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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Bohemian webbed decor :Kralik or Steinwald? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carneol or Onyx? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz  big  basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik ? threaded candy jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wilhelm Kralik lidded box - Art Glassin Art Glass
And more Welz baskets - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jean Beck Tango glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iris Decor Bohemia  lidded bonboniere - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. They look great together in a 'family' photo.
  2. Lovely vases,carefully painted/enameled and I agree with BHIFOS the feet are a beautiful addition. Studying the details of painted flowers is a pleasure.
  3. I think this is Aseda Sweden
  4. Anyway,if I had been a painter in Harrach (?!),I would have done that:)
  5. I can imagine that painters had free hands to some extent and could diversify details within one style and general picture.
  6. Thank you,Michelle :)
  7. Thank you,Sylvia, for the clue.I 've examined all the samples very carefully and finally I came to a conclusion the colour is Pompeii red,not brown or pink. I wish you a wonderful 2022:)
  8. Thanks,Sylvia, for commenting.I also think so.
  9. I agree,Peggy.Colours are discreet,not as bright as other samples of Czech glass of 20s-30s.Perhaps that's why the vase was sold as Polish mid-century !
  10. Thank you,Newfld :)
  11. This is a raving beauty ,if I can say so about a vase:)More such beauties in the New Year,Michelle :)
  12. Wow,this is something extraordinary.Looks very festive! Let the wonderful New Year come to you with this goblet.
  13. The light is very nice and the painting looks great in it.
  14. High class enamelling,indeed.Looks embossed.Beautiful in one word!
  15. I like the colour plus iridescence.They look great on the black background.
  16. Congratulations,Peggy.All your posts are highly educational and all your photos are great!
  17. Very nice precise enamelling.
  18. So simple and so expressive !
  19. Beautiful fresh colour encouraging to use the jug for refreshing drinks or so.
  20. I think painted vases from Harrachov are the most beautiful and so are all the Harrachov items you recently have posted.
  21. You're lucky,indeed and the vase!
  22. Nice pair .The letter U reminds me cyrillic I.
  23. The style and quality of Harrach painted vases beat everything else.
  24. I didn't know the word 'fawn'. Now I can see a misunderstanding :)
  25. Peggy,are you sure you're looking for a faun?I always thought it was a reindeer or something like that.
  26. Oh,I'd love to have the penguin on my bedside table.!
  27. Beautiful colour and enameling.It looks very well preserved.
  28. Oh,I love owls.I can hear them sometimes near my house.
  29. Thank you all for the loves.
  30. Thank you,scottvez for your comment.Glad you like it.:)
  31. Thank you,Peggy .Absolutely!
  32. Thank you all for the loves.
  33. Thank you,scottvez :)
  34. Thank you,Peggy.I should visit ebay more often but I'm afraid of to many temptations ;)
  35. Sylvia,yes!It reminds thick green jungle.Thanks!
  36. Isn't it interesting that we associate Christmas with completely different weather conditions?:)
  37. Thanks,Marin.Your garden must be beautiful now.In my garden flowers are still blooming but we say goodbye to summer already.
  38. You're right Marin,it fits for Christmas very well.However,I'm not dreaming about this holiday.We haven't got white ,snowy Christmas for years.I definitely prefer summer ,even if it is very hot ;) ...
  39. This is lovely!
  40. The shape is one of my favourites!
  41. The shape often occurs among Empoli glass ewers.This is a sample https://www.theoldcinema.co.uk/vintage-italian-empoli-art-glass-pitcher.html The colour looks the same however it hasn't got bubbles.
  42. What a beautiful vase!
  43. 'Tasty" colours!
  44. Oh,what a beautiful and precise art work.
  45. Thank you,Peggy.Yes,this is unavoidable when the pieces are fragile .All the more reason for collectors to save them. .
  46. This is Turkish Pasabahce
  47. I bought it two times : first time the seller informed me that she had found a chip on a rim and I resigned because the price was quite high.The seller put it up for sale again for a reduced price and...
  48. Thank you,philmac51 :)
  49. Thank you,Michelle.It's lovely indeed :)
  50. Thank you,Rambojoe :)
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