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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Jean Beck Tango glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iris Decor Bohemia  lidded bonboniere - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz yellow - green satin glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian trio - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian spatter glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz carneol vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Vase Loetz - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz lidded box - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spattaer glass vase with pulled up burgundy base - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi,Mike!Good to hear from you again.I'd love to visit your barn!:)
  2. Hi,larksel.Thanks for turning me towards E. Steinwald.My knowledge from six years ago seems to be inadequate now.
  3. I think the jug has the same colours as my vase I posted some time ago.Of course the arrangement is different. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/147675-kralik-art-deco-era-wave-decor
  4. I appreciate you like my glass, Oroy...2 :)
  5. Thx,Oroyoroy:)
  6. Oroyoroy...,you're right,I should have done it earlier,but at last...Thanks :)
  7. Thank you,Peggy :)
  8. Thank you,philmac ,I was lucky:)
  9. Thank you,Sylvia.This is really interesting glass and I'm prone to think it's Poschinger.
  10. Poschinger is just my guessing.You might be right as to Loetz.All my knowledge about JB comes from this page http://www.jeanbeck.de/ but I don't speak German ,so I could have misrepresented something.
  11. Thank you ,Sylvia.Spatter isn't visible very clearly,it's rather smudgy because of lustre and irisation effect.
  12. Thanks,Marin.A label,dream of collectors:)
  13. The smallest of big but still of great colours combo.
  14. I love the vase.The ribs are tricky : they go straight (pic.3) or twist in a very smart way (pic.1 and 3).
  15. I love your last photo,a very nice shadow play.
  16. Beautiful choice of tango glass
  17. I've never seen the bowl in the first photo.This must be rare. Your photos are exceptional.They always bring out the essence of the item.
  18. I didn't think about them as perfume bottles but now I can see you're right.
  19. This looks intriguingly in colourless clear glass.
  20. 'A never ending story' of Welz baskets.I love all of them!
  21. The set is beautiful but I can't say anything about a maker.However I'm watching a sugar bowl on a polish bid page (hoping the price is down)which is made of exactly the same colour glass and has simi...
  22. Beautiful vase!
  23. No doubt the Bohemian influence is visible but stylistically it is quite different :more delicate,more elegant ,more japanese :)
  24. Great find.You're a good e-bay hunter!
  25. Thanks for all your WMF posts.They're very informative and they systematize WMF glass knowledge.
  26. Thank you,Sean.I 'm glad you like it :)
  27. Thank you,Alfie:)
  28. Thank you,Loetzforever,for your input .Your post is very informative for me as I'm not familiar with technical details.I didn't think that knocking off a blow pipe can cause damages as well.However,lo...
  29. That's amazing the decor's survived in a such good condition. Happy Birthday,Marin!
  30. Very nice find.Welz conquers South America too :)
  31. Thanks,Peggy.It was me whose reading comprehension was weak.I hope temporarily ;)
  32. Beautiful vase and in a perfect condition with marking.
  33. Great!This is a vase and a flower in one!
  34. Thank you all for the loves :)
  35. You're right,Peggy.It shines like a litle sun :)
  36. Thank you,Sylvia:)
  37. Oh,yes,Newfld :) Vivid,refreshing and spring.
  38. Thank you,Michelle!Your help is invaluable.I Looked through Ausfurungen carefully and I don't know how I could miss it.
  39. Great finding .They might complement each other!
  40. Thank you all for the loves:)
  41. Thank you all for the loves:)
  42. Thank you all for the loves:)
  43. Thank you,Peggy for your comment,but...I'm not sure if it is about this post or the next with an atomizer?Anyway,I appreciate as always :)
  44. I like a way the veining doesn't exceed the surface and additionally they have white lines. In other words they are decorations with their own decoration .
  45. Thank you,kivatinitz :)
  46. Thank you,Michelle.I researched the Loetz site but somehow I didn't notice the information.Thanks again:)
  47. Thanks Mary,we need some joyful colours nowadays.
  48. Lovely vase!
  49. Thanks,Peggy.It looks good slim and straight :)
  50. Thanks,jscott:)
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