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Bonne journe'e de Bastille

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skyguy's loves6 of 60Eisenberg panther head pin Gene Myers 1929-2013 Abstract Painting
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    Posted 3 years ago

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    After and before pix. 2004 883cc Hardley Sportster. Picked it up for a song from a Dutch girl who had to leave during CV-19. Put a new coat of paint on it and some other fixing-up and wait to sell after things pick up. Been riding 63 yrs. now and have 3 bikes. Only practical way to get around on small islands. My main squeeze is a Honda Rebel 250cc. Backup bike is a 180cc Baja Pulsar.

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    1. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      nice putt'll have to teach me to later...
    2. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Get on the back with me driving and you will teach yourself how to scream. LOL !
    3. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      thats funny coming home from a funereal yesterday some old wingnut came out of a yard on a sled like your right in front of my wife with out looking well the mouth on her would of sent you right to church he was old had a studded belt and every time we came to a light he was call over the road ..I said to the wife this old fool is drunk or his clutch is gone to hell and has no breaks and he cant stop,... Sooooo funny made me think of you ...I should of took a picture , the wife wanted to kick him in his hat I was just glad he didn't dump it so I wouldn't of had to up right off the street for him later ..have fun..
    4. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      most likely double this on the island..........
    5. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      well ya ...thinking of you
    6. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Joe, I'm not sure of the relevance of Dueling Banjos, but enjoyed it.
    7. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      lol relevance is make ya think of home Alabama.... and you said you made and pay plus I'm trying to butter you up so you'll send me some white beach sand for my hot
    8. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Joe, I left "Uncle Sambo's Plantation/McDonalds Land" 48 yrs ago. I am still learning English and my Alabamese is so bad that people don't understand me in the South. I could send you some beach sand, but it might be so coke tainted that you might find yourself before a grand jury. We are a simple Island trying to get by with smuggling & money laundering. Biden shot the bottom out of smuggling people !
    9. Vynil33rpm Vynil33rpm, 3 years ago
      answering hear from another post,,, swastika is a postcard ,,just a few postcards I have in the same case ,,So no reason for confederate postcard together
    10. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Just bad taste ?
    11. Vynil33rpm Vynil33rpm, 3 years ago
      Yes it’s different,,,,1907 good luck charm ,,,years before Nazi
    12. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      as the sky turn black now and the thunder shakes the house and the glass rattles among its self ...and the sky opens up with more water then one can drink riding a bike reminds me of its not all good lol...i been caught in a storm like that on my bike thinking i could out run it ....not...anyways ya ship me a ton or two of white beach sand ..i'll just put it in a barrel with water and skim the top off let it dry and i can start a new trade for myself i know you like history as myself .. here ya go
    13. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Got it. As a 20 yr. old, I was friends with Paul Tibbets' sons and talked to him a few times. Dropping the bomb didn't seem to have fazed him any. Of course, I didn't ask him about it and his sons never talked about it.
    14. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      ya I wouldn't think anyone would brag about it ...or talk to any one other then those in who had something to do with it ....I never knew there was a third one set to go ...or you were so up the chain...hmmmm
    15. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      No I didn't. Actually, it was war and they probably think much more of it than pouring petrol on an ant bed after P.H. and all the Americans who had died. Also, they all understood the cost in lives to invade Japan and how much the troops dreaded the thought. I saw no indication that he was anything but a happy father. Hey, shit happens ! Americans have done worse and remorse doesn't seem to fit in the formula.
    16. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      well most folks don.,t realize the amount of fire bombs the U S used as well as just bombs .. which out way the 2 A bombs ...
      From January 1944 to August 1945, the U.S. dropped 157,000 tons of bombs on Japanese cities, according to the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey. It estimated that 333,000 people were killed, including the 80,000 killed in the Aug. 6 Hiroshima atomic bomb attack and 40,000 at Nagasaki three days later. Other estimates are significantly higher. Fifteen million of the 72 million Japanese were left homeless what a mess...brought on by us blocking the oil they needed... and so on and on...
    17. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      They are still doing sanctions, bullying, making enemies and can't seem to understand why people don't like them.
    18. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      any bites on your bike ... or you asking the"I don't want to sell price"
    19. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Not really trying to sell it right now. The tourists are coming back and waiting for the economy to recover. When investors start coming back in and opening businesses, that is when to sell. Asking €3.700, guilders 6K or $4K usd. No rush. Come on down and buy it. Transportation while you're here and you can ship it home with no duty. Some good hiding places on it. LOL !
    20. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      but i can buy one for under 2000 here in the could rent it out ....big money in that ... buy some scooters too to rent with it ...your right back in buisssssssssnes if i live there i would ....sell insurance to go with the rental .... home ..later
    21. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      You may buy a wrecked one for $2K. Parts would sell for a lot more than that, even from a wrecked one. Besides, I'm not in McDonald's Land (Luckily). I have seen how tourists take care of rentals. No thanks !
    22. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings or screw with your ego ..just stating the facts here in the land of the Big Macks can by a 1200cc all day long between 3000 to 4000...the little sleds ... sell really cheap there mostly for girls to train on till they can afford a 1200 cc to ride long distance with their old man,which the little one will vibrate you to death ... but a great for a short ride to fetch some beer... this craigs list is just my state there are 49 more state over here in Big Mack land later have to go heat up my left over egg foo young ..
    23. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      The only one I see that matches mine is $3,500 and in NH, people can only ride a few months of the year without thermal layer after thermal layer. They can't be very smart if they live in climes like that. LMAO !
    24. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      lol ya the climes is a safe guard to keep the island rif raf away whats riding time have to do with buying a 1200cc for 3000 to N H drive west or south have .year around riding ..sooooooooooooooooooo whats your point besides no one wants a 883ccc bike unless your a girl ....LMAO and o ya 883 would be good for ice racing ..that's about it ...smiling one of my sisters husbands had one i would jump on and drive it up and down his road ...he would always say if you can start it you can ride it he paid someone to bore it out it still was a piece......XXXXf,.. but now its harder to start with a higher compression ...... as I had no problem telling him so lol ....later
    25. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Joe, you are confusing apples with oranges. It's 30.5 miles around this Rock and only about 5 straightaways, maybe 2 a mile long. Not exactly big cc territory and why fight all that weight around all these curves and in traffic ? I can throw a light bike around in traffic and leave Hardleys behind. My 250 almost drives itself around curves & quick to dodge potholes etc.. I don't arrive sweating. No 4 lanes here ! I regularly turn down offers to buy my Honda Rebel.
    26. Rambojoe, 3 years ago
      lol Lucas.. your confusing bananas and coconuts ... I never said anything about you getting a 1200cc Harley.. I myself would buy a Honda 450 from here at Big Mack land..but you went south on me if you look to the left of the craigs list page .. you can pick the state you want to check out as well as set the price in your search by just punching the amount you want to spend .what no 4 lane roads ..must be total gridlock later
    27. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Joe, what is there is not what is here. CW doesn't like FB'ing and they are probably getting close to saying so. Situation is simple, we live in 2 diff. worlds.
    28. Trey Trey, 3 years ago
      Nice Job on that Harley :)
    29. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Have somebody who says he wants it. Forgot to ask if he was a Yankee !! LOL
    30. Rocky22222 Rocky22222, 3 years ago
      most likely Not a Yankee little scoot..
    31. Joel222, 3 years ago
      which one is you falling down later
    32. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 3 years ago
      Haven't done that merde since I was a teenager !! I'm a quick learner. Still a dysfunctional 3 bike family of 1.
    33. BigBearBoyOBoy, 2 years ago
      U still alive ....? no post for a year , surly you have something you can post....smiling
    34. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 2 years ago
      Sold or gave away almost everything when I had a heart attack and makes no sense to start again with my age and condition. Just enjoying the Islands until my birth certificate expires. What I have left has already been posted. Still have the blunderbusses that will go to the Histerical Society. Guess I got practical.
    35. BigBearBoyOBoy, 2 years ago
      Ya Im in the same boat ..but not watching the clock my wife is still with me ... just slowed to put up 6 cords of wood for winter paid 1000 to fill my oil tank which was around 325 ...thanks Brandon ...its in the 40's tonight ...almost got a fire going tomorrow most likely .. Sooo stop chasing them young girls and drink more beer later.keep your toes pointing up ....
    36. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 2 years ago
      Youg girls like older men, so why stop. I said I stopped collecting, not living ! LOL ! Move somewhere that doesn't require heating. My only real expense is $6.00 per wk. for petrol, water & elec. $27. per mo.. Spot of "climate change" named Fiona passing thru tonite. Well, somebody has to live here !
    37. oldtimer49 oldtimer49, 1 month ago
      Come out come out where ever you are ...smiling ,hope all is well ..

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