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I collect Chinese and Japanese ceramics, pottery, art glass, vases, wine, and shooter glasses.


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Thin glass vases. - Glasswarein Glassware
Rainbow Ceramics  - Potteryin Pottery
1930's 3 chain hanging lamp shade - Lampsin Lamps
Uranium Table Tumblers - Glasswarein Glassware
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Sandwich and a salt? - Glasswarein Glassware
Free form bowl. - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Is he hollow?
  2. Wow. Pic 4 really shows what's going on here. Very interesting.
  3. I'm amazed at what an unopened one is currently bided up to at the moment on the bay.
  4. I'm assuming many of the 4 letter answers in the brain teaser is BEER. From one Canadian to another....Great post hoser.
  5. That's what i said to him. What difference does it make if one is drawn through and through with a straight edge or serrated. The technique used with strait edge penetration is sufficient enough. An...
  6. My friend claims to have one with a serrated edge on it. Something about the Geneva convention adds into it's rarity he claims.
  7. Have a warm Remembrance Day weekend antiquerose.
  8. Thank you for your service. Mr. Bond remembered this remembrance day weekend.
  9. Loving your post this Remembrance day weekend.
  10. Nice pics Caperkid. They're always a pleasure to see.
  11. Looks like a good game. Lets go bounty hunting ! Can't trust anyone tho, not even yer buds.
  12. Ho lee dude you got the right gear. I'd love be able to strum a lil Led Zep on one of these.
  13. It looks well made and classy compared to the cracked plastic piece of cr@p siliconed to the roof of our local cabbies car. I miss back when.
  14. First one i have seen. I like this practical idea. I bet the rarer ones are the ones made for the lefties.
  15. Is he trying to make toilet time great again? Kinda weird, but ok.
  16. Usually for pulling wound steel cable taunt.
  17. Super nice art work. Very appealing color palette used.
  18. TOU says no appraisals.
  19. Looks amazing. When i pulled the winder up on my old pocket watch, it popped open.
  20. I had a Beatnik doll back in the mid 60's. I'll never forget those words he said when i pulled his string. In a cool mono tone he spoke "Scooba Dooba doo - don't bug me baby". He was one cool cat.
  21. The characters like on your bowl not only read Made in China, but also the province in which they where made. Additional characters normally boast how this province/factory is the best in China. Some ...
  22. Whenever we find one of these hammered out copper art pieces here in BC, the likely hood of it having been made in the BC penitentiary back in the 50's-60's is high. The last 4 that i have found have...
  23. It was worse than i though. You got hit hard :(
  24. Seems like yesterday, some guy was running over your bike with his car while you where out hunting for relics.
  25. Thanks for the Love hits AdeleC, Caperkid, nutsabotas6, vetraio50, aura and mikelv85. Cheers to you all.
  26. Could i have contained smoke fluid? It looks to hold just a few ounces.
  27. It's a great collectible given that it has a 4 character bottom stamp. It looks Chinese and could possible tell the province where it was made if researched. It's post 1930's seeing it has Phillips sc...
  28. I have a similar box with the same brushed brass look, rust n all. It has some ones initials on it with 1937 below that. Is yours a playing card box maybe?
  29. From what I remember, when the L can be read from the underside, it's the older Libby glass. They L eventually became readable looking from the inside down.
  30. Cool item. If you couldn't afford a photographer, and they where expensive back then, why not get a 'child hood pitcher' like this.
  31. Thank you Rosiegirl. So great to finally get some info on this piece. I saw a smaller one of about 2/3rd's of mine on C/list about 6 months ago much to my surprise but the seller indicated nothing spe...
  32. I see a small percentage of these with a Lavorazione 'Arte' label and other Murano labels on them which says made in Italy, but the labels are questionable too I figure.
  33. No one will ever doubt it's Pukeberg I'm sure. Label or not. I just happened to see this style of glass alot while researching my little animal guys. TG for a label in my case though since they do see...
  34. Pukeberg?
  35. Very nice paintings. Just the frames alone are great.
  36. It looks a like 'Roulette' sorbet by Anchor Hawking.
  37. Nice ashtray. Hand painted? Went out of business in '47. Check it out under blossom marks here.
  38. Nice vase raacer4four. I really like it's sturdy and bold look, and yes interesting handles. I thought paint and was amazed to read "Glass". So as I understand from your post that the roots of Kamei's...
  39. Here's my soapstone horse Mrstyndall. He's got a little scratch on his back.
  40. I inquired with a soapstone carver as to how to repair some faint scratches on a soapstone carving I have. Thinking I could do it myself, he kinda chuckled at my question and replied that 'there are 7...
  41. Do the coins dates coincide with the colour release years? I know we had a lot of Fostoria clear/frosted items in '67 with the 1967 centennial coins here in Canada.
  42. Perhaps someone has a lucky rabbits foot charm or necklace.
  43. The circled characters are likely the family name which identifies the artist. You might have some luck researching Yixing artists.
  44. It might be Haida Gwai and possibly had a lid when made. I've been told the darker strips/designs are usually cherry wood.
  45. Wow. I have a swan with the exact same glaze, colour and styling i want to research soon. I'll let you know if I come up with some clues.
  46. I warned my neighbour a few weeks ago that there was 3 black bears in my back yard passing through the day before. She said, " So that's why my garden is dug up, my grapes are gone, my cloths line is ...
  47. Thank you Tassiedevil for the love click. And many thanks as well to mikelv85, aura, beyemvey, antiquerose:), vetraio50, blunderbuss2, and racer4four for hittn these vases with some love. When I bough...
  48. Thanks for the love antiquerose. I'm going to try post tomorrow, 2 pieces of RC pottery i have just unboxed (from last years swap meet). I think you'll love these 2 vases.
  49. Check this out racer4four.
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