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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Tango glass rocket vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Franz Welz trio - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian?Bohemian?Glass Basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Studio Glass Venice - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz or Ruckl ?Welz!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz's six-lobed posy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Incomplete pair of Welz fairy lamps - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf.Marbled - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik? Rindskopf? iridised bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Dagobert Peche/Michael Powolny style  vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/161653-kralik-draped-bottle-with-silver-rim Here you can see a similar 'draped' Kralik's pieces
  2. I just found out about the loss you experienced.I'm so sorry to hear that.I believe that the friendship and good vibes you bestowed upon the others( and me among them) will be returned to you redouble...
  3. A very nice present!
  4. I believe you will make it great again,Val.
  5. Very impressive but I like the palm most.
  6. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/173149-asteroid-vase-by-j-s-drost
  7. Very dramatic!Exquisite!
  8. A symbol of spring and a new life in warm sunny colours.
  9. It looks great among the tulips!
  10. I'd like the Welz pieces to grow in my garden too :-))
  11. Oh,very impressive!I've got a bloodthirsty associations ;-)
  12. I'm so glad you liked Zakopane and the hostel,which was built in 1905 by the P?aza family and nowadays,as far as I know , is owned by Cracow University of Technology .There's a campaign now against ...
  13. Great collection!
  14. Beautiful vase !
  15. Nice set of colours.Especially the soft yellow adds expression.
  16. I agree with IronLace.The vases in different colours are quite popular here and often mistakenly taken for victorian
  17. And you can choose from different types of holidays.I'd choose holidays on the beach:)
  18. Thank you for all the loves and the comments:)
  19. Yes,Peggy: a clear form contrasted with sophisticated legs.
  20. From the space then,Malkey :)).Good to hear from you,thanks :)
  21. Ladislav Jezek engraved the scene,probably for Moser Glassworks.
  22. To be honest I've never heard about a euphonium but heard about the tuba,so this made me have a short lesson about instruments.We both are right:a euphonium is a kind of tuba.Collecting glass is very ...
  23. I always liked those figurines very much.They range from the choice of proffesionals to literary characters.
  24. Beautiful bowl,indeed.
  25. The site is interesting mostly because of the long list of makers gathered in one place.
  26. This site is for sale,I'm afraid.
  27. https://www.buydomains.com/lander/bohemianglass.com?domain=bohemianglass.com&utm_source=bohemianglass.com&utm_medium=click&utm_campaign=TDFS-OO-
  28. Malkey,the longer I have it the more I like it.Glad you like it too:)
  29. Thanks for commenting,Malkey.I appreciate :)
  30. Thanks,Malkey.The combo of colours is really lively.
  31. Thank you ,Peggy for the comment.You hit the nail.
  32. I think they must come from different periods because the basket has a bit smaller and less fuzzy spatter.
  33. They seem to be incomplete.Have you ever seen this type of bowl with any lid?
  34. An odd colour but it matches well the cobalt decoration.
  35. Thank you,everybody,for the loves:)
  36. Karen,thanks for the link.It's more than probable that it is about Salvadore,not' S.??adore' as I was trying to decipher.You're great xxx
  37. Inky,this is my first own Murano.Glad you like it:)
  38. Thank you,everybody for the comments and the loves
  39. Inky,it's quite elaborate piece of glass,except of the handle ,which is a bit askew. Racer,you're right!It looks very juicy:)
  40. Thanks for the loves,artfoot,aura,inky,fortapache,IronLace,Racer and EZa:)
  41. Thank you,Karen.Indeed,they look good together:)
  42. Thanks,Newfld:) I agree :)
  43. Thanks also for the loves :welzebub ,Newfld,blunderbuss and philmac:)
  44. It must be a great feeling to know that you were a trigger event for so many people.This is an interesting question at all, how far we can come to when we start something .Thank you,welzebub,for so ni...
  45. Thank you,philmac,for your kind words:)
  46. The vase is tremendous! I understand what you mean saying about using CW now.It's less convenient now and discouraging from posting.
  47. What a nice family!
  48. The new shape is quite interesting and appears to be a promising avenue for further discoveries
  49. It looks very stable on its 'muscly' legs and I can imagine it being a king on a kitchen table.
  50. They can play with colours!
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