Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Two Beranek vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Art-Deco vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mimosa glass  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mimosa glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian  glass basket with application - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Zig Zag Lines squat vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz pink spatter tri-lobed ...object - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz bonboniere with a lid - Art Glassin Art Glass
Flower Power tulip - Art Glassin Art Glass
Riihimaki vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Both are lovely !
  2. Unusual vase!Looks like pottery at the first sight.
  3. I have an opaline glass vase P/V and was looking for information about its age.The shape came from 19c but I suspected it to be a younger one .I found this article with photos of old moulds which are ...
  4. Thank everyone for the loves and all comments :)
  5. Thank you,Alan,for your kind words.It's a Beaut!:)
  6. Thank you,kralik1928,for your detailed answer:).I also thought it can be tango but I'm usually unsure when it comes to any classification.
  7. Looks like a goblet.I can imagine it sitting on a king's table.
  8. Welz's patterns and shapes seem to be never ending.
  9. Great addition to your collection!Beautiful vase!
  10. Thanks welzebub for so detailed information.My vases are 7,5 cm and 15 cm tall.Is this a significant difference to attribute them or not to the designes you have mentioned?
  11. Thank you,Peggy.It's strange but produced just across the border,they're rare here though.
  12. Thanks,Anik,for your input.The petals seem to spill out from the foamy glass.
  13. Thanks Traveller for the love . Thanks Karen for both,love and comment.I'm happy you can get a feel of snowy areas.It's not so easy,I guess,if you live in a warmer place:)
  14. The vase reminds the ones produced in Zabkowice glassworks ,Poland.Many features are similar:three lobed body with a polished bottom,rolled rim,colour,however not all of them appear in one item.Some ...
  15. Where do you find all these great Welz pieces?Can I call you Indiana Jones of Welz?
  16. An intriguing vase with lines changing colours inside and outside.Maybe they are double?
  17. They seem to be in a very good condition.I like the style of painting on both lighht shades - a bit like child drawings.
  18. They have an old-fashioned charm with their exotic drawings.
  19. I saw the link and I think it is different a bit in the shape of spatter.It is ...blurry ? But I can see your point and all the differences can be a'variance on the day'.
  20. The question is right and proper but the answer seems to be ambiguous ( for me,of course).The items in pic2 are in the same decor .It's clearly visible.The two in pic4 looks very similarly.It goes as ...
  21. It's probably Romanian.Preda is a Romanian surname.However,I didn't find any information about glass signed Preda.
  22. This is what we,collectors,wait all the time.Bargain!Great bargain :)
  23. Thanks, Ian, for the comment.I agree - the botom-up,I think,is an attempt of search of new means of expression.
  24. What a range of shapes ,decor combinations within one pattern.As for me,Welz is growing into a giant of the kind.
  25. Thank everyone for the loves :)
  26. Thank you,kralik1928,for the information,I'll be looking for the decors you mentioned to learn more about Kralik decors.How can we name the decor of posted vase?
  27. I haven't seen this shape yet.Very nice !
  28. Love Beranek's pulegoso glass!I've got a vase of the shape but smaller - 8 cm.I wonder if it has the same number - 76?
  29. Great idea,Sylvia!I wish we could do it together.
  30. Lovely fish.I always think how much work is needed with making all that stuff - not very expensive,made of plastic,metal,rhinestones and yet detailed,artistic and simply beautiful.I adore all those c...
  31. Great find!An initial letter pin or pendant is a fun.I've got a silver letter' I' pendant.
  32. Thank everyone for the loves :)
  33. Thank everyone for the loves:)
  34. Thanks,Vintagefran, for commenting.Maybe you 've met this glass earlier as Pandora .I think the name Pandora is reserved for the glass produced by Knizek/Budnik.Polish glass is called Mimosa and is qu...
  35. Thanks,Peggy.I'll do it for you:)
  36. Thank you for commenting,Alan,Peggy and Lisa :) I'm keeping my eye on two more items,so maybe I will be able to post some more soon.
  37. Thanks for beeing so fast :)Glad you like it:)
  38. This is awesome!
  39. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/185191-some-more-mimosa-glass-from-poland
  40. Thank you for all the loves :)
  41. Ian,I entirely agree with you.Thanks for supporting my thoughts.
  42. Thanks , IronLace ,for commenting.Yes,it glows,I've forgotten to mention about it.
  43. Thank you,Peggy for the comment.Happily it doesn't have any cracks what wouldn't be odd with the ornamentation.
  44. I like the three most.It must have been a challenge to make flower compositions in such colourful vases.I have never seen frog vases completed with flowers. I have to try with the only one I own.
  45. It sits beautifully among rudbeckia flowers :)
  46. Green and white is as good as green and pink :)
  47. Great Welz,Alan.Nice to hear from you again :)
  48. This is a jewel!Don't you consider Moser ?
  49. Love green and pink !
  50. I like the last photo.This is somehow dynamic.
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