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My 2.nd Harrach green Malachit Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A large Loetz Ausf-8 Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Loetz 'Luna Optisch' Vase designed by Jutta Sika 1911 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Five footed Loetz vase designed by Marie Waltl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Four footed Loetz vase designed by Marie Waltl - Art Glassin Art Glass
A loetz bowl by Otto Prutscher 1929 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Harrach Hekla Décor Part V - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Loetz/Bakalowits Rubin Gre 85/5054 Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
An early Harrach Chinese influenced Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz Part IV - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Dear Craig, a very nice chrom lithography taken from German fomous Meyer's Lexikon, I still own 15 volumes of it and like it very much, to go through the accumulated knowledge. It's a pity, that th...
  2. Thank you for this very interestin background stoy of the Harrach 'Antique Revival' vase
  3. Dear Warren, a very interesting contribution onto the early Loetz production, especially the link to the foto of the Chicago Exhibition is a excellent observation. Another vase of same décor could be...
  4. Hi, I always love your spontaneous ideas and coments and your unique photos, too. I wish you a soon recovery.
  5. Congratulations for your 1.st Loetz Candia Papilon bowl.
  6. I like your Myra, especially the very early tiny Myra vase with handles seen on the 2.nd and 3.rd foto. I collect Myra glass, too, especially the more rare so called 'Red Myra'.
  7. The décor of this beautiful jar is known from other items made by 'Kunstglasfabrik Gebrueder Funk&Co' Bohemia
  8. Hi Malkey, this is a beautifull Bohemian Cu overlaid vase, but I'm afraid it is not a Loetz 'Metallin'
  9. I think, your vase is an example of a glass décorating technique called 'pitochomania', it was popular around 1880-1910. They are not often seen, but nevertheless they are offered from time to time, e...
  10. In the meantime, I got so many loves and comments, that I'm glad to thank all those enthusiastic CW members again.
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments and loves and for creative Malkey I wish you the very best recovery. I also would like to understand what 1412 or 16.32 may mean.
  12. This is really an interesting pitcher, I like the optically 'Schief gewalzt' glass. Warren, do you think the hops+griffin décor is engraved, to me it looks like being etched as the sharp etches of eng...
  13. A wonderfully enamelled bohemian vase, congratulation. Do you have some reference to assign it to Josephinenhuette ?
  14. Hi Warren, I like the décor of finely pulled feathers, especially on ruby red glass.
  15. A lot of investigations to identify this type of décor was done by Stefania Zelasko. In her book 'Fritz Heckert' the shape of your vase is seen on the O.Thamm design paper at page 200 and as far as I ...
  16. Hi Jericho, your seemingly endless fundus of 'Art Déco' pieces is always good for new unknown Kralik décors, thank you for showing it.
  17. Hi Warren, this is one of my favorite Loetz Genres
  18. Hi Tony, I remembert, too. It was in December 2010, long before loetz.com was founded, and we were a group of Loetz collecting und researching entusiastic people. Now I thought this vase would be wor...
  19. Hi Malkey, I'm glad, that my Cytisus vase reminds you onto your time at college and thank you for your kind comment.
  20. Hi vetraio50, it must have been a vase, as there is no indication of grinding to accept a stopper. Your link to the article on Alhambra vases is highly welcomed.
  21. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  22. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  23. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  24. I would like to thank you All for your kind 'love it'
  25. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  26. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  27. I would like to thank you All for your kind 'love it'
  28. I would like to thank you All for your kind comments and 'love it'
  29. I would like to thank you All for your kind 'love it'
  30. I would lean for Heckert, as there are many opalescent vases in similar shape known from him, or as second choice I would name Poschinger as he made other finely banded vases with a coloured contour. ...
  31. A outstanding piece, fantastique.
  32. Wonderfull examples of Harrach Renaissance revival 'Old German' style
  33. A fantastic and rare find, wonderfull
  34. Hi Craig, do you mean this specific vase, or - pars pro toto - all 4 posts on Harrach Hekla décor ? Is there one you like most and did you have a look on the Harrach Jaspis décor, too ?
  35. Hi scott, thank you for your kind comment. Did you have a look into my 4 other latest posts on Harrach Hekla and Jaspis décors, too ? I hope You might enjoy them also.
  36. Hi vetraio50, inky and Mac Art for your kind comments and the Season greetings, too. Though Loetz is very fine, true Leveille might be finer ? I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  37. I always appreciate your contributions to research on 'Early Loetz', this is a wonderful example of genuine Loetz yellow/white mottled glass, Merry Christmas to you and many new finds in the next New ...
  38. This is definitely a Loetz bowl, mounted as a flower. There are other examples known.
  39. I would say, this vase was cut by Karl Schappel, Haida ~1913, it has the typical 'Ziersaum' cut as was used by his 'Borussia' series. For details you may look in: Waltraud Neuwirth 'Das Glas des Jugen...
  40. Hi Warren, congratulation for showing this wonderful Loetz bowl and its associate design paper (Musterschnitt). Let me make a short remark onto the decor and the early PN. On a first sight following ...
  41. For further informations, I would highly recomend reading the article www.loetz.com/featured-articles/loetz cameo... by Warren Galle
  42. Quittenbaum auctions Germany offered a lamp with this shade in May 2017 lot=485
  43. Thank you vetraio50, Michelleb007 and inky for your very kind comments regarding my research. I would like to point out to you, what is the reason for my contribution to 'Early Loetz' research, where...
  44. Warren, you always work like a detective, congratulation for this new assignment.
  45. Thank you all for your kind comments and loves
  46. You actually got an early Loetz vase, you may compare the article 'Early Loetz Production 1880-1897' at www.loetz.com under 'Identifying Loetz glass'
  47. Yo got a really beauty, I like S&W 'Silveria' very much, your vase belong to the artistically most outstanding handicraft ever made and nobody could reproduce them.
  48. I would like just to add a small correction, in my comments I never stated that ' Leveille signed all his vases' and secondly philmack51's vase is purely pattern etched and there is no wheel carving a...
  49. Yes, both vases from my collection.
  50. As it is often difficult to describe clearly the décoration of a vase, I just posted two E. Leveille signed vases with metal oxide inclusions for comparison with your vase. One can clearly see the dif...
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