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Hi i am sharon i am 43 and from leeds i started my collection of glass in 2014 started off with paperweights then progressed onto chunky glass murano i like coloursHi i am sharon i am 43 and from leeds i started my collection of glass in 2014 started off with paperweights then progressed onto chunky glass murano i like colours but i have got other bits that have caught my eye i am now building shelves to cater for my collection lol (Read more)


  1. i need some glowing ones now gorgeous piece :)
  2. gorgeous :)
  3. thank you for the loves :)
  4. no not what i can see i bought them off a lady i have bought a few pieces off her she does nice big chunky colourful pieces
  5. thank you for the loves :) its a cute little piece
  6. yes that is what i thought racer4four exact same just the feet that throw you but like you say worth a tenner anyday and love it when sun shining which is a rarety lol but it is shining now and i am g...
  7. thank you it is very unusual and different which is why it caught my eye :)
  8. thank you all for the loves :)
  9. Thank you all for the loves does anyone have a clue to who could have made it have not seenanything similar
  10. Thank you vetraio50 think I looked stelvia up as there were some similar but wasn't sure :-)
  11. Thank you for the love aghcollect :-)
  12. Thank you for the love aghcollect :-)
  13. thank you nutsabotas6 it is a pretty piece it stood out i like unusual now although got a big collection going on and need to calm down lol
  14. Lovely piece I would like that in my living room :-)
  15. nice colour i've gone mad lately on the glass need to calm down lol i bought a big geode ashtray this morning had number and letters etched on it very heavy piece
  16. very unusual like things that are different :)
  17. thank you antiquerose had a piece of mdina for over 30yrs without knowing lol was given my first paperweight when i was about 10yrs old and i think it was a antique then so it is a really old antique ...
  18. ha is that what you call it my friend was telling me about it but i have never seen it before i first noticed the paperweight as i moved that there first then i bought the duck the other week it was s...
  19. thanks for the link inky :) it does look just like them but don't think they are silver but identical pattern and same glass pattern so not sure but thank you :) Sharon
  20. thank you ivonne patsea and inky for the loves and inky i agree too :) Sharon
  21. thank you for the loves ivonne and patsea :) Sharon
  22. thank you Agalwithglass yes it is very intersting and it is unusual i have been searching all day trying to find something similar i do seem to pick up different bits lol :)
  23. don't i have bought some more now i am running out of space lol on my windowsills they are proper crammed and it still looks good got a few more pieces since will have to put them on in a bit :)
  24. thank you for your comments it is a gorgeous piece will remember my grandma :) just need a nice set of shelves as i have lots of glass to show off too lol x
  25. thank you for the love aghcollect, melaniej and sean68 :)
  26. Yes antique rose I thought it was roemer at first as they are similar style and looks a lot like annes collection and racer4four not sure myself but will have a nosey :-)
  27. What for 50p I thought it was a bargain shows what I know lol :-)
  28. Thank you for your comment and yes it is a gorgeous green should redo all my photos now sun is shining makes everything look so much better :-)
  29. yes i like it very different where did you find that beauty? Sharon
  30. oooo nice find i love the look of it and colour :) Sharon
  31. oh wow i so want it this is gorgeous and purple is one of my fave colours at the min lol but that is a really nice piece :) Sharon
  32. ooo really like this nice find sharon
  33. gorgeous vase love the colours Sharon
  34. thank you racer4four i have asked to join that group just waiting for acceptance and thank you SEAN68 can't beleive i have had it for over 30yrs myself time flies lol Sharon
  35. I know racer4four i normally like colour but i also like the diamond cut as sun catches it glorious and thank you for that information Weirdpuckett i will have a look at that :) Sharon
  36. Thank you for the comments and for the information very interesting Sharon
  37. i think it may be an ashtray not heard of Blenko thanks will look it up :)
  38. thanks for the love aghcollect :)
  39. thanks for your love patsea, aghcollect, vetraio50 and glasslove :)
  40. Thanks for the love sklo42 and aghcollect :)
  41. Thanks for the loves aghcollect and vetraio50 :)
  42. thank you aghcollect sklo42 and vetraio50 for your loves
  43. Hi thanks i know i am wondering if it is early mdina as i have had it for 30yrs and it was bought at an antiques fair but yes i like it :)
  44. thank you for that info AGalWithGlass :) very much appreciated i am writing bits of info down and putting them with the pieces so i know what is what i am sure in time i will pick it up Sharon
  45. wow outstanding the colours are amazing :) Sharon
  46. thank you for the love Weirdpuckett aghcollect PatSea SEAN68 :)
  47. ooooo i really like these gorgeous colours so bright and vibrant :) very nice
  48. thanks for the love SEAN68 PhilDavidAlexanderMorris aghcollect CindB :)
  49. which one fortapache?? or you on about all of them thought they all are blown by glass blowers? Thanks Sharon
  50. thanks for the love SEAN68 fortapache aghcollect :)
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