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Brampton, Ontario

Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced me throughout my childhood. After leaving the socialist East Germany in 1985, I lost pretty much everything I have ever owned, including many special items handed to me by my grandmother. I will never be able to replace most of the jewelry, books, and furniture. Some time ago, I started going to antique stores and second hand stores and came across many beautiful objects that awakened memories of my beloved grandmother. These memories inspired me to start collecting vintage costume jewelry and porcelain and anything else that is old and gorgeous. Having said that, I also enjoy the hunt for a great find, the beauty of an old and previously loved item, and the thrill of finding out who made it and how old it is. (Read more)


  1. I had a hookah base made of glass with a very similar decoration. If I remember correctly, it was Bohemian glass made a bit over 100 years ago and it was mostly made for export to the Middle East. Ch...
  2. Newfld, thanks for your comment. I did a bit of searching and the closeness in design seems to be inspired by this kind of "things", even though it doesn't meet the definition. I don't think I would e...
  3. Thanks for your help, vetraio50:)
  4. AnythingObscure, thanks for your comment. About being pretty I am not too sure, but the amber looks nice. I was even considering to change the ring into a pendant:) "Brass knuckles" is a good idea t...
  5. kivatinitz, yes, it was very sweet to make things for his daughters. I think that because of the Great Depression in Germany, my grandfather had very little means to do something good for his daughter...
  6. Watchsearcher, that's so right. The memories are forever, with or without the items. It is nice, however, that I finally got the chests in my possession. My mother kept these two chests for almost...
  7. To all of you I want to say thank you for looking at my post an loving it:blunderbuss2 loves this. Alfie21 inkyinky kyratango sherrilou Cokeman1959 Newfld fortapache BHIFOS Watchsearcher and ...
  8. Vynil33rpm, thanks so much for your kind comment:)
  9. Many thanks for loving my vase, dav2no1 and Searching1:)
  10. Many thanks, yougottahavestuff and dav2no1:)
  11. Hi carmenisacat, I am not sure if you found out more about your sugar bowl and creamer and it's not that easy to tell from pictures but your items seem to me like American brilliant cut glass, not EA...
  12. The little ring should be an easy fix. I usually reuse broken pieces of jewellery to fix the nicer ones. Your bracelet is Scandinavian and looks a bit art deco to me. But it could be a bit later. Ar...
  13. You are very welcome. I hope you find all the answers you want. Gudrun
  14. This looks like Bohemian garnets to me me. I have seen them set in gold, silver, vermeil and what some call "garnet gold", which is actually no gold at all. Can you enlarge the marks? Yours might be...
  15. Thanks a lot, officialfuel and jscott0363 :)
  16. Kivatinitz, thanks so much for your comment :)
  17. Mary, I am glad you feel the same:)
  18. Many thanks for the love, vetraio50, aura, Hel1 and fortapache :)
  19. Antiquerose, there is no Cloisonné on the pot. The paint has been generously applied. There are lines/imprints of the images that have been filled in with paint or enamel. Thanks for your question:)
  20. Thanks very much for your comment, jscotto262 :)
  21. Thanks a lot for loving my vase, Alfie21, sklo42, Watchsearcher, vetraio50, dav2no1 and jscott0363 :)
  22. Many thanks for loving my old stuff, Alfie21, Watchsearcher, vetraio50 and dav2no1 :)
  23. Hi kyratango, sorry for the late reply. I was so hoping you would have a look, and here you are! Many thanks!!! I will have a look at my acrylic paint. It never crossed my mind to use it for the r...
  24. Thanks a lot for loving my bowl, Alfie21 :)
  25. Hello, I know that the buildings are different but the age/general location of the bridge might be similar. Maybe that will point you in the right direction for finding the place: https://www.collec...
  26. Many thanks for loving my bowl: vetraio50,kwqd, blunderbuss2, dav2no1, fortapache, and Vynil33rpm :)
  27. Many thanks for loving my brooch, kwqd, Watchsearcher, and Vynil33rpm :)
  28. Hi Mary, long time no see. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your comment. I wish Kyratango would have a look :)
  29. Thanks for loving the stein, jscott0363 and Vynil33rpm :)
  30. Many thanks for your love, dav2no1:)
  31. Thanks so much for your comment, Alfie21. I am glad you like it in spite of the damage:)
  32. Thanks so much for your comment, jscotto363:)
  33. I think I loved this piece several times. I guess, I really like it a lot! Cheers.
  34. German Democratic Republic: 1949 - 1989
  35. I am home, Mary. I had to take another PCR test when I arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. I also had to isolate for as long as I didn't have the negative test result. I got it on F...
  36. I deleted your post, but I want to tell you that you are not alone. I find it very helpful, in general, to talk to someone. It is nice to talk to someone about our passion of collecting, but also abo...
  37. Mary, I had it with isolation and Covid in general! I think, when/if everything with the virus is over, we will find many people with other medical issues that have been neglected, including mental h...
  38. I would wear it and feel great! But I guess it's too nice to wear:)
  39. Blunderbuss2, down to 28C is pretty good. I envy you! If they don't let me into Canada, I might just try a warmer location to wait it out - LOL I will get my 3rd jab when/if I make it back to Canada....
  40. Many thanks for loving my necklace, kivatinitz, Alfie21, fortapache, racer4four, vetraio50, dav2no1, BenBen, and Manikin :)
  41. Thanks for your comment, kivatinitz :)
  42. Thanks a lot, kivatinitz, Alfie21,fortapache, and kitchenrebeccal1 :)
  43. kivatinitz, estoy muy paciente. No tengo otra opcion :)
  44. Blunderbuss2, if I were stuck on the island, I wouldn't want to get off either - LOL I am stuck alone in an apartment in the Ore Mountains in Germany. My rental car has been sitting in front of my m...
  45. Blunderbuss2, thanks so much for your comment. I am sure it is a bit better to be stuck on a sunny island than in the snowy mountains of Germany, but after a while it gets to everyone, no matter wher...
  46. Many thanks for your kind comments, racer4four. You are correct, the shapes are simple. If I just pair it with the right outfit, the necklace could work for me. What I like is the weight and how soli...
  47. Many thanks for stopping by and loving the brooch, vetraio50, Manikin, raven3766, and dav2no1 :)
  48. I love your box. I can see some similarities to mine. It's most likely from a the same time period. Mine is metal, yours is wood, isn't it?
  49. The first word on both paintings looks like "Klein" (small or maybe little) to me. It could be part of the name of the place :)
  50. Gillian, I found this one, too. That's the reason, I am not sure about mine. It looks to me, that both came from the same mold (all tiny details are the same) but there is certainly something wrong w...
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VTG Fighting Knife/Dagger Skull & Crossbones Fixed Blade CARAVELLE WATCH with Sterling SPEIDEL Bracelet


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