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"Update on my age"I am now 44 years young, 4 beautiful children, and I am an avid yard saler, garage sale and estate sale lover. It's good to be here..."Update on my age"I am now 44 years young, 4 beautiful children, and I am an avid yard saler, garage sale and estate sale lover. It's good to be here... (Read more)


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My favorite parfume bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Heavy jar with cork ... - Potteryin Pottery
Old Egg Crate for transporting eggs. - Furniturein Furniture
"Mirror Mirror on the Wall", or desk... - Furniturein Furniture
A huge bottle that i was told was used for lamps... - Bottlesin Bottles
Another old wooden box I have sitting around...N R A rocks... - Furniturein Furniture
My most precious vase...I love everything about it.The colors are beautiful... - Potteryin Pottery
My little round flower's so cute. - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Wow roycroft I was told from a couple people that it was just a tourist piece, how do I find out ?
  2. I am downsizing on all this stuff so email me if anyone is interested....
  3. artislove, here's the bottom sticker....hope you can see it good...
  4. Does anyone know what the year on these pots could be?
  5. It has a "Irice" sticker on the bottom...
  6. Hi Kim, I recieved a copy of a note stating that you might be selling my family history Ward book, and that you would offer it to me first? I can't tell you how excited I am and I am in tears...thank...
  7. Bruce, thanks for the information. I have been searching for info on this bottle forever...I appreciat it.
  8. I love this piece, and by the way my name is Cindy June, how crazy is that.Nice to meet you.
  9. Dear ilikeart, i have had it for about 3 years. It's in great condition .
  10. James Ward was my grandfather on my mother's side.I will speak to my mom about the other names she can remember.Thanks
  11. Dear Kimh, thank you for the reply,i know whatyou mean when you go to school fulltime, i know your busy .I'm so excited, i called my mom and she cried. "Can't thank you enough". Anyways, if you do get...
  12. Dear Kimh, words cannot describe the feeling of gratitude I have for you right now. I have always been told that I was cherokee indian and for 5 years now i have been trying to find my cherokee ancest...
  13. Esther110, thanks for replying, to bad one of the knives in my set are missing. "Becareful who you let in your house".Love your collections.
  14. Dear Scott,do you think this is a Carl Sorensen? I have tried googling his name but nothing resembles this. Thanks.
  15. This is a vase my sister gave to me and we thought it was Indian or Aztec, but it say's (upside down) "MADE IN CHINA"...I love the pattern.
  16. Dizzydave, thanks for all the information.
  17. Mrj303, i'm sorry it took so long to reply, haven't been getting e-mails so didn't know. thank you for your response , it is a beautiful painting and goes great with my red couch. I watch The Joy Of P...
  18. Sorry it took so long to reply, i forget to check in between working,searching for so many items and a demanding family. I can't see anymore marks at all. I want to hang it on my wall as soon as i fin...
  19. Thank you all for your comments, i believe it is "Espana" but the bottom is also covered so unless i can get it ex-rayed, i couldn't tellyou whats on the bottom. The weird thing is that 15 years later...
  20. Glamour Puss...that's hilarios. She's adorable anyways.
  21. Dear Imelda5000, how have you been? I was wondering if you've found out who my wineglass pendent is from ? I still have no information on it, hope you've had a good day. Thanks...
  22. Dear Tracey, thank you so much for your comment.I have been trying to find out how old this is and what the signature is all about. An appraiser wants more then I can pay an hour but for some reason I...
  23. Thank you Pablo, thats very interesting. Now I can do some more research and hopefully find the exact date and information...I appreciate it...thanks again.
  24. Flea, one can never tell your not into astrology! lol...I am a cancer girl and have a sign above my front door that says a "crab's lives here"...but one can take that out of context...I have a daughte...
  25. Flea, I'm not sure what you mean by CW?
  26. Dragonmum, thank you for the comment...I didn't know that about the cute little noses. I also have some cameo jewelery that i will be looking at closely now, I just haven't put pictures of them on her...
  27. Dear flea, he had 5 cases of three story glas boxes lined with velvet and each of those were packed full. His wife had them and last I heard she sold everything of his and moved to a smaller house. I'...
  28. The "money lady" lol... if you know her by all means introduce me please...Hmmmmm.
  29. I don't know about that sorry, he couldn't talk very well , he had throat cancer. I am not familiar with the UK but he had pictures of himself and his buddies with Chinese girls...LOL ...thans for th...
  30. Yes,I am in Ruskin, Florida and yes he is from here in Sun City,Florida and was a WW2 vet.Sun City, Florida is where all the elderly come to retire. Where are you from flea?
  31. Dear flea, I don't know anymore about it, he is no longer here, this is all he told me in those words. I have no more information about it, sorry.
  32. I was told by the gentleman who gave itto me that he has been digging them up over seas as a hobby , he went into the military at age 17 and passed when I was with him at age 81. He had hundreds of t...
  33. Hi Savoychina1, I have a Nikon D300, I take the picture as close as I can and then I crop it.
  34. Thank you for the comment Nicole..i guess i was seeing it wrong...I love it.
  35. I think it may be a painting by Osmund Caine?
  36. Dear flea,thanks for your comment. I suppose it could be "Caire", I thought it was "Caine" but as much as I have researched this, i didn't think to try different letters or rearrange the letters . Tha...
  37. I love these boots girl... I am a countrygirl at heart and soul and these would look great with my dress! They are kick-***.
  38. Thank you for your comment but I can read and as far as I can tell it was only distributed by Jersey National Liquor Co. not where and who the bottle was designed from.
  39. O wow, MsDow...LOL....thank you so much for your comment. I didn't know about the name lustre finish and i couldn't find anything like this one to even begin to put a value on it. I didn't know Japan ...
  40. I don't know what's going on but my someone is getting my emails from mrgvintage or I'm getting here comments, this is strange and i appologize for any inconvience.
  41. Dear mrgvintage, I received your comment right away, I don't know about any MsDowAntiques but your welcome and I'll be looking further into your collections.Have a great day.
  42. I love this brooch, it's beautiful...
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Another old wooden box I have sitting around...N R A rocks... Subversive "Queen Bee" bracelet Springplace Moravian Mission and the Ward Family of the Cherokee Nation Favorite Fenton Glass Perfume Bottle My First Dig and My First Bottle Picture Leather Bound Bottle An Egg Not Scrambled. Saphron Brooch? Dan Post Cowboy Boots Trifari Mogul Horse  -  From my personal collection


Neptune ring This is a very old Wooden Stickhorse left to me by my mother