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Polish collector ,mainly Polish pre-war pressed glass,but also lover of Bohemian art nouveau and art deco.


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Lustre Olive Glass Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tangerine/orange Tango glass. Loetz. - Art Glassin Art Glass
A little herd of Welz hexagonal vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Merry Christmas with two Christmas vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Josef Riedel (?) marble glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik ribbed opalescent Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hexagonal clear glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz trophy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Polish modern glass by Aleksandra Kujawska - Art Glassin Art Glass
FW small jug/creamer - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I especially love things that are not only decorative but also useful.This pair is sweet.
  2. Aren't they?They are better visible in the photo .Love them too.Thanks Kivatinitz for the input.
  3. Indeed,the spatter colour is the same.I bought the vase on a Czech bid site when I new very little about Welz,but it somehow attracted me.
  4. Happy Birthday,Marin!
  5. I'm glad you are on CW again!Schwartzlot pieces aren't too frequent here.
  6. Thanks,crazyguy :)
  7. Thank you ,larksel,for the information.I am the next chain link after the Glassmuseum and you then.I think we can take its ID as an open question.
  8. 'Irena'glassworks is an old company established in 1924.After 1991 it experienced many ups and downs ,as most industry in Poland,to start produce just crystal glass in 2011.The glassworks was sold to ...
  9. Peggy,I love your window sills!
  10. I told you so...:)
  11. Thanks,Michelleboo7:).Your vase is beautiful and...has more flowers than mine:)
  12. I believe you will discover more treasures in the boxes!
  13. Price:39 kuna
  14. This is Croatian language.The sticker reads : painting glass and ceramics workshop maker:Sandra Grim address:St.Matthew 50,Zagreb Product:glass technique:painted glass
  15. Something different and really beautiful.
  16. Oh my,life is full of such coincidences ...
  17. White and green - I like the combo too :)
  18. Inky,it's 900/940 km from my place and about 10 hrs driving journey.I should have gone there earlier when I was younger and driving a car was nothing more than pleasure.
  19. Oh,yes....I was about going there last year but I didn't manage to.Maybe this year my dream comes true.
  20. Thank you,larksel,for your opinion.Then, I can delete a question sign :). I haven't been to Passau Glasmuseum yet,but I 'm going to visit it,maybe during holidays.
  21. I know this vase as Kralik's too.
  22. I also had a geological association but geological strata aren't so joyful :)
  23. Happy Valentine's.They're a bit in a ' gothic' mood,aren't they?
  24. Thank you very much for all the loves and comments:)
  25. Thank you,Karen.People here are great,I agree:)
  26. Thank you,Ginger,I'm glad you like it:)
  27. Thanks,welzebub.I've got it.
  28. O wish I had been there...
  29. I can't agree more,LOUMANAL.They were taken for Moser or Legras,if I remember.
  30. I believe,you will!
  31. Thank you,Marin.I'm glad you like the phrase.As a non-native user of language I often hesitate before using any idiomatic expressions if they aren't obvious.This time I deemed it would be ok :)
  32. Hi,your attitude is entirely right.I think you can edit and rearrange the post ,giving an information why it is done.CW is a place where discussions take place but they should be factual and friendly....
  33. I'd be also very careful with id on the basis of our musems catalogues or auction houses like Desa.Being a glass collector for more than twenty years I was too often disappointed with their id statem...
  34. The vase from the catalogue from 1935,no 1625-1628 is merely similar to that presented in the photo.The only similarity is that it is three legged.There are also two vases 1008-1009 on three legs,but ...
  35. The collection is impressive.I think,you don't have to prove anything to anybody.
  36. Beautiful vase!
  37. Your goblet is among those I'm dreaming of.Congrats!4 years ago I posted a piece of glass I still have anonymous, however ,as I live close to Czech rather than Portland,I think that might be Bohemian....
  38. Congratulations on your educational work of 700 lessons:)
  39. I entirely agree with your last sentence!
  40. Again a new colour combination so fresh and delightful.I've smiled impulsively at their sight.
  41. Happy New Year,Alan!.The vase is stunning!
  42. It's so good you dedicated this post to them.They must have been very popular.Even here they are available very often however their prices aren't so inviting.I didn't pay much attention to them alth...
  43. The scarab in the midle makes it really royal jewellery.
  44. thank you all for th loves:)
  45. Merry Christmas,Alan.My best wishes to You and your closest for Happy Holidays and The Magnificent New Year.
  46. Merry Christmas!They look really festive.
  47. I appreciate all the loves :)
  48. Thanks for the loves:)
  49. Thank you,The Magnificent Fourteen,for the loves :)
  50. Thank you all for the loves :)
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