designers with others who appreciate the jewelry found at Let's Get Vintage. Do visit my website at, "" where you''ll find so many beautiful signed and unsigned vintage pieces. I wear my vintage jewelry often and will always wear earrings, no matter where I'm going. I hope you'll stop by to browse and enjoy the eye candy. (Read more)


  1. It is now April, 2021 and I still have this Hattie Carnegie parure pictured at the top of this page. It is as exquisite as it was years ago!
  2. I still have the Hattie Carnegie seen above. You may email me with regard to this stunning and rare ensemble. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback!
  3. I have someone very interested in knowing more about this set. How may I connect with owner without violating Collector's Corner rules. Thank you so much...It is of paramount importance to this w...
  4. Thank you, FanciGirl...I love his jewelry,too. I have some pieces on my website.
  5. His line of jewelry is exactly that! Thanks for the lovely comment, Mrs. Warren.
  6. Thank you Mrs. Warren for your kind comment. Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks for your is much more beautiful in person! I appreciate your feedback.
  8. Thanks so much, valentino97!
  9. Beautiful icon! You might want to take it to a Greek Orthodox Church where it's possible you obtain more information.
  10. Beautiful piece....great glass!
  11. One of my treasured pieces. A definite keeper! Thanks for your comment!
  12. Thanks Sean68. I appreciate your feedback.
  13. Thanks, Phil, for your input. I myself wish I had bought is the ultimate bling! I have more photos of Sherman if you wish to see them. Just let me know. Thanks again, Marie
  14. I have always thought that the two were the same. Then I did some research, thanks to your inquiry, and found the following which I think will shed some light on the two lines. "Trifari Patents: Tr...
  15. Dear Ilikeart, Thank you for your comments on the Ciner elephant bracelet. It is much appreciated...and "fantastic" is another appropriate adjective that applies.
  16. The tureen is beautiful. You found a great piece!
  17. Dear esmimi, Thank you for your comment on the elephant bracelet. It really is FABULOUS!
  18. Thanks for leaving a comment regarding this Crown Trifari set. I think you did something wonderfully creative in salvaging the pieces of the emerald colored necklace and creating earrings for your fr...
  19. Thanks for your comment on this special butterfly and Trifari in general. I love Trifari, too!
  20. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It is a beautiful brooch and I'm happy to know others appreciate it, too.
  21. Thank you for referring me to this item, however I do not believe they are a match to this set. The floral configuration is different and the color of the earrings is red, not cranberry. They are a lo...
  22. Hi Amber, Thanks for loving this gorgeous creature in brooch form! I'll let you know if I ever get another one. Check out the other butterflies on my website...they, too, are quite beautiful.
  23. Thank you both for your comments on this superb Trifari brooch. I was so fortunate to be able to acquire it.
  24. Thank you for your comments on this fabulous brooch. I don't think I'll ever part with it!
  25. Hi Lidia, Thanks for your comment on this Hagler demi. I can imagine how spectacular your set must be. Would love to see a photo of it. Check out my website and see other Hagler sets...I think you'...
  26. Thank you so much for appreciating this Marena brooch/pendant.
  27. Hi and thanks for your inquiry about the Michal Golan earrings. They actually sold for $68.00. I'm happy to know you love these earrings and that you took the time to send me a note.
  28. This is a really beautiful piece. The graceful movement and flow throughout the design is wonderful. I love these characteristics in art nouveau antiques.
  29. This is a beautiful bib necklace that looks somewhat Egyptian. Very nice buy!
  30. Very interesting inkwell.
  31. Great design and striking colors!
  32. Absolutely stunning!
  33. Beautiful cameo with wonderful detail.
  34. Hi Milli, Like this set very much and love your creativity.
  35. Hi Cindy, I sent you a response to your comment on my Trifari Moghul horse brooch and I registered that I like your Trifari snowflake brooch. My comments to you seem to be going to MsDowAntiques, as ...
  36. Thanks for your comment, Cindy. It is one of my very special pieces. I have always acquired pieces that I like personally, whether for my web site or for my own collection. You can view other items at...
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Trifari Mogul Horse  -  From my personal collection Antique Russian orthodox icon representing Madonna with child Bohemian vase Kralik?, Rindskopf? ... Iridescent Blue Tadpole Gold  Tri Fold Vase Art Nouveau FAIRY LADY French Majolica Vase Rare COPPOLA e TOPPO ITALY Crystal Necklace BIJOUX LO-SA Prototype


My Ceramic Collection My $2 summer score Black Egyptian Bib Necklace Brass Inkwell Carp Fish need maker Germany? An other red one, per request. Shell cameo of St George and the Dragon One of my first bibs. My Trifari Snowflake...


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