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I have always loved glass, wood and pottery but just bought what I liked or could afford . I have downsized and thrown out many things I just could not keep. :( I have always loved glass, wood and pottery but just bought what I liked or could afford . I have downsized and thrown out many things I just could not keep. :( (Horrifying now to know what I threw out). You know what I mean? So I had 1 good find and haven't had a good nights sleep since. I no longer lunch with co-workers. I am having a blast!! So happy to find this site for people who get it. :) You can contact me at: (Read more)


  1. And Kerma
  2. Thank you to everyone here and thank you to: Searching1 Fort Dare 2 Cisum Vynil Coke New Vetro BHIF vcal anything Many thanks for the Loves and comments.
  3. Awe, so kind. I would prefer to sell everything I own to still have him. Thank you.
  4. That little ball of fur pretty much shaped our lives. And selling the glass kept him around as long as possible.
  5. Thank you Anything!! He was everything to me.
  6. So sorry anything. I read that wrong..): Thank you either way.
  7. Thank you anything. It's been a long time but much love for your help. Please remind me.
  8. The vase to the left and the circular ash tray behind it are neodymium alexandrite glass so it's included in the glass making process. The epergne, 3 figurines and rose bowl on the right Fenton and a...
  9. Thanks for the Love Fort and Time. :)
  10. There's no way possible I can go back and see everyone's beautiful items and posts due to my loss of eyesight. But, you are my people, who taught me everything, when I needed it. For my cat and myse...
  11. So nice. Thank you Time.
  12. got some vision issues. Happy to finally get in here. :)
  13. Thank you Time. It's taking me some time to remember how to respond on this site. ;)
  14. Hello to all my teachers here. I love you all and thank you so much. Still working on this.
  15. Beauty there. Love it.
  16. Can't believe these were brooches looking at the thumbnails. So pretty.:)
  17. Awe, she's adorable. I'm thinking Ms. Rose, Brownie, Weenie,
  18. Love your enthusiasm on this. I get it!! :) And OMG on the offer "anyway". Awesome tip!! Good find friend. Congrats!
  19. I love that you love it and hey, who else has this? :)
  20. Thank you for the interesting piece, information and a good laugh. :) So it took me about forever to figure out you have to post your links as a comment after you post it. :-. It's a darn shame. ;)
  21. port~~~~~
  22. Side note: been to the office I think 4 more times. Had a tech here, and I'm still getting booted. Stooped to a new level and wrote to the BBB. I'll keep you posted ...or not. :( ;) If push comes ...
  23. Hey everybody: Thank you so much for the comments and loves: Bonnie: I need to move~ Karen: I need to move~ Rick: not really.. Thank you for the loves: Nice, Kerry, Time, Bonnie, Tassie, fort, Mi...
  24. I'm glad you like them Bonnie. Thanks so much. :0} I need to log off before I get booted off again. That way I feel all warm and fuzzy going to sleep. Kinda sorta
  25. Very nice Scott. The rare browns are coming out. Loved Karen's. Now I have to got look at Weltz's. :) Thank you for sharing as it's an new glass name for me. :)
  26. Wow! That is a cool find Bill! Great story. Keeper for sure. :)
  27. I have been to the local office 3 times this week and the angst of missing out on my hunts is a bi+ch let alone the weather. I pay $115.00 a month for basic internet and cable. They only now have 60...
  28. thanks but please know I am trying here to give loves. I sh!t you not the cable company just told me I have to log into a long number in my browser and change my frequency channel if I get kicked off...
  29. Thank you Nice! My cable company just changed to 60 mpg's or whatever and I keep getting kicked off. Glad I got a word in.
  30. This will be the start of family history for my daughter. As with everything else I have "gathered" along the way. Found some pretty cool stuff thanks to everyone here so..we got history. :)
  31. Awe spanks Karen. Are you just waking up? I do get it out and sleep with it once in awhile. Well the packing box it's in anyway. ;0).
  32. Well, I have to's just normal recovery you are going through. Those hot nurses or Doctors should be telling you this. Lots of bad hearts in my family. It's like growing back a toenail, whi...
  33. You're welcome and thanks so much for your support.:) ya'll youngings move way too fast for me.
  34. Had to look at where you are and still don't know what sooky is but it seems to be a good thing. So I lived in the South for a number of years and they have "greyhound" parks. They race them and th...
  35. Wow, just Wow. Wish you were here 30 some years ago. I took some pictures back then but(nothing like these) then some of my favorites I gave to some family for a memorial and I never got them back. ...
  36. Is this uranium? I love it and the info. Went looking for the pic of your room with the mod furniture and glass and couldn't find it. ;( Just wanted to say, I would love to sit in that room and lo...
  37. Love this piece Bonnie. Gives me the chills a little. That's a good thing. :)
  38. You kill me. :) I left my loupe on and I can't see nothing. (: Can't remember to buy the batteries or get the paper to tell me what batteries, or where I put the paper to tell me what batteries to bu...
  39. So, I bought another curio that I thought closes tight enough and there is no light in it and WAS thinking of putting the vase in this one but NOT. I live in an apartment complex and they think they ...
  40. Sweetie, I prayed for both of you. I guarantee you there is not one person on this site that does not have estranged family. I have many. In as much as I love them, I have to live as do you and yo...
  41. Sweet Scott!!
  42. It's very ornate if that's the right word. Can't really tell from the pics but hopefully someone will. IDK because IDK but it kinda looks like a bench. Love it.
  43. Hi Malkey, I think you came just about the time I was taking a break. Your first posts I saw were lovely and I wondered, who's this person. :) I like your items and energy and I picked this post to...
  44. Yep, what Malkey said. ;) Very nice.
  45. You go Celiene!!
  46. Nice Fort, but whomp whomp, I was going to ask if you would iron a few things for me. I know!! you love your irons and I see them at some of my stops but I just don't know enough about them. But you ...
  47. Spirit I am so sorry this happened. I think bey had a wonderful suggestion if you still have the pieces. Everything changes and your mom might even like it and come to love it. Letting go takes time s...
  48. Well I think it's very pretty!!
  49. Love all your posts Kyra. :) It's not like you're bugging us or anything. LOL!! It's really cute and you got good bugs. ;)
  50. Lucky you. It's fantastic and absolutely beautiful. Love it!!
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