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  1. lol ya I had one that would break glass all the time,.. I finally ate him not... ya nothing ya can do when there so dam cute ...'-))
  2. cute ..smiling..
  3. very cool ...
  4. cute....
  5. tonnage...smiling
  6. nice one...
  7. sweet,,
  8. u look under...Legras....?
  9. Well now U Know ..thats how we all learn we ask..yip lol I was in a ICU ward a few weeks ago they had to shut my brain down and reboot with chems what a trip that pulse was gone crazy 200...
  10. "-) oh ya they come in all different shapes and sizes .. they can be replace with pillow block bearings ..have a great day ..none of us know everything ...
  11. did i mention they also ran off a hit and miss engine ....'0)
  12. that's a hum dingier of a firewood chop saw most likely ran off a tractor or car with as belt like yo said...I like the old babit bearing's put some oil in it them and cover the holes to keep the rai...
  13. pot who you ? lol nope,... ya I have a couple of Kipling I think published by Roycrofts '-P looking forward to your post..
  14. So you have any Smile /Pet sounds by B W I would look on you page but it takes soooooooo long to down load cause you have Sooooooo much stuffffffffff lol I have a few 45's somewhere...later
  15. no I was talking about the comment you made on Scott page... kwqd, 1 year ago About 30 years ago I was unemployed and in dire straits, so close to starving and being homeless, that I actually got t...
  16. very nice ... now did you ever pot this book you talked about to Scott ( I did keep back one book which I was able to hold on to and I may post it) ???
  17. so you must have close to a hundred cake stands where the heck do you find room for them all ...lovely collection buy the way..
  18. don't take the top off, one out it could kill ya ....smiling... its cool
  21. I noticed that Au Pied Du Sinai is on hand made paper ..does it have watermarked paper ..?
  22. well if you meant to say that, why didn't
  23. this is sweet ....your house must look like a x mass tree with all the colored glass you have..'-P
  25. lol good luck....
  26. never would of guessed that as loetz.. nice
  27. wow really nice..
  28. very cool Kevin ...Thought I throw this in ...later bud.
  29. very cool find bill...lets go see if we can cash it in at the bank...smiling
  30. should read ...these are for a...
  31. These are a CNC lath/milling machine the front has a collar which is where you put the nut over it to lock it down to hold the pins which look like reams ..of different sizes ......later
  34. its one of three tripod legs for a old camera......flip the thing upside down
  35. Tooth from a hay mower? ya if you mean tool
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Murano? glass vase, circa 1960s


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