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I'm a mom with the most amazing family. I'm always looking for that hidden gem, trying to collect vintage jewelry on a tight budget.


  1. Its fabulous!
  2. Ohhh they dont do smileys s here... such a shame
  3. Nice to be back! Thanks for looking at my object! (I secretly tried to slip it into the fine jewelry category but they already recategorised) ????
  4. I actually might come back to CW. I have something that is very similar to a pendant you posted some years ago. I ll see if i can find some time to show it today. Nice to meet you here again!
  5. I was looking for some info and stumbled back on this site. Nice to see you re still active here Marga. Very nice quality piece, like always, congratulations!
  6. Elisabethan, thank you very much for your research! I never made the 'link' to my bracelet when I bought it :-)
  7. Elisabethan, thank you very much for your comment! This gives me a new lead. I do have a similar-looking bracelet. I m pretty sure its repro and maybe at most 20 years old, tibetan silver with the sa...
  8. Oh Efesgirl, you woke me out of my new collectors weekly wintersleep :-) its simply too dangerous for me to see all those beautiful jewelry pieces you guys always post! This is still a lovely pendant...
  9. Hello Kyratango, thanks for your reply! Must ideed have been standing and holding something. Always nice to hear another opinion :-) And thank you vey much for the love everyone!
  10. The te h ique is called intaglio, stone coold be onyx
  11. Hello Agram, nice to see you too! Thanks for your comments. I never saw something like this before so I had to take it with me :-)
  12. Hello Tassiedevil, thanks for your comments :-) it was the mystery that made me buy it. Hope someone here can help me learn more about it.
  13. Thank you for loving my pendant and for your comments everyone! :-)
  14. Hello Kyratango, thank you vey much for your reply! I m very good and my family is doing great, but its very busy at the moment and thats why I cant spend much time lately on collecting jewelry/lookin...
  15. Hey Val, thanks for your comment! I miss this place and I will come back, but didn t have any spare time this year. Hope next year will be better. Have some new treasures to share with you all. Mr mit...
  16. Thank you all for the love! I m a bakelite-aholic :-) luckily its not unhealthy
  17. Love it! One can never have enough horseshoes, they bring good luck :-)
  18. To die for!
  19. Look at my brooch I posted earlier: it has the same back as yours
  20. the deep red necklace in the first pic could be bakelite. Go and do some search on it. Plenty of info on bakelite was written here on Cw. Maybe the firsr yellow one could also be bakelite, but you c...
  21. Have the same one as yourse. Mine is silver. It lost its marble so I replaced mine with another. Its a nice pendant for a girl.
  22. I have a brooch with a similar back...looks metal-y...not sure f I posted it earlier, so I ll look to post it. Could help determine what material its made of
  23. Hello Efesgirl, thanks for the cmment! Its definatly silver, just got a funny shine on the pictures. Will turn it into a pendant! im very bad with stamps so always hoping someone here is better at re...
  24. Lovely find! Big bold and beautiful!
  25. The stamp is from societé ceramique maastricht. This is a very old design, indeed also made by Sphinx and Boch. The Sphinx design was called Plata, but these didn t have the branches on the back and d...
  26. Nice find Efesgirl. I have some similar ones, and I posted a purple one some time ago here on CW.
  27. efesgirl, that makes two of us ;-) Thx for the love everyone!
  28. Love these modernist-style pendant. Great find!
  29. Love it! I have a set small brooch, small pendant and bracelet...I always snatch up these Hannu Ikonen pieces when I find them...pendants are hard to wear though: it always gEts stuck in my hair :-)
  30. Ohhh crescent moon and micro mosaic...deadly combination...must have! :-) very nice brooch Marga
  31. Oh what a nice piece!
  32. Valentino, its nice to know it can be bleached, but I agree, is it wort the effort...just like humans some elephants have more yellow teeth than others ( all you americans seem to have perfect white s...
  33. Davyd286 you are right, but I thought it looked pretty enough 'as is' :-) Thanks everyone for the love!
  34. Hello Agram, thanks for the love and for your comments! I missed you and this site a lot. We have been buzzy the past few months and we still are right now! It never stops I guess...But dont worry, th...
  35. Celiene, thanks for your comment! And a big hank you to TassieDevil, racer4four, vetraio50 for loving it. Still not sure about this ones age though...that copper wire could be brand new in my eyes...
  36. Hello katherinescollections, thanks for getting this one out of the dust :-) I do think your bow brooch has similaritis to mine, but mine is much more simple in form, might be from the same era (I gue...
  37. This is the link of the necklace :-) xxx
  38. Hello Celiene, thanks for your help! Did you ever try to bleach ivory yourself?
  39. Oh my! Such a nice collection and what a great eye for these things you have!
  40. Not sure if its exactly the same, but I posted a scarab necklace here on Cw a hile ago...scarabs look a great deal like yours. The setting of my necklace is brass and not silver though
  41. Thank you very much Belgium, tomorrow london or vienna...yesterday paris...what can I say? Hope it stops one day
  42. Kyratango, you nailed it! Thanks for solving my mystery :-) the display is just an old eggcup, filled wih a green headband from one of my daughters ;-)
  43. Ow this is the link to the sumilar thimble (similar to the one on the third and fourth pic))
  44. Thank you all for the love and shareurpassion, thanks for the valuable comment. I looked a bit on internet, and I found a very similar thimble to my art nouveau-ish one. Some prices are nuts! No inter...
  45. They are definately ivory. Nice catch
  46. These are nice, I also have some from my grandmother and mother and they are very dear to me :-)
  47. I dont wanna fight either...its simply not worth it to get angry for me...some people on flea markets are really rude! on top of that, I m always with baby or/and children so I let the collectors pass...
  48. Rucklczglass roflol! I m not like this usually...maybe I got bitten by a bug ;-)
  49. Oh I posted a morrocon bracelet with the same closure some years ago. maybe this helps
  50. Omg kyra, you re so lucky, you can go shopping with efesgirl (and nobody would find anything interesting after you two pass). Great spider, I love your bugs! (Awww that sounds bad, doesn t it?). ;-)
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Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy pin.