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Warrington, UK

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I collect uranium glass, Mdina glass and paperweights (mostly)!


  1. These baskets did have uses. In the picture in the link just to the left of the little' boy's head is this basket http://lustr...
  2. I think most moulds were metal. Woods burns away too quickly and you cannot get detail but even metal moulds deteriorate with time for less crisp moulding. The quality of the moulding on the glass dep...
  3. Interesting; I see what you mean. I wonder what caused the marks.
  4. Iridescence is created by applying metal salts to hot glass, so can't be sponged or brushed. It's probably slightly inadequately sprayed so you can see the passes
  5. They are definitely not bulb vases. They are probably life lights and made by Welz or Harrach perhaps. Life lights were lit on a child's birthday and used oil and a wick. There is a little information...
  6. Nice. I have this and these
  7. The blue and the fine ribbing are very Kralik too
  8. I'm afraid they are modern, new and Asian, possibly Chinese. Variants pop up in every "antique" centre and all over ebay
  9. Nice one, but I think I'd need more than the shape of the Bambus vase to say Kralik. This has a very distinct and quite large foot. The Bambus vase doesn't
  10. More likely to be Scarborough where the boat was registered. One website claims he was an expert on the East Cost fleet...
  11. The feet are thicker... Sun purpling in the UK often looks greyish because we don't have enough sun but clear glass that sits in regular direct sun light (say for 30-40 years here) will purple if it c...
  12. Cute. Violets is a possibility. I wonder if the glass is actually sun purpled - the shade of purple would suggest that.
  13. The border looks very Loetz like
  14. Bohemian rather than English IMO, possibly Kralik
  15. It was just something Dirk said a while back.
  16. A German glass collector (Dirk Dreps) was also working on the theory that the hexagonal shape is a Welz marker, but I don't know how far he got with this. Craig?
  17. Tiny vases are often listed for violets in the old catalogues
  18. That probably rules out Walsh; it generally rings like a bell
  19. Looks like it could be Walsh Walsh to me. Does it have a very good ring when flicked?
  20. Or perhaps just Italian but not Murano, and probably not vintage IMO
  21. I wonder if it's Leerdam
  22. Nice one. I have this relative
  23. If it's threaded (Loetz), you are unlikely to feel the threading on the inside; if it's moulded (Kralik) you will feel the threading on the inside
  24. Good find. It's not pate de verre of course.
  25. Which bit(s) are UV reactive and in what way please Lee?
  26. The carnival glass folk believe the glossiness/satination of the iridescence is temperature related. Iridising affects the surface layers of the glass so the glass must be very hot. Satination/frostin...
  27. Bulb vases have to fit bulbs and their roots, so yes their shapes are informed by bulb forcing, but this vase and the Rindskopf ones were not made as such and are totally unsuitable for use as such, t...
  28. Almost certainly remounted. An original mount would have been silver
  29. It's neither a hyacinth vase nor a crocus vase; you'd never get a hyacinth in and it's too big at the top for a crocus. The Rindskopf "hyacinth" vases aren't bulb vases either. I edited The Curious H...
  30. Some say coca cola for the rust or raw onions
  31. Nice one Jim. You can check if it's Webb by shining a UV light on it. If it glows bright green, then it's Webb
  32. Thanks for your facebook help earlier. I can answer who made the "Twisted" Verre Moiré" aka: "Twisted Nailsea" and Clarke's model 212 fairy lamp, c. 1890. See here and scroll to the end http://www...
  33. OK, not fire polished but blow moulded
  34. It's still blown, even the lid. And yes it has had some post blowing finishing. The rim on the bottom part will probably have been fire polished. It's a hand produced factory item. Blowing and pressin...
  35. Mould blown items can and do have seams. Any sort of mould has to open to extract the item unless it is a very simple flattish item like a plate or a shallow bowl. Seam marks are removed either by rot...
  36. It's not pressed; you cannot press anything that is narrower at the top because you cannot get the plunger out. It is possible to hand work pressed items to narrow the top a bit but that has not happe...
  37. I thought Josephinenhütte was in Polish Silesia at that time
  38. Yes but did Butler Bros only import from Kralik?
  39. See more


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