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Brighton, UK

Bohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to meBohemian glass 1890-1940+ especially multi-coloured tango, bottom-up spatters, yellow gilded or enamelled things, things with silver rims and thorn vases. Not to mention post-war Chribska. And that is just at the moment. Most of my favourites are (relatively) mass-produced survivors meant for use. I am learning - and, I hope, developing - all the time. I am a professional man living and working on Britain's south coast. (Read more)


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Beranek pulegoso spatter glass floriform - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jugendstil silver enamel vase in blue - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik tango bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ribbed optical thorn footed clear glass vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of likely Welz uranium and oxblood pedestal foot bowls - unusual rim - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink zipper trophy shape vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik jewelled tadpole MOP vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two unusual Welz shapes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik pink opalescent lobed rose bowl vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
David Loebl 1920 rimmed modernist vases - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Love this, Alan.
  2. I like "bottom-up spatter" but that's just me. Other people prefer "confetti".
  3. Here's that post. This looks more familiar from patterns in the books mentioned - I will look. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/187770-josef-hoffman-wiener-werkstatte-michae
  4. I am hoping that the shape might ring a bell!
  5. This is my pressed mark piece https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/110414-id-request-satin-glass-vase--pressed-ma
  6. Great piece!
  7. I agree, attribution is difficult atm but definitely between Czech/Bohemian and UK makers with a lean to the former from me.
  8. Dunno but nice find.
  9. These things can be very hurtful and you must remember that 95% of the people in this world aren't like that.
  10. Sorry to hear that you fell foul of a troll.
  11. 100% Czech/Bohemian.
  12. Love the enamelling. One that César would love! Dunno about maker. Open field?
  13. :-) Love it.
  14. Thanks, Peggy and Rose. Rose, I should add you as one of my Welz muses!
  15. This is a really nice shape and I notice a fleck of another colour - happens too often in Welz to be an accident??
  16. These are NICE!
  17. Sorry, 20thcenturyglass has nothing for "pulled glass".
  18. Thanks, for both comments.
  19. Thank you, Phil. I am sorry you got distracted! ;-) I look at your postings with envy very often - more often than I admit!
  20. Really psychedelic, as you write.
  21. Ceska Lipa region production according to: http://rover.rajce.idnes.cz/Tango_sklo One pattern is there exactly as here.
  22. The plates represent production ca. 1900.
  23. The handle is lumpen but it's still nice looking. I am always wary of the new! However, if we never take a punt on something, we will never learn or have the hope of discovering the really rare! ...
  24. I wonder what's with that funny lip at the rim?
  25. Do you think they could have taken candles!?
  26. A very nice Welz shape and decor.
  27. Love em.
  28. Haha. I had the same thought as Jericho!
  29. Absolutely, Peggy.
  30. How was the bowl made to sit straight? It seems one or more of the feet were ground? I am only asking out of interest, not with an agenda!
  31. I can't help but it all looks a bit new and bright to be of a certain age. However, the style of glass certainly seems Northern Czech. Possibly more modern?
  32. And enamelled by Palda, according to Truitt.
  33. And satin and a spatter!
  34. Bambus is one of my favourites.
  35. Well, I certainly don't rule out a well made reproduction. This works, though. I wouldn't call it a sloppy pourer!
  36. Exactly the same colour but not sure about the shape.
  37. Very finely-made claws if the finish is the same on all of them. They end in trails to the base more commonly. I don't think that the one you show looks broken, but that's another option if it is sh...
  38. I think that the clear one is Palda or Krosno but not sure about the original design or other attributions. It is a keeper and a very functional design.
  39. This looks like an inverted mould with regard to Jericho's recent comment and post.
  40. Apologies for the side-on views - I didn't edit.
  41. Love them both.
  42. Google Newgrange carving.
  43. Interestingly, these spiraloptisch decors owe a lot to Celtic stone carving.
  44. I think that the consensus will be between Welz and Kralik. We may never know!
  45. Closest is this: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/81472-spiraloptisch-style--attributed-krali
  46. Thanks.
  47. I have posted a cranberry controlled bubble pot, and Craig has one in his seminal article.
  48. Love all your recent posts, Peggy!
  49. This is my only likely "upside down mould" piece: as yet, I don't have a shape that proves that: the one on far right. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/155198-welz-quartet-including-candy-cane...
  50. We are all going to be looking for similar in our collections!
  51. See more


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