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Brampton, Ontario

Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced Ever since I was little girl I have been interested in “old stuff”. My grandmother, born in the late 1880’s, was a truly Victorian lady. Her taste has influenced me throughout my childhood. After leaving the socialist East Germany in 1985, I lost pretty much everything I have ever owned, including many special items handed to me by my grandmother. I will never be able to replace most of the jewelry, books, and furniture. Some time ago, I started going to antique stores and second hand stores and came across many beautiful objects that awakened memories of my beloved grandmother. These memories inspired me to start collecting vintage costume jewelry and porcelain and anything else that is old and gorgeous. Having said that, I also enjoy the hunt for a great find, the beauty of an old and previously loved item, and the thrill of finding out who made it and how old it is. (Read more)


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Vintage Clip-On Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
What do you make of this one? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Tortoise Shell Bracelet (I think) - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Costume Brooch and Clip-On Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Jay Flex Canada Sterling Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Copper bangle Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mystery Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Please Help Identifying this (Chinese?) Ring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Gilded Pot Metal and Rhinestones Brooch - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage AB Rhinestones and Mother of Pearl Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Did you ever look into Juliana?
  2. Mary, thanks so much for your comment. I guess because the pendant is hand-crafted, it is even harder to find out anything. I was hoping that the three dots on the back could mean something and woul...
  3. Kyratango, thanks so much for your comment. I put myself together and followed your tip. I licked the bracelet but didn't taste much:)
  4. Could it be spelter?
  5. Thanks for your nice comment, Broochman. I was looking out of my dining room window, dreaming about spring - LOL.
  6. Thanks for your kind comment, Jenni:)
  7. LOVE IT!!!
  8. Thanks for loving my pendant, jscott0363 and ho2cultcha :)
  9. Many thanks, Hel1, fortapache, and Newfld :)
  10. Thanks for your comment, Mrstyndall. It's hard to tell the material just from a photo, especially if it looks like this. I have one bracelet like this but thinner and I am positive it is tortoise she...
  11. Thanks a lot, yougottahavestuff:)
  12. Thanks for your reply, Alan. We seem to be on on the opposite sides of Toronto - well, I am a bit south of you, too. My son used to live in Barrie but moved back to Brampton because the commute to M...
  13. Thanks so much for loving my ring, vetraio5 and raven3766 :)
  14. Many thanks for the love , MALKEY and aura :)
  15. I have a few of these brooches and earrings as well, but I have never worn any of them for the same reason. Mine live in a glass covered table and are pretty to look at but not to touch. Isn't it am...
  16. Based on the decoration and back mark I would say it dates to the 1920's. I would also guess it might be Bavaria, but I am not sure. Good luck finding out more about this beautiful dish.
  17. Sounds good to me, Alan. I will keep looking for "Not Known" Canadian pieces and spread the word:) Judging by your latest posts, your hunting has been very successful, Allen. May I ask in what gene...
  18. Thanks a lot, PhilDMorris, Ivonne, and fortapache:)
  19. Mary, thanks for your tip. I checked several sites but still no luck. The material and the size of the ring kind of match but the design is rather different. I guess I have to keep searching:)
  20. Mary, thanks for your comment. Good luck finding the matching bracelet:)
  21. I have a few brooches by Butler. I usually prefer claw set rhinestone pieces but I think that the quality of Butler pieces is really excellent. I recently wanted to "harvest" a few rhinestones from a...
  22. Great find! Purple and green are my favorite colours- and you got them in one piece!
  23. Thanks a lot, aura and plein-air-painter :)
  24. Thanks for your kind comment, Broochman:)
  25. Hi Allan, thanks for your comment. I think that some Canadian jewellery manufacturers are not appreciated enough. I hope that this will change in the future. Gudrun
  26. Thanks so much for your comment, TreasureTex. I wish I could see the Nazca Lines one day in person. What a great creation! Some time ago I found a bangle with the Nazca Lines and it is one of my fa...
  27. Blunderbuss2, you made me laugh! But you are right. I don't mind at all the old stuff, though, but I stay away from the new one:)
  28. Good for you that you bought it. It is beautiful even without the lid. I recently saw a beautiful Bohemian piece and didn't buy it because the lid was missing:(
  29. Delicious!!!
  30. Efesgirl, I know you would find the mark. You have an eye for it, otherwise your wouldn't find all the treasures you post here - LOL Thanks for your comment:)
  31. Thanks everyone for your comments and help. My camera was out of memory so I was only able to take one photo. I will add some more soon. I think the image is a serpent. No matter how hard I try, I...
  32. Thanks a lot, Brunswick, MyCountry, and Elisabethan:)
  33. Thanks a lot for loving my jar, vetraio50 and keramikos :)
  34. Lovely chair! I think it doesn't take much to bring it back to its former glory. Could it be German? I recently came across some dining room chairs with a similar carved back but upholstered seats. ...
  35. Many thanks for loving my vase, Ivonne and fortapache :)
  36. Thank you very much, PhilDMorris, fortapache, and Newfld:)
  37. Many thanks for the love, Vynil33rpm, Newfld, and hunterqlee :)
  38. Thanks a lot for the love, hunterqlee, Ms.Crystal, and Mrstyndall :)
  39. Lovely ladies! They are so gracious! And as always, your pictures are fantastic. I wish you all the best and speedy recovery. Gudrun
  40. Thanks for your comment, Newfld. You are right, the texture is really nice. It kind of invites one to pick it up and touch it:)
  41. Thanks so much for your comment, SpiritBear. I guess the bark finish was rather popular in the seventies, so therefore many companies made similar items. As for the pontil mark, it is a bit unusual. ...
  42. Many thanks, aura:)
  43. Thanks for the love, fortapache, SpiritBear, and Mrstyndall:)
  44. Thanks a lot, Newfld, AdeleC, and aura:)
  45. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies! This brooch was the first one of its kind I have ever seen. After purchasing it, I searched online and found only a handful more. I wish I knew who made it.
  46. You are so right, Ms.CrystalShip. It would be so sad if items like this would end up in the dump just because they are no longer perfect.
  47. Many thanks for the love, Manikin, Hel1, and aura :)
  48. Many thanks for your love, aura, lisalisa, and vetraio50 :)
  49. Many thanks for loving my tea cup, hunterqlee, vetraio50, and blunderbuss2 :)
  50. WOW, Anik, you did it again! With your help, I found my vase! T...
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CARAVELLE WATCH with Sterling SPEIDEL Bracelet


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