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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


  1. Nice piece of glass!
  2. Great composition,especially with the orange bowl and the lamp.
  3. Lucky you,Marin!.So you can open a new chapter in your collection.
  4. It's interesting how much of designer's and executor's ideas are contained in this seemingly simple vase.In shorter words : I love it very much!
  5. Beautiful silver lid!
  6. I haven't been on CW for some time and I can see how interestingly your glass collection is being grew.I especially like your Harrach painted additions .The vases on ball feet are beautiful.
  7. Lovely tiny piece of glass.I love such small items.They're like jewellery
  8. Happy Birthday,Marin.I wish you more such presents!
  9. The shape,the decoration and the colours - they all make a wonderful integrity.
  10. jscotto363,thank you :)
  11. Thank you,Sylvia .You have noticed its key feature.
  12. Indeed,very handsome, Peggy,with its raptorial handles,mysterious muddle of thread and unexpected square top on a ball body :) .I love it.
  13. So do I,Sammyz.The handles are my favourite part of the vase.
  14. Thank you,Marin.That thrill when you can see something like that is unique!
  15. Great find,Marin!Lovely delicate colours .They're rare not only in Australia.In my country I have found just one so far.
  16. Lovely figurine!Now ,about 75 years later french bulldogs look a bit different :they don't have a long tail and their back legs are different.And I don't claim it is good for them.
  17. Sylvia,this vase sits among my favourite ones.
  18. Thank you Marin and Sylvia for your comments.Having two pieces of a kind is much better than one,you're right!
  19. Thank you all for the loves:)
  20. Thank you,Deano,Peggy and Karen for the comments .Well,I won't get my hopes up either.
  21. Thank you all for comments and loves:)
  22. Yes,Marin,it's quite big - 20cm and looks good hand in hand with another vase I posted here some time ago https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/294344-bohemian-spatter-glass-vase
  23. 'symphony of curves',what an apt term,Peggy!This is what I had in the back of my mind but I couldn't find proper words
  24. Vetraio50,when I saw it I thought I must have seen it earlier but not,I haven't.It's one-of-a-kind.
  25. Deano,I entirely agree.
  26. I don't think it is by Drost.His pieces have well finished smooth rim. I suggest two other clues : Pavel Panek Sklo Union or Spanish recycled glass
  27. The painted plant covers all the surface and keeps continuity from the top to the bottom .It's not so often ,I think.
  28. I can't stop looking at the basket.So lovely!
  29. I remember you collected Tango glass kitchenware and even you don't do it anymore it's not so easy to split up :)
  30. You're right about the colour.I have a vase with a crack in which it is clearly visible that green is made of yellow and blue.
  31. I wouldn't think it might be UV either!
  32. Beautiful mix of colours.The satin finish and silver decors seem to be especially created for them.
  33. Hi,racer!Great figure and quite rare in comparison to the rest of Cmielów "zoo" ( buffalo ,penguin,giraffe,panther etc.).All of them fetch very high prices.As far as I know it was designed by Hanna Or...
  34. They look great together in a 'family' photo.
  35. Lovely vases,carefully painted/enameled and I agree with BHIFOS the feet are a beautiful addition. Studying the details of painted flowers is a pleasure.
  36. I think this is Aseda Sweden
  37. Anyway,if I had been a painter in Harrach (?!),I would have done that:)
  38. I can imagine that painters had free hands to some extent and could diversify details within one style and general picture.
  39. Thank you,Michelle :)
  40. Thank you,Sylvia, for the clue.I 've examined all the samples very carefully and finally I came to a conclusion the colour is Pompeii red,not brown or pink. I wish you a wonderful 2022:)
  41. Thanks,Sylvia, for commenting.I also think so.
  42. I agree,Peggy.Colours are discreet,not as bright as other samples of Czech glass of 20s-30s.Perhaps that's why the vase was sold as Polish mid-century !
  43. Thank you,Newfld :)
  44. This is a raving beauty ,if I can say so about a vase:)More such beauties in the New Year,Michelle :)
  45. Wow,this is something extraordinary.Looks very festive! Let the wonderful New Year come to you with this goblet.
  46. The light is very nice and the painting looks great in it.
  47. High class enamelling,indeed.Looks embossed.Beautiful in one word!
  48. I like the colour plus iridescence.They look great on the black background.
  49. Congratulations,Peggy.All your posts are highly educational and all your photos are great!
  50. Very nice precise enamelling.
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