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I started treasure hunting this September: My criteria? Does it make me happy? Can I live with it? I am enjoying the education I am receiving as I spend countless hI started treasure hunting this September: My criteria? Does it make me happy? Can I live with it? I am enjoying the education I am receiving as I spend countless hours researching the provenance of these treasures and their creators. (Read more)


  1. Thanks clementine4!
  2. Hi maryh1956, I am still searching. The mark seems to mimic the four U's at the top of the piece in back. In the center of the mark is either a cross, or may e a scandinavian flag? Thant for asking.
  3. After much research, I think this may be an unsigned Edvin Ohlstrom piece.
  4. Thanks Efesgirl, I should have mentioned that. I think the clasp may indicate its age--- as newer necklaces like this have lobster claw-type clasps. Thanks for the loves martika, mareredware, kyra...
  5. Another way to add patina to silver is bleach.
  6. freiheit, which earrings????? I checked your page, but no earrings?
  7. Thanks for the loves, brunswick, nutsabotas6, Windwalker, Efesgirl, aura!
  8. nutsabotas6, I am good. I should say very good, I take lots of vitamins, minerals and turkey tail mushrooms-- and my health is improving.
  9. I wish Efesgirl, but it is uneven oxidization.
  10. I agree, the white and colors are stunning.
  11. Pretty!
  12. Neil & katherinescollections, thanks for the love, back at cha.
  13. @katherinescollections, it may well be a demi parure, but I thought a parure, and thought a demi was brooch and earrings. But whatever it is, they go together and they look stunning on.
  14. This looks Italian, and it is a beauty. Agree with Efesgirl-- who would throw this out?
  15. What a fabulous ring. I must confess, seeing this ring only serves to make me want to go thrifting today.
  16. I love them all!
  17. I love it. Apparently it is a "thing" if you search H. Culman Hawaiian Coat of arms you will see some that are made in gold and bejeweled. This wasn't in my price range, but it was too cool to let go....
  18. Well, it is a beautiful pin.
  19. Thanks Davyd286, the set had a good feel and is nicely made-- I'm getting pickier when it comes to jewelry. I will research Weiss, that was my inclination since there was a lot of Weiss and D&E in the...
  20. Swoon!!!
  21. It is an addiction, a beautiful problem.
  22. Hi Martika, search for palestine silver filigre brooch, I have seen similar to your butterfly in that search as I have apin quite like that-- 1940's from a family friend who traveled there. Yours may ...
  23. Ok. This piece looks like Bezalel work-- I have a very old brooch from Palestine, the wprk looks similar.
  24. True, racer4four, true.
  25. PhilDMorris, racer4four, muchas gracias!
  26. That is beautiful. Love, love, love.
  27. AnneLanders, I stopped taking my AI in January, but I do take mycomedicinals and supplements that achieve the same things as the AIs and I feel much better. I have had so much bone loss, myalgia, and ...
  28. Thanks for the loves, mikelv8, Windwalker, vetraio50! I love this brooch too!
  29. Thanks, kyratango, you inspired me to look at the fine jewelry when thrifting. Thanks for the love Windwalker and kyratango.
  30. Noted Davyd286. it was like three words. Anywhoo, you want me to delete your prior post? I'm so sorry. I am a newbie. I know now for the future. Emme
  31. racer4four, yes. I love it too. Apparently there was a lot of colorful stuff the day before, the AB was all that was left besides the clear. Efesgirl, you have a good eye, the necklace looks great on-...
  32. Thanks, valentino97! Thanks for the love TassieDevil!
  33. Thanks Davyd, I was told that it was probably Victorian. That was the only comment I edited. I still love this brooch.
  34. Swoon.
  35. I am so impressed. Love.
  36. I love the Klotz.
  37. Love this. You know it is a work of art when you want to keep looking at it, touch it, hold it. Yes, it is beautiful.
  38. Super lovely. Where do you find these things, Kyra? My daughter was one of those blonde baldies-- for years. Now? Glorious mane.
  39. Topaz? Looks like some old Tibetan silver earrings I had.
  40. Thanks all for the love; aura, glassiegirl, Midnight1208, martika, vetraio50, racer4four, Kyratango, mikelv85, Efesgirl, melaniej, Destiny.jennifer.g., TassieDevil, Brunswick, blunderbuss2 -- phew!
  41. Thanks for all of your help.
  42. Bonnie, :), I was kidding because you have si much knowledge. I'll post it after work. It looks newish-- but what do I know? I was thinking of starting off looking at Baltic & Russian makers, since a ...
  43. Efesgirl, now about that bracelet....
  44. Hey Bonnie, thanks for the info. Now I know to take with a grain of salt any comments from strangers at the jewelry counter, even if they are "experts." I did think the hinge was wrong for the time pe...
  45. OMG! This is gorgeous and now Thewa is on my list.
  46. These are pretty fabulous.
  47. It's a beauty.
  48. Love the colors.
  49. Fenton glass bird. You have a very nice color.
  50. It's a greyhound, they were very popular sculptural subjects--my grandparents had a pewter greyhound. Sweet doggie.
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Blenko textured vase #2135L  Spring Green My Poole Freeform Charger


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