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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Hexagonal clear glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz trophy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Polish modern glass by Aleksandra Kujawska - Art Glassin Art Glass
FW small jug/creamer - Art Glassin Art Glass
My first hexagonal Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Welz's baskets 4 - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Welz's baskets 3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Welz's baskets 2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Welz's baskets 1 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cypern/Zypern glass vase Josephinnenhutte - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Welz,but I think a beaker,not a vase https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/193532-welz-art-deco-beaker
  2. You have two new beautiful flowers in your garden!
  3. I love this thick spatter.That's why I can't part with my vase .
  4. Thanks,Peggy.I'm so glad you undesrstand my point :)
  5. Poschinger ?
  6. It's perfectly integrated into the garden.I can see so many flowers and all of them grow in my garden too, although they are so separated.
  7. I agree.In this case this is acceptable :)
  8. I agree with Alan.Not sommerso for sure.
  9. Timeless design.I love them!
  10. The lines are fully visible only against the light.At first I didn't notice them.The rosebowl with a rose frog is the more 'rosy'.
  11. Unbelievable!Lucky you!!
  12. I can see three shapes:pic 1 and pic 4 are the same whereas Pic 2 and 3 are different ,regardless of different angles .Your question about moulds is fully justified but very difficult to answer,I think.
  13. Thanks for the comment,renedijkstra.Its ID is still a mystery.
  14. Thank you,larksel :)
  15. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/147439-bohemian-overshot-jug-and-box larksel,do you think they might be made by PK either.?Especially the jug.It's crackle and frit too.
  16. The lid and the foot perfectly underline a shape.
  17. In Poland there's quite a lot highly educated glass designers thanks to E.Geppert Academy of Art and Design ,Faculty of Ceramics and Glass in Wroclaw .Aleksandra Kujawska is graduated from the Academy.
  18. https://www.asp.wroc.pl/?module=News&controller=Read&action=news&id=11228
  19. Thank you all for the loves:)
  20. Yes,they differ quite a bit.I wonder if the different tones of the decor were used at the same time.
  21. Thanks,aura :)
  22. Drinking tea from such a bowl must be an artistic experience too.
  23. This seems to me somehow familiar but can't specify my thought.If the pink box from your previous post is Tango the more this one is .Although the colours are different they look similar in terms of i...
  24. It's very informative and convenient to see so many decors and shapes in one place.
  25. There are already three of us who know :)))
  26. Karen,I'm glad you have expanded your knowledge abut Polish glass ;-).To be honest,I 'm not very keen on this kind of glass but I still remember you would like to see more and I promise to post the va...
  27. This is Polish from Makora glass or from other manufacture from Krosno.
  28. What a great find!The colour is beautiful - I don't know amaranth or crimson?
  29. I'm speechless,the vase is so beautiful!
  30. jscotto,we have a beautiful,gold and warm,autumn this year and i think it's a good background for some glass.I appretiate you like them :)
  31. jericho,I can resist everything except...Welz ;)
  32. Alan,I don't know what to say.Your offer is so generous and makes me really happy when I can see such big-hearted people.I 'm deeply greatful for your offer.
  33. Thanks ,welzebub.I think clear pattern of lines and spots is an advantage in this small form.
  34. Thank you for the comments,IronLace and Peggy!If you can share your joy with friends the bigger it is :)
  35. What a great basket!Quite a big piece of glass in a lovely colour.Yes,I love it!
  36. Someone else was looking for the maker some time ago and I ided it then :)
  37. Check BelMondo Becker design
  38. Thanks IronLace,I wouldn't think I might astonish you with anything in baskets and glass at all .Your collection is amazing!
  39. Thanks for all the loves:)
  40. Thanks for all the loves :)
  41. Thank you,welzebub,sklo and mj19696,for the comments.It has also diversified surface of the body with veritically ribbed and chessboard by turns.
  42. My favourite colour of Rhododendron.Beautiful!The basket ,of course ,too with the lacy rim.This gives it more lightness.
  43. It would be a great pleasure for me,welzebub.
  44. Peggy,that's ok.I hope this is not forever :)
  45. Thank you for all the loves:)
  46. Thank you everyone who loved it:)
  47. Thanks all of you for the loves:)
  48. I haven't got it yet.I'll post it as soon as I get it.Unfortunately it's an only child.
  49. Yes,it's snapped off but not very rough,rather smooth
  50. In view of your last post it is very likely :)
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Please Help Identify this Decanter PREDA  (?) Art Nouveau Glass Vase


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