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My name is Marie and I search and collect info about a bohemian glass refinery ; Beyermann&Company active in Haida 1865 - 1928. I try to find the glass that still rMy name is Marie and I search and collect info about a bohemian glass refinery ; Beyermann&Company active in Haida 1865 - 1928. I try to find the glass that still remains. And the people having them! I am collecting all info I find at Pinterest at "Marie Olehag62" and photos of all found glass. I have a facebook group "Beyermann&Company, Haida". (Read more)


  1. I am pretty new here at CW and was so curious to see what had been shown here before. Now I've looked through all Unsolved Mysteries glass - 13 years back in time...! So many exciting, beautiful, wo...
  2. NevB; I recognize the bottom and the feet of your vases, thinking of 3 vases I have seen decorated by Beyermann&Company. They are having this style at bottom and feet and are in cobalt blue and 35 c...
  3. I agree, it´s very cool and so exciting. kivanitz, have you succeeded to find the maker now?
  4. SEAN68, Hi! Thanks, I agree it´s very well crafted and beautiful! Can´t believe it´s more than 100 years!
  5. DeNovo... Hi! I am curious about this soo beautiful vase, is it still a mystery to you? After 9 years...have you got any kind of news about it?
  6. IanBrighton (9 years later...) I have seen pieces in similar shape as the biggest here. (also 35 cm). 4 are in blue and by Beyermann&Company and another one is clear uncoloured. Have you found out ...
  7. inky...This one is amazing!!!
  8. I am pretty new here on CW. I find it very interesting. And BIG! So many vintage bohemian glass, for example, to see, and much more... and I have made many loves! I have made a collection; Beyerm...
  9. Thank you, larksel. A Happy new year to you, Looking forward to more new old glass discoveries and discussions in 2024. / Marie
  10. sklo42 So fantastic, like a Christmas card with a beautiful collection of Goldberg glass! And so beautifully displayed!
  11. keramikos thank you for linking these photos and vases together! An interesting idea. It would be so exciting to manage to find something about their collaboration. If there was such a thing. Or not.
  12. Hi, sklo42, 9 years later... I love these vases, they are so beautiful and soo charming! And they also gets my attention because you write they are by Goldberg! Please, do you have any kind of info...
  13. Hi truthordare! I have wanted to know more about Carl Goldberg for many years and am so glad to find your posts here! I have recently bought a vase that is sold as Carl Goldberg and painted by Beye...
  14. kivatinitz And now I discover it! - 8 years ago after you... IVAN49 Hi after 12 years...So fantastic and lovely beaker!
  15. Hi, inky So nice comports! These 2 matches what I am looking for... I have photos from Harrach design book for Beyermann&Company and am trying to find / understand how the glass could look like whe...
  16. Hi, Katzl from Sweden! So nice with a compatriot! And a very nice vase! Now 9 years later; how did it go did you find out the maker ?
  17. Aha, Australia! I was thinking of that... In my garden in Sweden they bloom in april!
  18. So lovely vase! In shining green and white colours and among lilies of the valley. Very nice.
  19. IanBrighton Am curious; What glass work do you think made this vase / shape?
  20. Hi Inky. I never get notifications. So I look here on latest comments.
  21. Thanks but no thanks. I´ll manage by taking it slow. But I think perhaps you can post this your idea and your work to people running CW.
  22. Thanks for all the explanations. Now I really have lots to look at !!!
  23. Hi, Inky! I absolutely love this beautiful vase; Harrach c1880 ! Wow, it´s amazing they could make so fantastic glass 150 years ago! I love your birds collection too! So nice!
  24. keramikos Thank´s again! I hope to get in touch with that vase! And MALKEY´s, of course. Fingers crossed.
  25. keramikos! Thank you ,So kind for helping me but I can manage the posts better for each time because , I have gotten methods to search, so I´m fine. The green and yellow B&Co was posted as; "Enamel...
  26. keramikos, thank you for telling ! Yes, it´s struggling but I am curious of old posts that has been forgotten and never got an answer or perhaps ID. Have you seen the nice vase by Beyermann&Company i...
  27. Hi keramikos! I did the same as you today. I scrolled down , down , down and took a pause and then did it again...and they I did a dum thing; I clicked at a post that got my attention and after that I...
  28. Aha, now I saw the heights! Sorry. It´s 26 cm. That´s very large, looks smaller on the photo.
  29. IanBrighton! Hi, I am new here and 8 years late on this post... I love these! The yellow one... I recognize the shape, I am thinking of a vase by Beyermann&Company that looks similar... But that one...
  30. Inky ; I think I found out how it works , partly. ( I checked now and saw that one of the first loves I made was vases of yours! A pair Black Harrach with birds and flowers. So lovely! )
  31. I have looked at soo much beautiful glass and read about them. Been here for a month and it´s so large with all categories mixed. I get a little dizzy. Thank you for explaining! Can I ask you for one ...
  32. inky! So nice, makes me glad! I have actually "loved" some of your glass already! Have you shown your little box here somewhere ?
  33. Hi, philmac51 (3 years late...) And also hi to kairomalte and larksel. I am new on CW and finds it so interesting! For example I saw your 2 vases here today and like them very much! I am looki...
  34. Hi, Inky! And... Penny! Thank you, yes, it´s lovely! And thank you for the welcome! I am curious...have me met on facebook? For example in B&Co group? If so I think you also have an item by Beyerma...
  35. kairomalte, Such a fantastic vase! You write that it is blown in a colourless glass... and when finished it has all these magnificent colours ! Wow it´s unbelievable. May I please ask; It is shaded ...
  36. keramikos, thank you for helping me so much. So kind! These are old photos, I will try to turn them before posting...
  37. vitraio50 ! Hi, so sad for your loss... Amazing it was in Australia by the way, a very long way from little Haida in Bohemia. Can you, perhaps, please, show a photo of it? I am sure it is (was)...
  38. Hi, keramikos! No, not Malkey´s vase... I didn´t notice his until much later and then didn´t realise what it was... The one Google told me I could find here is another very nice piece in yellow an...
  39. Hi, BHIFOS . Thank you so much for helping me... I am new and not good at this. Yet. Now there are 4 photos but, sadly, 2 is laying down...
  40. Hi keramikos! Thank you, yes, it´s beautiful ! Do you know what other vase I am talking about?
  41. And...Moonhill..! Hi, I am so curious; May I ask how that vase of yours look like? / Marie
  42. Hello Mac63... are you still here? As usual I am a little late to make comments. Your Beyermann&Company collection is so nice! / Marie
  43. Keramikos! Hi so kind of you to help making the B&Co puzzle! I will check with them and see if they can tell more. Thanks / Marie
  44. Keramikos, thank you! Did he live in Haida, perhaps? I have seen a notice of a W. Beyermann maybe its him! About Facebook: I agree with you, I dont have it to talk to my friends . But am in several ...
  45. Hello again Keramikos! So glad for you helping to find info! Much was gone / destroyed because of 2 world wars and more. I want to find and collect what still can be remained about them and to find ...
  46. Keramikos, sorry I mean ! Not ???? Dont know what happened...
  47. Keramikos I love your comments! Anything to help telling about B&Co is soo welcome ???? Look closer at your info when when home again am on camping right now
  48. Hi , again keramikos! I am having trouble to answer on my mobile phone...I am so glad to here from you and will write more later. Thank you, I am so glad for your answers! / Marie
  49. Hi Keramikos!!! Thanks for answering! CW seems difficult to understand I asked for an email to see responds but none. Why are there aliases, by the way? I get confused. However, I am glad to see th...
  50. Hi, MALKEY! I love your vase by Beyermann&Company! I have seen it here on CW for many years but this is first time I succeeded to log in. Are you still here? I have seen 3 more vases with that pattern...
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What is it? Help I need to know the maker for this vase!! Dipper or scoop?


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