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The woods in Alabama

In another life I was a conservator of art and antiques. Furniture maker and lecturer. College professor and special education teacher. Warrior and writer. Over timeIn another life I was a conservator of art and antiques. Furniture maker and lecturer. College professor and special education teacher. Warrior and writer. Over time I have come to believe , gathering beautiful items is preservation of the art in a world that no longer values it. (Read more)


  1. It's very pretty. You have very good taste.
  2. Kinky? What did I miss?
  3. I think you need a bigger house.
  4. I love this!
  5. Very pretty.
  6. Thank you Lee , happy holidays.
  7. Thank you Nadia,ag
  8. Happy holiday .
  9. Thank you Nadia
  10. Thanks Tom
  11. Call the Grand Lodge in the state and get the secretary's number.Contact the secretary of the lodge. He should have all his Masonic information.
  12. If you are in NYC ,go Christies and Sotheby's when they sell furniture. Look at the pieces and examine them. My Christie's representative told me to develop an eye and feel for the high value pieces....
  13. It's a great piece. There appears to be shadows on the apron wear the legs attach. If there are , it would indicate the piece had squared tapered legs ( cherry more than likely). It was spray painted...
  14. Hmm that's true. If I recall correctly he is from alabama.
  15. I made some egg nog. It has bourbon and some sweet creamy stuff. Sprinkled on some nutmeg and cinnamon . Then added more bourbon. Fire in the fireplace and Bing Crosby singing Christmas tunes. Trees ...
  16. Outstanding. He likes the girls.
  17. I want an elf nipple... Aim with all those cookie cutters , you free handed some of them. Can't stop the creative juices. Now I'm hungry.
  18. Skinny people that eat potato chips every week. I gained a pound looking at the picture.
  19. Lee ,check out my Christmas baby picture . Did you have fun last night?
  20. I agree with Phil.
  21. Well T scoot a little closer with that camera next post. Pull a drawer out and get a picture of the dovetails or lack there of. Sometimes the back tells more of the story than the front. The elevation...
  22. Without seeing the construction ,it could be early 1900's. Sears did offer these, they were made in Ohio and Michigan . Some had wooden wheels. Construction and period appropriate wood knowledge are t...
  23. Everyone deserves happiness. I'm glad you're getting yours.
  24. Lovely lee. I hope you and the family are well.
  25. Happy holidays to you baby girl. I hope you are well.
  26. Very pretty
  27. Is this the "ark" collection?
  28. Very pretty. Thanks for preserving the craft.
  29. Thank you for all the love. I feel like I should send flowers...I like your taste.
  30. Hmmm I can't imagine a CW Halloween ....
  31. Thank you
  32. Thank you aim
  33. Thanks
  34. Thank you
  35. It's pretty lee . I hope the move went well.
  36. Oops who doesn't
  37. They are cute. I'm not a unicorn fan but would doesn't love a horse with stripes.
  38. Very pretty
  39. I found one in platinum with a sapphire several years ago in an antique mall in springville alabama.
  40. It's pretty
  41. Where did you go?
  42. Phil , I recently asked about any twelve step programs. Hello I'm Thomas and I'm a collecting addict.
  43. I have this pattern. Love them.
  44. Very pretty Lee
  45. Hey Amber, I'm sorry you dropped it. Do you have all the pieces? If you like I can tell you how to repair it?
  46. I love the color.
  47. Some bathtub gin and youre ready to go.My grandmother was a flapper. I still have some of her purses and gloves.
  48. I was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama in the 1960's. My father was illiterate but I remember him saying" if a man works and takes care of his family , you shouldn't judge him or his life". In hi...
  49. Pretty pretty
  50. Very pretty
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