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Vejle, Denmark

Just some one who loves glass in every form, shape and color..... I am a big fan of Eryka Trzewik - Drost and collect all I can find from here.


  1. Thank you so much Gillian. Yes and I love them all. But I am still looking for a red Karolinka. But she is not easy to find.
  2. Brauer and Carnaby... just lovely and a big collection. So beatiful
  3. Two on the left and two on the right is Holmegaard Carnaby vases and the two in the middle is Brauer vases. All vases from Denmark
  4. Thank you so much aura and racer4four. :-)
  5. I think it is danish. The top is very danish and the round cirkel under the button is very danish. I will see what I can find :-)
  6. Thank´s Master and martika :-)
  7. What a collection. It is just beautiful
  8. How do you make them.. With glue? or how do you make it. ?
  9. I think it is just beautiful. And nice to use old stuff to make new things. Let us see more of your production.... :-)
  10. vetraio50: Yes you are right. It is Great Picking. :-) And thank´s for the link.
  11. antiquerose: he then you have to come to Denmark and pick them up first. LOL Ivonne: yes I like that to... :-) vetraio50 : I think it is a very nice buy. And it is funny. I haven´t seen this was...
  12. This one would look totally nice with my mexican girl in the same colours
  13. Hi Ivonne. This vase and the hole serie is so beautiful and full of shapes and lovely colour. I just love it. Where have you found this one. ? I have never seen them in Denmark, not yet I mean.
  14. Is that the same size as mine.? :-)
  15. Thanks Inky. :-)
  16. Thank you martika and beywmvey
  17. Thank you martika :-)
  18. Yes they have it all :-)
  19. Hi Collectomaniac. I am sorry but this vases don´t have any seriesnumber and no signiture either. In the Sixties it was the idea, that this vases was for daily use. But when people got them in weddi...
  20. Thank you valentino97
  21. Oooh that is so beautiful... just loving it
  22. They are just beutiful
  23. So beautiful. Just lovely
  24. Thank you so much for the picture of the red karolinka. It is the only picture I can find with here on. And it is from 2015 so I don´t think it is for sale anymore. I have try to make som contact. But...
  25. Ohh that is some new ones... I thought that it was mom and dad for the boy and girl on your pictures. My mistake. :-) But they are funny, and of course I have to look after them to. :-)
  26. Thank you so much Ivonne. :-)
  27. Hi Ivonne: yes I think the seller has a good imagination :-) LOL Hi antiquerose: I promise, I will do that. :-)
  28. Thank you... I will do that
  29. What a Beautiful set. I am deeply in love with the yellow colour.
  30. I have to ask you. Is it possible to put more than 4 pictures in one site... or do I have to make a new one every time.?
  31. Thank you so much sklo42. It is a very beutiful site, with lots of beautiful things. raser4four I have bought my first vase from Eryka today and when I get it with the post, I will tage a picture :-)
  32. Thank you so much sklo42. And I will do that racer4four
  33. I can tell, that I have 10 different colour of Karolinka, and 4 different colour of The mexican girl. I am looking for Karolinka in red...but so fare it is hopeless. :-)
  34. I am a big fan of Eryka Trzewik - Drost, and are looking for pictures of all of here glasses and even better to buy here glass for real. but pictures and history is also a big issues for me. And I ...
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My favorite Holmegaard vases and some extra stuff Glass figurine by Eryka Trzewik Drost Figural glass candle holder My cloisonne bowl NORTH EAST ANTIQUE BOTTLE COLLECTION  BRITISH ISLES Re-cycled :) Yellow Glass tulip type pedastel Vase Handel Reproduction? Bohemian Austria Cookie Jar Reunion, Circa 1890-1900 Dam trolls!!! and Russ Twisted vase - Japanese of course