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Lakeview, Oregon

I have loved antiques for as long as I can remember: for years I collect only Fostoria glass, "Oakleaf & Oakwood, and Virginia Etch, old pattern". However, in the paI have loved antiques for as long as I can remember: for years I collect only Fostoria glass, "Oakleaf & Oakwood, and Virginia Etch, old pattern". However, in the past couple of years my tastes have changed and the era they were produced. I now collect lighting, antique and vintage, and if it talks to me I will get it. I also have aquired a taste for boxes; metal, tin, and wood. Lastly, I live for the discovery of a very unique piece, more often that p u ece is neglected and filthy, and usually priced dirt cheap because its current owner doesn"t want to take the time to clean it. Professionally, I work in the Oregon Prison system, for more than 13 years. Antiques are my go to place to escape from an extremely stressful occupation. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio! (Read more)


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Very early Catapiller grease pump - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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  1. lots of Loves to: vetraio50, melaniej, Manikin, & Brunswick!!!!!!!! BTW...Brunswick, did you see my posting of the Caterpillar grease dispenser? if you haven't done so already, please look at my pi...
  2. Hey Brunswick check out my most recent posting!
  3. Before I give in (for now), Scott mentioned my table not showing enough age, what does age look like? And, from my research, later period furniture makers moved away from using Rosewood in furniture p...
  4. Lots of loves back at you; Fortapache Vetraio50
  5. Thank you Sean68! Thank you uncleron!
  6. Did they have 1-800# in the 19th? Lol, I about Dr p pped over when I checked that number! Btw, what is a roomba?
  7. That would be great Scott, thank you! Did you see my other posts, contiuation of my table? I will take more pic's if needed, just let me know.
  8. Thank you Sean68!
  9. I have two hanging version of your lamp, or similar to......I will post one of them. Thanks for sharing!
  10.'s so easy to be nice; being the opposite takes so much more energy, wouldn't you agree? I love to learn about the past, and all of the wonderful artistry that has taken place. It is a sad...
  11. Nice piece! Can see why you are afraid to handle it, it looks so I see correctly, is it irrodecent? It reminds me of the tint on carnival glass. Very beautiful, and full of rich cultur...
  12. Please dont feel bad........I probably would never of heard of an Egyptian tear vase otherwise! Isnt this website all about learning about other peoples cool finds and family treasures? I am going to ...
  13. No worries......though confused, I found your writings interesting, I love hear more. Thank you so much Mr. Postcard!
  14. Thanks for the loves!
  15. I was incorrect: this is 100% bohemian czech crystal, pattern is "Taurus"....I got lucky surfing around on ebay, and stumbled across an identical piece.
  16. Way to cool, I like it! Thanks for sharing tallcakes.
  17. I enjoy looking at it everyday.....thank you for sharing Phil!
  18. Its waterford crystal..... The only thing I cant find is the pattern? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  19. Don't really know allot about them one way or another, but its worth looking into.....thanks for you input!
  20. Thank you! That really helps.
  21. Thank you! I hope someone will be able to tell me more.
  22. Hello Jazzie56, Thank you so much for the lovely complement! I looked at your pic and your plate looks to be Fostoria (I'm pretty sure, but have been wrong before). If it is, its a 12" lunch Tray. My...
  23. I stand corrected about the handle, i didn't know of the other two glass companies. learn something new everyday.....thanks for your help!
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United States Glass #15005 "Silver Age" (U.S. Coin) Cake Stand c1892 Hazel Atlas Mid-Century "Tally Ho" Cocktail Shaker and Four Glasses Cut Glass or Crystal Vintage Pedestal Bowl


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