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in the middle

From the woods of timbucktwo


  1. thought you were a flasher ,,,,lol could use a radio speaker for my old radio .. from Conn.....
  2. cool can................
  3. this go's with your nice picture ...smiling
  4. Sweeeeeeeeet ..!
  5. very nice Sean..
  6. fhrjr2, there not that flexible like I said some are thicker then the new ones ...and you could tack a piece of flat stock to it if its not stout enough.... as far as hemorrhoid relief you tr...
  7. nice one ....
  8. would make a great shiftier stick ... cut off the pointed end and weld it to the cut off shiftier stick below the boot ...hows that for an Idea...ya
  9. I'm a little late with my love ....
  10. I think you carried it in your back pocket in case your paints sage in the back and you just hold this over your shoulder hook your belt and pull them up ...tada !!!! or for slate removal or as faul...
  11. nice photos...
  12. oh you mean this one so are you going for a record as to how many folks click on this page / thread....? I think you win .. '-))
  13. when I got my first job I bought one of these for my brothers birthday, with my first paycheck I was his hero for years I don't talk to him he never grew up . nice bike
  14. well it took 20 mins to reach the bottom of all the comments yip its green first green truck was owned by uncle Sam, a deuce and a half to truck all kinds of silly stuff...they wouldn...
  15. nice job......
  16. I have one of these glider chairs just like yours, same colors ...but no cute ones behind it like yours ...'-))
  17. looks like my mother when it came to spanking time nice find..
  18. nice collection of glass....
  19. you have a great collect antique photographs and militaria....very nice indeed
  20. I see you have back up be safe ..
  21. really cool ......great info ..
  22. very nice ......
  23. nice find ...
  24. cool picture
  25. sweet,,
  26. Nice glass .. so much going on when looking at it ... great score ..and ya I'll drift in to CW's pass on here and learn so much on the subjects I have a interest with & I'm searching for ..stay safe
  27. very cool.,...
  28. I like the guy on the bike drafting on the bic funny pic's
  29. Nice job on cleaning up the silver Alan as far as whats in the wind ...which you and BB2 are talking about ..there's a song for that ...stay well..
  30. LOL I go to my friends shop and for a year he tried to sell me a basket and I told him I don't do baskets he snuck it in a box of glass I bought few weeks back next time I went to his shop I...
  31. Great Uncle Zellmo was cool the VW camper..
  32. Did someone say brownie party,...? I'm up for it ....
  33. very, very nice....
  34. you would think they at least have a few newspapers to read cool pic's
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Any ideas? Model Steam Engine and Boiler Plant


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