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old lamp oil drum - Petrolianain Petroliana
more of the collection. - Model Trainsin Model Trains
more of the collection. - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Bing clockwork train - Model Trainsin Model Trains


  1. Hope this will help you and good luck.
  2. Would like to see the under carriage please peterN.
  3. Love it great piece of crystal well done peterN.
  4. Great tea pot,i have over 20, got no info on any of them,will post some over the weekend.Great find well done packrat-place.
  5. Boat will be full by morning, 2 days to steam home,myself and crew are happy fishermen.hope all is well in the usa.keep up the good work pete.
  6. Thanks for the love toolate2,love your page.
  7. Not a lot would love some more info,can you help.
  8. Thanks for the love scandinavian.
  9. Nice piece,but railnsail hit the nail on the head,its a cool piece i love it.
  10. Have old irish fish trap, tread was a differnt color because it was soaked in water for a while so it could be worked.Love it well done peterN.lucky you.
  11. by the way love your picture peterN
  12. packrat-place ,at sea fishing now ,cant wait to get home and post some stuff in a few days, ye make my trip shorter lots of love from ireland,we love your page peterN.
  13. Lucky you,i love this buggy well done pete
  14. Love your page,great stuff pete.
  15. Well done and take your time 1868 to 1932 and you have boxes,thats the real deal look for an english collector, better money i would think ,great find once again well done hit me back if you need hel...
  16. I can tell you it would sell in ireland for 300 to 500 bucks in a heartbeat, i love it pete.
  17. Super piece, lucky you pete.
  19. Great clock , i love it well done.pete
  20. Love the trains,bing was first to make model trains,ives came a little later,worth a lot of money to the wright collector,super find well done pete.
  21. Love it,only wish i could find one in ireland,super piece well done pete.
  22. Well done super find,love the train pete.
  23. Great piece,looks cool well done pete.
  24. Thanks for info ,love the oil cans thanks again pete
  25. love this well done pete
  26. dome shape lid is worth some money will try and get more info from a mate talk again soon pete.
  27. cool car well done
  28. thanks for all your help look forward to hearing from you calibeer and thanks again pete
  29. please help me with some info or links.
  30. See more


posted 3 years ago